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Maticz Technologies is the pioneer DeFi Staking Development Company that provides Ethereum Staking Development, Bitcoin Staking Development, Tron Staking Development Services that support all major Ethereum and TRON based tokens.

How to Start a Crypto Staking Platform?

Staking might be the best solution for crypto enthusiasts to earn profit without extensive research and investment.

By approaching the topmost crypto exchange and crypto staking development companies, you can start your own staking platform in a hassle-free manner.

We Maticz Technologies, leading Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company provide complete software solutions for Blockchain & Crypto related services. Our in-depth knowledge of Blockchain technology enables us to deliver a 10X faster & highly secured DeFi Crypto Staking Platforms that support all major Cryptocurrencies & tokens

Future of Crypto Staking

There is a wide range of staking coins scheduled to launch in the coming days, including Ethereum 2.0. Crypto Experts are analyzing and predicting that the New Year will see a growth of PoS Staking oriented projects. The opportunity of getting passive income in staking is a major reason for this shift.

In this economy, constant inventions and better variations may promise more efficient experiences. The PoS assets give users an array of choices by taking up these variations. In the coming days, all assets fell under only one consensus.

Top 12 Staking Services Providers

• Binance

• Coinbase

• KuCoin

• Kraken

• Poloniex

• Figment Networks

• MyContainer



• StakingLab

Above we have listed the top Staking-as-a-Service Providers and Staking on Crypto Exchange platforms. If you have ideas to start your own crypto staking platform or planning to integrate the staking services into your exchange platform?

You are in the right place! #Maticz Blockchain Experts will make your ideas into reality!

Features of Maticz’s Crypto Staking Platform 

• Our Staking-as-a-Service platform is more user-friendly that allows anyone to take participate in staking even those without technical knowledge

• Exchange platform with staking allows investors to leave their Stakable digital assets in their trading account’s wallets to earn “interest” in the form of fresh tokens.

• Staking Platform is flexible and customizable, meaning projects can decide for themselves

• Various coins allowed for staking

•  Coin stakers can validate transactions on the network.

Staking-as-a-Service on Crypto Exchanges

Today, many cryptocurrency exchanges offer crypto staking services for PoS-based digital asset owners for daily income payments. The user can trade and withdraw funds at any time.

Maticz Technologies catering to the Staking Services for your cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Why Maticz for Crypto Staking Development?

At  Maticz Technologies, We provide complete software solutions for Ethereum & Tron based Staking. Our blockchain developers are experts in developing highly customizable Staking-as-a-Service platforms and also specialized in developing highly secure and scalable crypto exchange platforms with staking options that help our clients disrupt the crypto market.

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