Custom Vinyl Record Services in Australia

Custom Vinyl Record Services in Australia

12″ / 10″ Printed Sleeve — 3mm Spine

First impressions count and the first thing people see is your vinyl cover, so let’s make it perfect.

Our printed sleeves look spectacular and we’ll cater to any budget. With a 3mm gusset, this sturdy cardboard will hold your vinyl exactly how you want it to.


 Single Pocket

Love a deluxe look and feel? Consider our printed gatefold sleeves without the premium price.

Our single gatefold holds one 12 inch record or 10 inch or 7 inch records with our compatible packaging range. Available in 300 gsm or 350 gsm.


Gatefold 6mm Spine — Double Pocket

Double record? We can help. Our double pocket gatefold makes a perfect companion for your lengthier projects.

Hold a record in the front and another one in the back. Replace one with a booklet if you so desire.

Comes in 10 inch and 7 inch, but far more economical to increase your record size than to produce two smaller format records. Contact us to discuss the right solution.

Only available in 350 gsm.


Triple Gatefold — 12 inch only

Triple record? No way! When you’ve created stacks of music, our triple gatefolds are the perfect way to house it all.

Can be used to hold 3 records, 2 records and a booklet, 1 records and 2 booklets, 1 record and 1 booklet, or even just 1 record.

Only available in 350 gsm.


7″ Printed Sleeve

Much like our printed sleeves for our 12 and 10 inch records but without the spine and gusset.

Our 7″ Printed Sleeves are the perfect companion for your smaller vinyl release.


Printed Inner Sleeve

If fittng everything on your artwork is a struggle, our printed inner sleeves allow you to create an extra print area.

Sliding flawlessly in and out of any of our covers, and printed on either gloss or uncoated stock at approximately 115 gsm, it can be that extra something for your release.

We can also supply the printed inner with a protective plastic inner bag, which protects your record from any paper dust from the printing/construction process.


Inner Sleeves / Outer Sleeves

Don’t want a printed inner or outer sleeve? No problem. Our extensive range of unprinted packaging can be used for both.

Most are available in white and black, with and without holes and even with or without plastic linings.

If there’s something you’re particularly after, let us know, we’ll likely carry it.


Inserts / booklets

Let’s accompany your vinyl project with something special.

Whether it’s a lyric sheet or a full-colour, glossy booklet, we’ll print just about anything to insert into your vinyl cover.


Stocks / Weights

All our printed outer sleeves are printed on 300 gsm card stock as standard, which can be upgraded to 350 gsm.

Extra weight makes for sturdier sleeves that gives your record a superb-quality, robust feel.

Side note: we don’t offer recycled stock options as we’re yet to find one compatible with certain processes involved. For a recycled look and feel, we’ll print on the uncoated, reverse side of our standard card stock.


Matt / Gloss Cello

This one’s the most common and effective of the embellishments on our vinyl covers. The cello itself is a super-lightweight film that laminates the cover.



Another embellishment used for producing outstanding effects on your vinyl covers. A block is used to “push-out” sections of your artwork, creating a raised effect that can be felt to the touch.

Something to check with our vinyl experts: limitations apply to the block size and positioning. Get in touch.



Add bling to your vinyl project — without breaking the bank. Much like embossing (see above), a block is used to transfer foil onto your artwork.

We carry gold and silver foil as standard, but we’ll source hundreds of different colours and effects. If you’re after something particular, our custom vinyl experts will help.


Is your vinyl release a limited edition? We can number each cover individually with a gold or silver stamp or a laser serial number.

It’s a great way to give your fans a unique vinyl release.


Box Sets

Looking to releases your back catalogue on vinyl? Bundling them as a box set is a great way to increase sales all the while creating a highly desirable product for your customers. Custom Vinyl Record Services in Australia

Our range of boxes will fit any configuration of record covers and booklets — and we’re competitive in pricing too. Contact us to discuss your next vinyl project


Vinyl pressing is the process of manufacturing vinyl records. A vinyl pressing company offers custom vinyl pressing services to produce rotating disks that store music, called vinyl records. They are typically 12 inches, 10 inches, or 7 inches in diameter and inscribed with modulated spiral grooves.

The decline seen in 1991 was because of the advent of the CDs demand as the medium for sharing music with the consumers. Since then, the two have been compared in terms of the quality of music both the medium’s produce. Even though the digitally produced sound of CDs seems to be superior, there are vinyl record enthusiasts who claim that the conversion to digital for the CDs undergoes some loss.

There are two types of  custom vinyl records that have been in the limelight since the rise in vinyl records that have been observed. The two types of vinyl records are as follows:

  1. LP (Long-playing vinyl record)
  2. EP (Extended-play vinyl record)

The difference between long-playing vinyl records and extended-play vinyl records are given below:


  • 12-inch vinyl records play at 33 1/3 RPM and accommodate 10–12 track albums.


  • 10-inches records play at 45 RPM, half the length of LP records, containing 3–6 tracks of 15–30 minutes long.
    For the past 13 years, the revival of vinyl pressing has been on a high and consecutively seen increasing. The demand has also resulted in an extended period of production time at times. So, what are the processes involved in vinyl pressing?

The vinyl records are present infamously in black; however, the vinyl pressing, Melbourne, Australian company that we are, we provide records in 12, 10, 7’s with any packaging in stacks of colours.

Any vinyl pressing services provider also provides custom vinyl packaging from Sleeves, gatefolds, inners to many more options. The limit is that there is no limit in the kind of speciality packaging you can get for vinyl records. Impress vinyl is the Best Custom Vinyl Record Services in Australia.


One never guessed that vinyl records would find such massive popularity over the years. The vinyl records that originated hundred years ago are now undergoing an improvement in record pressing technology, record players, and the materials used to make records. At Impress Vinyl, we keep up with the latest technologies and provide the best sounding vinyl records. impress vinyl is the best Custom Vinyl Record Services in Australia.

The price of pressing vinyl will vary from plant to plant and from country to country. At Impress Vinyl we specialise in pressing vinyl for the Australian and New Zealand market so all the following information will be in AUD and based on the vinyl being picked up in Melbourne.

There are also many other factors that can affect the cost of your vinyl, record weight, size, and colour, type of cover and of course the amount of vinyl you will be ordering.

12-inch vinyl – 150GSM Black Vinyl – Full-Colour labels – Paper Inner (unprinted) – Outer Sleeve with 3mm spine – Full Colour – Cello Bag resealable

The below prices are for the above specs –

100 units will cost $18.50 ex ($1850 ex in total)

300 units will cost $10.00 ex ($3000 ex in total)

500 units will cost $7.80 ex ($3900 ex in total)

1000 units will cost $6.35 ex ($6350 ex in total)

physical Test Pressing $200 ex

This is by far the most popular combination that we offer but we have an easy to use online pricing tool so if you ever want to change any setting you can do it as easy as clicking a button and you can just do it here

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