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Benefits Of A Guest House ADU

Building a guest house ADU can be tremendously beneficial for a family. If you are on the fence about whether or not you should build one on your property, here are a few key benefits to having one.

Always Have A Place To Stay

Things can change in a house. Especially with the pandemic, many peoples’ guest bedrooms have been converted into home offices. Converting a spare bedroom into an office, playroom, or pantry can mean you have nowhere for your guests to stay when they come. Building a guest house ADU guarantees there is always a place for your visitors to stay when they come to your home.


A huge benefit of having an ADU as your guest house is the privacy it provides you and your guests. If guests are staying for an extended time, sometimes they just want a night to themselves. By having their own unit, they can cook their own food, do their own laundry, and have their own bathroom.

You also get the pleasure of not having someone extra in your home at all times. Although their company is probably welcomed, everyone needs some alone time now and then.

House Sitting Made Easier

If you are someone who enjoys going on vacation but doesn’t want to leave your home completely unattended, a guest house can be helpful.

Sometimes, we don’t always trust to have someone stay inside our home when we go away but we want someone on the property in case something goes wrong (natural disaster, robbery, etc.). A guest house allows someone to stay on your property without having to be in your home to give you peace of mind while on your trip.

Added Value To Your Home

If you are looking to build an ADU yourself, you have probably looked up some of the benefits of ADUs in general. The main benefit of an ADU is that it adds value to your home. A guest bedroom does not do this. Yet, just another reason to consider building an ADU to have as a guest house.

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