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Best camping and sightseeing locations in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a canvas that is adorned with a spectrum of colors in the form of campsites for those adventure seekers who wish to take the unexplored path. These camping grounds are less trodden and at the same time they are pristine. Taking trips to these places will surely make up for a great experience that one can cherish for the rest of their life. Packed with the best ever comfortable accommodation in the lap of mother nature and surrounded by alluring natural landscapes, tourists will surely be able to make it large during their stay.

  1. Kolad

Kolad can be considered as a hub for adventures in the Indian State of Maharashtra. Located on the banks of river Kundalika, this panoramic site will surely cast its mystical charm on you. The campsites are just impeccable and they offer you a wide range of opportunities to enjoy starting from kayaking tours to water rafting events, and from boating to nature tours. When you are in Kolad, you can also think of heading out on a trek to the nearby lofty mountain ranges or else you can take a trip to some of the rural villages and settlements to enjoy the countryside life. If you are a nature lover, then you will truly be impressed by the spellbinding views of the location. Once the sun sets, you can light a campfire and enjoy some exciting activities like barbeque. You can also choose to spend a whole night under the stars.

  1. Pawna lake camping

Pawna Lake Camping is one of the most fascinating campsites in the Indian State of Maharashtra. This poster perfect location is truly a remarkable sight to behold for any nature lover. The best part of this place is its ultimate serenity and surrounding heritage spots like the monumental forts of Lohagad, Tungi, and Tikona. All these historical heritages make for an exceptional vacation site. During your stay at the campsite, you can enjoy star studded night sky, chill out having some exotic drinks, and relish hot barbecues.

  1. Gorakhgad Fort

Have you ever thought about relishing a camp stay inside a cave? If not, then Gorakhgad Fort is one such place in Maharashtra that lets you have a getaway inside a cave. This experience is slightly going to be offbeat as the caves are considered to be centuries old. What makes the time spent in the campstays of Gorakhgad Fort memorable is the local cultural experience. You will be able to enjoy devotional songs, local hymns, and get to know more about the locals during your campstay. Wanderlust travellers who visit Gorakhgad Fort Campsite often love to visit the nearby dam which is considered to be an engineering marvel.

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  1. Vaitarna Camping

Vaitarna Camping is yet another beautiful campsite that is located on the banks of the Lake close to the Vaitarna River. This campsite is one of the closest sites to Mumbai among any other camping opportunities. Heading over to this place, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. The best activity that you should on no occasion miss out during your stay at this place is the jungle night trek. You will be making memories in the evening hours with your fellow travellers setting up a campfire, sipping some exotic drinks, relishing some delectable barbeque recipes, and to make things much more intense, you can think of spending a night under the twinkling star studded night sky.

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  1. Alibaug Beach Camping

Alibaug Beach Camping can be considered as one of the best fun filled beach side camp settings in the Indian state of Maharashtra. You will really be able to soothe your mind at the beauty of the coast as well as spend time in comfortable and hygienic tented accommodation which overlooks the beautiful azure blue waters of Arabian Sea. During your stay at this place, you will be able to enjoy both indoor and outdoor games. In the evening hours, you will also get a chance to enjoy a warm bonfire with live music. Tourists can also enjoy bollywood movie screening with large projectors under the star studded night sky.

  1. Igatpuri Camping

Igatpuri Camping site nestles in the middle of verdant lush green natural landscape with the surreal banks of Kaluste Dam. The campsite is surrounded by the scenic views of the western ghats. You will be able to spend time in comfortable tents with your loved ones as well as indulge in a myriad of activities. During your stay, you can be a part of the evening entertainment sessions like live music, campfires, and barbeques. You can spend time chit chatting with your friends and fellow travellers. The campsite will also offer you delicious barbeque snacks in the evening and give you an opportunity to enjoy the star studded night sky. Igatpuri Camping is very much famous for its tubing and boating activities.

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