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How to prepare and pass a Progressive pre-employment Assessment – 2021

First part How to Prepare!

In this part, you can read the different portions of the preparation, how you can prepare for Assessment what is the first step you adopt, after that which further step’s you choose or Not.

What is the pre-employment screening process and commodity?

Employers and employees can benefit from a progressive pre-employment assessment. Employers can identify potential employees by using a reliable and thorough pre-employment screening process. This is a requirement in the USA for all new hires. To be screened for criminal. And civil background information. This reduces the likelihood of employees engaging in fraudulent activities and gives employers assurance that they do not hire illegal aliens. Employers should make sure they have a pre-employment screening process in place to screen potential employees.

 The hiring process of progressive pre-employment!

1) Submit an online application

If you want to apply for a job with Progressive it is necessary to make an account online. This pre-employment assessment application system provides you with the option to fill in fields using the details of your resume. The most important part, to include your resume first then submit your application. You can track how your application is progressing on your account. If your application is a source of interest an employer will reach out to you. This is usually done via email.

2) Online progressive Assessment Screening

Certain positions that require progressive need online screening. These tests are designed to assess. how you are a good fit for the company. How you respond to specific circumstances, and your service approach. The company will give you the timeframe within which you have to take the test to be eligible to continue the process of hiring. You will get your test result within two days. The types of tests that job seekers might be expecting to encounter include:

  • Assessment of personality- The test helps assess your personality traits including the ability to work with others, empathy, and assertiveness. The test is a multiple-choice one and the responses are displayed in the form of “agree”, “disagree”, “strongly agree”. 
  • Test of Situational Judgement Test- The situational judgment test is designed to assess your performance on the job, your abilities in collaborating, and your ability to adjust to the changing environment. The assessment test is multiple choice with questions based on the things you will encounter working. You have to choose the most appropriate answer from the available options.
Initial Interview Stage

The initial stage of the interview process is an interview over the phone. They are typically 20-30 minutes and are used to review the job description and fundamental questions. If you show a  positive impression during your phone interview, Then your chances are high to be invited to attend an interview in person. Progressive employs the STAR method of interviewing. which is a reference to the words situation, task, action, and then response. The style of interviewing requires you to give examples of your previous work experience to give the interviewer an impression of how you resolve and deal with difficult situations.

Final Stage How We Prepare for progressive Assessment Tests

The online assessments offered through Progressive are not time. Either, to ensure that you have much time to complete the tests. The tests can be taken wherever you have internet connectivity. But ensure that you’re in a location that has a stable connection. Answer the questions like you’re in the real-world workplace The tests are designed to evaluate your skills against those they consider most valuable for the company. Do your research thoroughly on the position you’ve applied for so that you are able to answer the questions in relation to your job.

Answer every question as you know about everything and you are sure about that. Be sure to read every question carefully to ensure that you’ve chosen the most appropriate answer. Some questions might contain a slightly similar phraseology. Make sure you take the questions confidently. Answering the questions with confidence and without a lot of thought will allow you to remain calm and will yield an outcome that helps you succeed in the hiring process.

Second Part How to Pass progressive pre-employment Assessment 

Before We check out how to pass the test, Some other tests you know about it.

Alongside tests of personality, some companies offer honest assessments in retail settings to evaluate the risk of an employee taking merchandise.

Tests for sales skills: can be used to determine the level of aggression and character, as well as other aspects of the candidate. Certain organizations will require that employees meet the psychologists. 

Meet psychologists: To evaluate their emotional stability. could be a possibility at the senior executive level of hiring.

The probability that you get a test is typically dependent on the test’s design. Certain tests are offered to corporations to use for an unlimited period, while other tests are available on a test-by-fee basis. Predictive Index is one of them. The predictive index test is an illustration of the one you will more likely experience due to its cost structure.

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List of Skills Tests: You May is able to encounter We provide a comprehensive description of the different types of tests for career development. This list provides a summary of the many types of tests that you may encounter in an assessment for pre-employment.

(i) Excel Skill Test

(ii) Typing Skill Test 

(iii) Verbal Reasoning Skill Test

(iv) Analytical Reasoning Skill Test

(v) Numerical Reasoning Skill Test

(vi) Situational judgment Skill Test

(vii) Logical Reasoning Skill Test

Conducting Behavioral pre-employment Assessment and how to prepare for Them

Once you’re aware of the kinds of tests you might have to take We will assist you to discover the best way to prepare. We’d like to emphasize that these are tests, not tests, despite the fact that they’re sometimes called tests. In this regard, you must be aware that there’s no way to pass or fail. But, the person who is conducting the test could be looking for specific outcomes that they believe would be in line with the job you’re applying for.

Acknowledge Things why you are being given the Test  

The first thing to be aware of is what you’ll be facing on these tests and the reason you’re taking this particular test for pre-employment. Preparing to take the Caliper Personality Test is an effective way to get started. It covers the essential tenets of any assessment for pre-employment. After you have prepared for and completed the test It’s recommended to request the results as well as show you are eager to gain knowledge from the test.

Be honest about yourself

Be honest about yourself. Making yourself appear to be someone you’re not just for the purpose of taking a test will do you and your prospective employer harm. You can suppose the conducting test as a tool to match you to your perfect job. Likewise, employers can utilize it to determine whether you’re the person they’re seeking. This should be beneficial for everyone since nobody wants to be wasting time and effort if the situation doesn’t happen.

It’s not right to draw hiring conclusions from a test; however, in our experience of conducting interviews and assessing applicants’ test results, they are extremely precise. Additionally, from an employer’s standpoint, think about the fact this: the majority of candidates lie on their resumes (Society of Human Resource Management). Positive references are often. Extorted or faked and an in-person interview offers a snapshot of who the person is, but it’s not easy to discern the signs of a bad character until you actually witness them in the real world. A test for assessment is, however, more important than just a simple coin toss. It incorporates science into the equation. The information that the tests provide is the basis for the increasing use of tests for assessment in hiring today. 

Think about the context Test 

Before you start working with someone, you should know about honesty and be aware of working with him/her. The person who is working with isn’t necessarily the same person who is at home. Be aware of this and put it into perspective when you are preparing for or taking the pre-employment Assessment.

Practice to the fore Time

Practice makes perfect! Similar to how you are studying and preparing for exams during your school years, Pre-employment assessment preparation is crucial. If you’ve been practicing the assessment and are comfortable with the test format, the simpler it is going to be. We suggest the Job Test Prep meets all your training requirements.

Final – Two steps to passing the behavioral Assessment

Step1-Sign up for any practice Assessment

Join the Job Exam Practice as a starting point or for other tests of relevance. If not, you should know that there are two kinds of tests. They include questions that could be the most effective and those, similar to that of the Predictive Index, that have you choose the traits on an inventory. 

Step 2 – Understand the Employee what he/she is looking for

If you take a look at the company, requirements for the job, and then troll the profiles of hiring managers on the internet enough, you could be able to determine what the best answers to the most frequently asked questions that appear on the top type tests are. The hiring managers are seeking people whose communication style is compatible perfectly with their managerial style. And who has the abilities and character traits to perform the job well; who will work to the team already in place; and, most importantly, who can demonstrate that they can actually accomplish the job. There is no way to know precisely what the desired outcome is, however, you can make a prediction based on the organization and the job.


Another method to determine what you want to achieve is to reach out to employees currently on LinkedIn and ask them the scores they received on their tests. With this in mind, you could do practice assessments for the test. You’re given until you’ve got the result or score you’re seeking. And then repeat as best you can to your abilities on test day. It’s best not to totally lie about your answers in order to achieve the desired outcome. However, you might need to modify a few of your answers on occasion to present yourself as being a good match for the job.

If you’re forced to completely be a fraud to achieve the result you. believe to be a good match, then the job you’re applying for isn’t the right fit for you. Trying to fool the test can only be successful by a fair quantity of internal analysis. If you believe there’s an essential function for the job or the workplace culture that you’re lacking Make plans on ways to grow and adapt. The more you consider it, and plan, you’ll get closer to your ideal candidate and will know the most effective solution when you’ve seen it.

Trick how to pass progressive pre-employment Assessment 

If you think about it. The best thing to do when you are faced with an exam is to. Maintain an open, honest, and open-minded mindset. The initial stage of preparing for an assessment is not the same as knowing what employers are looking for. So Complete your answers quickly. And don’t get caught up in the process of thinking about the questions. The more natural you are in answering the questions, the more precise your results will be.

If you cheat the test, it won’t be able to describe you. If you pass the test and are employed. It’s likely it’s similar to writing using your other hand. You’ll feel like getting sucked out of your body. Each day that you’re at your job, says Picarde. “You’re far less likely to be good at the job.

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