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Best Study Tips To Score High In Board Exams

Board exams are something that horrifies every class 10th and 12th student. During exam time, students get busy with their studies and plan effective strategies for revision. It pressurizes students to give their best shot in the exams. But this pressure will ultimately result in stress and anxiety besides helping them to score a good percentage. 

In this article, you’ll get to know some interesting tips and tricks that are always followed by the board toppers who have topped the exam. So if you follow these tips closely, then you may also become a topper or achieve your desired scores without any stress. 

So without wasting time, let us start reading the tips.

  • Choose The Right Time To Commence Your Board Exam Preparation 

Every student has his own learning capacity, so it’s not possible to decide when each student should start his preparation. Still, there’s a common strategy to approach exam preparation. Those students who have gone through the syllabus once, and have yet to start their revision can use this time to avoid the pressure during the exam time and start preparing for exams. 

  • Encourage Yourself To Do Better

When preparing for your board exams, you must keep in mind that you should encourage yourself to do better than the previous test or exam. Take this task as a form of challenge to improve your skills. Suppose you have scored 50% marks in your previous exam then try to achieve 60% in the upcoming test. Defeat your previous percentage and aim to get the highest scores ever. Keep your target to increase your overall percentage instead of trying hard to score good marks in an individual subject. This will help in detecting the areas that need improvement and will enhance your scores and percentage. 

  • Maintain A Positive Attitude 

Maintaining the correct attitude is necessary for crucial phases of life. With this type of attitude, you can overcome any difficult situation in your life. Having a positive attitude towards life will help you boost your confidence level. And with this, you can achieve your desired target in the toughest phases of your life. A positive attitude will not only aid you to clear your high-school exams with a good percentage but will also assist you to crack the toughest interviews with ease.  

  • Reading The NCERT Book Is Important

Many students invest most of their time in reading the reference books for different subjects instead of focusing on the main NCERT book. Though these reference books will help in comprehending the subject in a better and easier way but can’t replace the central book prescribed by NCERT. According to professionals, a student who is preparing for board exams must stick to the main syllabus book and read everything that is written in it. You have always noticed that the students who top the board exams often say that they were only stuck to the NCERT prescribed books besides shifting their focus on other references. The board question papers are always set from the main book. You can use reference books when you’re preparing for competitive exams like NEET, JEE, UPSC, etc. 

  • Work On Your Weak Areas 

If you have noticed that you are weak in one or more subjects, then try to strengthen those by continuously practising them. Identify your weak points in the subject and make sure those won’t impact your overall result. Instead of ignoring that subject and running away, try to find your weakness and convert it into your strength. 

  • Try To Manage Your Time 

You might have realized that board exams are the difficult exams you have faced to date. When you are starting your preparation, one important thing you need to consider is working on time management skills. To manage time successfully, first, you need to make a proper schedule that must be followed regularly without skipping. Utilize most of your time in studying as this will increase your probability of getting good scores. At the same time, you must also take out some time to freshen up your mood. It is necessary to make a perfect balance between your studies and enjoyment. Study those subjects in the morning that you want to capture in your memory as at this time your mind will be fresh and you’ll be able to learn them easily. Study for at least 8 hours a day and distribute this time equally to study all subjects. 

  • Solve Past Year Question Paper In The Given Time Limit

Previous year question papers are assets for high school students. It has been observed that students who solve numerous question papers are likely to score high in exams as compared to those who never practised a single question paper. Solve past year’s question paper keeping the time limit in mind. Don’t solve sample papers in sections as this can disorganize your answer sheet and you’ll be confused throughout the exam time. Start solving these papers as if you are solving them in the examination hall. Initially, when you begin with solving papers, you might face some troubles but you’ll overcome them through maintaining regularity. 

  • Analyze Your Performance Level 

The best way to analyze your performance level is to test your knowledge. For this, you can solve sample papers as mentioned in the above point. After solving the paper, it’s time to examine your preparation. 

Check the answers which you have written in your answer sheet. If you’ve answered any question incorrectly, then know its correct answer. For this purpose, you can refer to NCERT Solutions if you don’t have sufficient time to read the chapter again. 

  • Focus On The Neatness Of Your Answer Sheet

If you want to fetch more marks in your exam, then try to capture the attention of the examiner. For this, you’re required to keep your answer sheet looking decent. Many students cut words and lines several times. This makes the sheet untidy. Therefore, try not to overwrite things to maintain cleanliness in your answer sheet. 

With these tips, you can clear your way to reach your destination of getting good scores in the board examination. 

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