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Benefits of Outsourcing Virtual Assistant Services In India

Hiring an in-house assistant can be costly, that is why outsourcing virtual assistant services has become much popular. Getting a Virtual Assistant can be very fruitful for business owners. Virtual Assistant companies in India help their clients to grow their business by focusing on the core tasks.

It’s no surprise that India, the capital of outsourcing globally along with the Philippines – is one of the world’s major destinations for virtual assistants.

Hire Virtual Assistant India who will help you with daily tasks like checking your emails, scheduling meetings, attending calls, managing travel plans, personal tasks, graphic designs, website maintenance, administrative work, social media management, etc. They can also help you with your personal tasks like sending gifts or flowers to close ones; if you have a pet and need someone to take care of it, your virtual Assistant finds you a caretaker for your pet and shops for you; while you sit back and relax. 

“Virtual Assistant doesn’t just help you run your business smoothly but also helps you run your life smoothly.”

From Where You Can Hire Virtual Assistants?

You can choose your virtual Assistant on an hourly or monthly basis according to the task. It can save lots of money because you only need to pay for the work you want them to do. Suppose you need a virtual assistant for a specific skill set. In that case, you only need to tell your preference to outsourcing virtual assistant services, and you will be provided with the best Virtual Assistants who can help you out and complete your tasks. 

You can hire virtual employess India directly by traditional job boards, but it can be tricky when you are not present in India. So the best option is to hire someone in India directly with the help of virtual assistant companies in India.

Outsourcing Virtual Assistant Services From India

Hiring Virtual assistant services from India will help you gain the advantage of completing all types of work. You can get quality work at lower prices with the help of the best virtual assistant services. The productivity that they provide can lead your business to earn more profit. The assistants at Invedus can undoubtedly help you out with your tasks and provide satisfactory and perfect results.

Steps of Hiring Virtual Assistant 

After deciding to hire a Virtual Assistant in India, you need to follow these steps mentioned below and enjoy hassle-free operations.

Create a Detailed Job Description 

Your job description should be detailed and precise. It should mention the skills, qualifications, and work experience you need. It states every task you want them to do. They are more likely to do an excellent job if you mention your expectations clearly.

Decide on Work Hours and Budget

The number of hours required from VA will depend on the number of tasks you assign them. Remember that one VA can work with several clients on several schedules. This information will help you to allocate time for your work. It will be easier to set a budget when you have an idea of the working hours required for your VA. Most VA charged by the hours they performed work.

Use Business Network & Freelancing Platforms

Someone in your business network has worked with a tremendous virtual assistant. They will help you to find someone fit for your requirement and save your time and energy.

You can also use freelancing platforms. These websites have various sections where people can find a suitable VA.

Interview Your Top candidates

Create an excel sheet and write details of your top candidates. If you are using outsourcing companies, they will provide you with suitable candidates, and you can interview them and select the perfect one.

Take a Test Period

Ask for a probation period of at least one week to test their work. If it does not work out, then don’t be afraid to look for another option. Don’t commit too early; some people may look promising on paper but don’t work well. 

Salary of Virtual Assistants in India

One of the primary reasons for employing a Virtual Assistant from India is that it is cheaper than other countries or in-house assistants.

The standard hourly rate of a Virtual Assistant India is INR 196.53, equal to USD 2.68. You have to pay extra cash if you want high-quality work, especially if you are using an outsourcing company; they will also take their commission. But it is still cheaper than the USA or any other developed country. Also, keep in mind, it’s always worth investing in quality.

Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistant Services in India

Is hiring a virtual assistant in India the right option for you? Hiring a  virtual assistant allows you to focus on the bigger picture while your day-to-day tasks are being efficiently managed.

Here are some advantages that can help you weigh things up.

Cost Saving

Hiring virtual employees in India is generally inexpensive than recruiting someone in-house. And definitely, rates are comparatively low in India, so hiring a virtual assistant is cheaper. 

There are many different packages, including pay according to work done, which means you don’t have to pay for more hours than you need.

Working remotely can save extra expenses like office stationeries, gadgets, office vehicles, office canteen, and other miscellaneous things.

Save Time

Virtual Assistant helps you to save your time to concentrate on essential activities. You have to communicate your expectations with them clearly so that they can fulfill them, and you have plenty of extra time to focus on more significant issues.


In India, you will be able to find people to work in shifts, so someone will always be present to deal with your requests.

Education and English skills

English is a prevalent language in India, so people are fluent in English. You are likely to be able to find a college graduate virtual assistant with the skills you require. 


Waking up early and going to work can be a hustle for many people. So, being a virtual assistant can prove to be hustle-free. Just create a workspace in your house, and you are good to go.

Exemplary Work Ethics

No doubt that Indians are very hardworking, and they get along quickly with other people. They are honest, polite, and loyal so that you can trust them. They will complete their tasks at their best capacity. They will never waste the opportunity that you have given them.

Fast Learners

Indians are brilliant, and this helps them to learn quickly. They can adapt to changes and new trends in their relative fields. All you have to do is to teach and explain new things to them to make them understand the basics. Indian virtual assistants are good at learning new things and skills.

Extensive Training

Virtual Assistants that are hired from outsourcing companies undergo precise selection and assessment before getting hired.  Companies then provide training to their VAs to become competent and well-rounded.

They have the necessary education qualification, skills, knowledge, and work experience to provide top-quality service.

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You will be swamped with the choices when you start looking for outsourcing Virtual Assistant services in India. Carefully choose your VA according to the needs of your business. You can hire someone full-time or part-time accordingly. 

You can also consider the Philippines as another option. An Indian Virtual Assistant company could be a perfect solution for finding a VA according to your business needs and offering you all the flexibility and support.

“Good luck in finding an ideal VA.”

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