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Many businesses and companies have realized the importance of call centre services. It has been found that a call center optimizes time and enhances productivity. However, to keep pace with the competition, it is important for a call centre to evolve itself with the changing demands of customers. This requires a constant effort by a call center management team to adopt new technology, create user-friendly features and keep up with the competition.

What is Call Centre?

A call centre is an entity that offers customized telephonic services. It is responsible for taking customer’s requirements and providing them with required solutions. In fact, many call centers now serve as online marketing agents. Therefore, a call centre BPO must also develop strategies that would enable it to cater to the needs of customers online or otherwise.

A call center or simply call center is an office, usually located in a major city, which is used for taking or transmitting a high volume of calls by phone. An outbound call center is operated by an enterprise to administer queries or incoming product or service query from clients or customers. An inbound call center happens to be the opposite of that – it is operated by the client or customer to take or transmit queries received by them. It is often mistaken with a customer service center.


There are different types of call centers, each one catering to a specific segment of the market. Business to business call centers are mainly sought when you need to carry out customized business dealings with customers. There is also a call center for personal usage, popularly known as “centers for tele-calling”. This kind of call center exists to cater to the telephone needs of customers who are either on the move or on vacation.


All call centers have a set or main task, and in this case it is to take or transmit calls. They can either use their own network or connect to the main server of a client or company, or they can connect to the Internet itself through a high speed connection. The cost of call centers depends on the level of expertise of the employees and the type of service provided.


One of the most common types of call centers is the inbound call center, which is primarily utilized by small businesses or start-ups to handle routine business transactions by phone. These kinds of call centers mostly operate on a per-customer basis, so you as the client can simply leave a message for the operators to reach you. Your message will include your credit card number, the area code and your name so that they can call you back.


Another type of call center which is used heavily is the outbound call center. This is usually used by larger companies who need to send out hundreds of phone calls per day and still be able to retain the employee’s attention. This is usually what is called an in-house call center, and the advantage is that the employees know that there is always someone on the line. Another advantage is that the larger companies can monitor how many calls are being made or received and easily record any problems that may arise.

Some people think that a call center might not be as reliable as a call center run by humans because the operators cannot be held responsible if something goes wrong. This is not the case however, since most call centers these days operate on a virtual server and are hosted off site from where all customer information is collected. What this means is that regardless of whether the operator makes a mistake, the system can quickly take corrective action by logging the call. This means that if the problem is with one particular inquiry, it will automatically be removed from the system and then sent to the appropriate staff. As more business ventures move to remote locations, call centers will become ever more important for keeping customer relations running smoothly.

A successful call centre BPO should know how to market its services. This requires research and analysis on how to reach out to target audiences. The call center BPO should have a strategy that would help it to develop marketing strategies that include social media and search engine optimization. The strategies to be developed depend on the age group of the customers or their nature of business.

Research and analysis of call centre services are carried out to determine the costs involved in each call center activity. These costs include salaries of call centre employees, rent of call centre premises and other operating expenses. Another major cost is the purchase of equipment for the various call centre activities like computers, software, phones etc. Call centres also require computer network connectivity, telecom connectivity and appropriate internet connection. Call centres that offer multilingual services need a network that can cope with the demand of more than one language.

Virtual Call Centre

As most call centre services are virtual, employees need not dress up for work. This is a cost saving factor. Even though they may conduct face-to-face meetings with customers or clients, they can use virtual methods of communication like web conferences etc. Employees can also access a company’s intranet and internet banking using VoIP technologies. Telecommuting has become very popular with call centre employees working from home. Hence a huge number of employees who are working from home can now work from a single workplace and be in complete control of their working hours.

To keep track of the productivity and efficiency of the call centre business, reports should be regularly generated. Performance reports should be generated at regular intervals for review and analysis. It is important to track the progress and achievements of the call centre business against targets set by the management. Reviewing the performance report can be done once every month or quarterly depending upon the demand of the business.

To ensure the efficiency of the call centre business, customer care solutions must be consistently improved. The quality of call centre agents must be of high standards. To do this, training programs must be conducted periodically to train call centre agents to provide better services. Call centre management must constantly upgrade its infrastructure and software to improve customer service.

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A Call Centre Business With Excellent Customer Support

A call centre business needs to have an excellent customer support experience so as to be successful. It is a known fact that most callers will not return to a call centre if they are not happy with the experience. Therefore a good customer care program needs to be developed so as to ensure customer satisfaction. Outsourcing is one of the best ways of achieving customer satisfaction since the employees of the call centre are not attached to any particular company and can talk to clients from across the country or even the world if they want to.

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