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Make The Holidays Special With Custom T-shirts

Custom T-Shirt

Holidays are those times when family and friends come together to celebrate and spend time with each other. In India, holidays and festivals and special occasions that everyone waits for and tries to have a better experience than the previous year. When holidays are so awaited, how do you make the holidays even more special? Here are our ideas to help you make your holidays with your family and friends better! 


Why Custom T-shirts? 

You must be wondering how custom t-shirts would help you improve the quality of your festivities. Well, here’s your answer. Custom t-shirts are a great way to greet the people around you. With custom t-shirts, you also get to match with your family. How cool would it be to create a brand of your own with your family and your friends? Custom t-shirts are known to bring people closer to one another and many years down the lane turn into memories in their own right. 

Apart from creating memories that last forever, custom t-shirts are also great gifts. Choosing gifts for all of your family members and your friends can be a difficult task, but custom t-shirts make it easier. You can customise T-shirts to turn them into something that you love. 

Are you wondering how to make the most out of custom t-shirts? Here are a few ideas that we have put together for you. We have focused on the ideas that you can use for two of the most widely celebrated festivals in India. However, you can use these ideas and expand them to fit any festivity that you celebrate with your family and friends. 


Custom T-shirts For Holi 

Holi is known as the festival of colors, and people come together not just as families but as entire communities to celebrate this festival. Holi, which falls in spring, sees people throwing color powder and water at each other to celebrate. Here’s how you make the most out of custom t-shirts for Holi!

Since you’re going to be playing with colors on this festive day, white is what you need. Customize your white t-shirt with a greeting, a Holi related quote, or a joke. Some great ones to use are the classic “Happy Holi!” and “Bura Na Mano Holi Hai!”. 

Apart from just a commonly used quote, if you wish to celebrate Holi with the entire community in your locality, a t-shirt with your family’s name is a great idea. Think of your family with matching “Mehta Family” or “Gupta Family” t-shirts amidst a crowd. How awesome would that be? 

Custom t-shirt for holi

Custom T-shirts for Diwali 

Diwali known as the festival of lights is probably the most widely celebrated festival in India. People come together with their families and friends to celebrate this festival from all parts of the country. On Diwali, people burst crackers and celebrate with good food. This festival of victory is what everyone waits for every year. 

How do you make the most out of custom t-shirts on Diwali? The most commonly recognized symbol of Diwali is the Diya. A big and beautiful Diya on your t-shirt is a great idea. Apart from this, you can also go with “Happy Diwali”, “the festival of lights” and so on. You can also use phrases that are funny or witty, the best example of this is – “The only Fire-cracker that you need”. 

Yet another idea is the family name one just like what you read in the Holi custom t-shirt ideas above. 


Seasonal T-shirts for Holi and Diwali 

We understand that you and your family might not want to go with the cliche wishes on your t-shirt. Taking that into consideration, here’s another idea! Each festival and holiday has a color that suits it the best. 

Holi – Holi falls in the springtime. So, apart from white, you may use other bright colors that represent spring. Bright Yellows and bright greens are a great choice for Holi. 

Diwali – Diwali is a festival that is regal and full of grace which is why your color choices for this festival must mirror that gracefulness. Colors that go well on Diwali are ivory, red, maroon, dark green, and so on. Traditional florals or designs representing lights are also a choice you can consider. 


Custom T-shirts not just make sure that your family matches, but they allow you to communicate with your family and decide the design that you would love to go for. Designing custom t-shirts is a great way to come together and discuss ideas, and as a result, the process brings families closer to one another. 


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