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Coolant Controller for Monitoring Water Temperature

A coolant is a liquid used to keep setups and tools of many trades working by reducing heating. The coolant or antifreeze fluid is often water or other liquids that easily cool stuff by quickly turning them into vapor. The liquid must resist confining and icing hence the name antifreeze. A coolant flow meter is a meter that gauges the amount of coolant in the pipe at a given point.

The water monitor can often detect and adjust the flow rate promptly on the heat contrast in the fluid and the tool that is being cooled. It should hence make an exact gauge of the fluid without its parts freezing or cooling. For this end, all flow meters that gauge the flow of a coolant must not use physical parts to gauge flow.

Apart from gauging the liquid flow, the coolant flow meter has to gauge the fluid’s heat to cool the devices effectively, notably on a large scale. The greatest way to ensure this is to use metals with high resistivity to charge to gauge the fluid’s heat. When the liquid heats up, there is a rise in the resistance to the current flow; hence, the meter can precisely take the fluid’s exact heat at that time.

Best coolant flow regulators

In the recent past, there have been two water monitors that have taken the market by storm for flow rate gauging and heat monitoring in firms and engine cooling.

The Mold Master Flow Controller

These meters are mainly used with molders that at times have boiling liquid like molten metals. The meter coolant helps keep the meters’ heat value steady to reduce heating and keep an ideal setup state. The meter has the pros below.

It Monitors all Circuits Freely

The meter put a lot of energy into ensuring a lot of accuracy in the process. It has many quick ID and process alerts to various common cooling circuit issues. Since it does every activity apart from the other, it can prove and optimize the high surety.

IO Alarm Interlock

Are you worried that some error may happen without your awareness? Just put your worries to rest as this meter triggers alarms if any issues need the experts’ attention. It can pause the molding process until the issue is repaired to ensure high consistency in work.

Made of Robust Design

That is a typical coolant flow meter with high accuracy sensors and no moving parts. The water monitor can stand dirty water and harsh molding states. It is made of stainless steel manifolds to stop corrosion and decay of the coolant, ensuring high reliability and low keeping costs.

Easy to Fix

You can fix the flow controller to a fixed or moving part of a device without imperiling the results. It minimizes the pipes runs for ideal flow rates and reduces cycles. It can be made to fit the needs of any customer.


The weldsaver flow controller and leak detector are made by proteus for rugged states. It is used in control and leak detection in robotic welding. You can take the flow rate in either LPM or GPM; thus, those using the metric and non-metric setups can easily know the flow rate. The meter can take up to 50LPM at a given time. The flow meter is so trusted that it was used to cool an IBM supercomputer in 2012 by then, which was the world’s biggest computer in use. It can send any change to the setup in less than 0.3 seconds and has a keypad reading. 

It works with a robot welder and sends instructions to the PLC robot or weld controller. It also acts as a water saver when it’s turned off.

Final word

A coolant flow meter is gaining wide use in the firm and home use in leak detection and heat control. The water monitor gauges the flow rate and ensures that the heat in a setup remains steady.

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