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The Best KPIs to Use in Your Call Centre

Previously businesses and organizations made strategic call center decisions based on vague insights. However, this is no longer the case. Today, the evolution of digital technology has led to assess performance, set valuable goals, increase efficiency, and boost service levels. Thus, the call center managers can make informed strategic choices by analyzing comprehensive call center metrics and KPIs.

While it is quite clear to most call center managers and decision-makers that they need to evaluate call center KPIs, what might be a doubt is to choose which contact center metrics to measure and track over time.

Here mentioned is a list of some of the best KPI’s to use in your Call Centre:-

Percentage of Calls Blocked

It is basically the percentage of inbound callers who received the busy tone when they called. Such issue is caused by the unavailability of agents and, when no call queues are configured so that the callers hear a busy tone when they call or are routed directly to voicemail. Also, if the call management software cannot adequately handle the call volume.

This is one of the most crucial call center KPI’s that has a large impact on the customer satisfaction. Even a single blocked call can be a missed opportunity to connect with a customer. Thus, this is a call center KPI that should never be overlooked.

Average Time in Queue

This refers to the total time callers wait in call queues divided by the total number of calls answered by agents. It is a crucial indicator of whether or not your team is providing their callers with the service they require.

 Since it can be quite annoying for a customer to wait in queue for a long period of time. Thus, in order to ensure that your callers’ wait time is within an acceptable range, you must keep a track of average time in queue.

First Call Resolution

This is another significant KPI that is directly related to customer satisfaction. It is the percentage of calls in which the agent completely addresses the caller’s needs without having to transfer or return the call. Resolving an issue on first contact is very important and this is the reason why first call resolution should be at the top of any list of call center metrics.

After Call Work Time

An agent’s work does n’t necessarily end when they finish a call. Rather these agents  spend quite a bit of time updating databases, sending emails and informing teammates about the call. This very time that an agent spends completing a transaction after the caller has disengaged, is referred to as the after call work time.

Reducing after call work can help maximize the time spent on interacting with customers. Thus, satisfying the customers. Thereby, after call work time is an important KPI for a Call Centre.

Agent Turnover Rate

It is the percentage of agents who leave the call center to work elsewhere and is one of the most vital call center KPI that should be included in every call center manager’s list of metrics to be tracked over time. This is because agent turnover rate significantly impacts customer satisfaction, call center scheduling and team morale.


Analyzing all the call center KPI’s  mentioned above and few others that are associated with the customer satisfaction should be the main objective of any manager who seeks to maintain and enhance their call center’s performance.

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