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Benefits of installing a whole house water filtration system

Water is an essential element required for survival and vitality but what water from your tap may not be safe and pure. Because water picks up heavy levels of contaminants from different distribution sources, such as industrial and environmental runoff. Moreover a lake, river, well, or your municipal water may contain some level of contamination.

Majority of the people consume chlorine-treated water containing many harmful bacteria, chemicals and other hazardous contaminants that you don’t want to drink, cook with, or bathe which negatively impacts your health. Even minute levels of chlorine can have ill-fated reactions.

According to research a significant fraction (64 million) of Americans have unsafe drinking water which is ironic and distressing. Meanwhile it can lead to health epidemics.

Ultimate benefits of Whole Home Water Filtration Systems

We have rounded up the few top rated benefits of mounting a whole house water filter system in your home single point of entry  for your water supply.

1.Safer drinking water-better food taste

Higher amount of toxic chemicals and heavy metal as such as lead, and chemicals like fluoride and chlorine effects the odor and taste of water and edibles and poses serious health risks including gastroenteritis to fatal cases of hepatic, renal, and neurological damages.Since RO eliminates unwanted hazardous contaminants, so it removes bad/metallic tastes from water and leaves healthier and safe water toDrink. so,  installing a whole house water filter ensures you are consuming clean water for drinking, cooking and dishwashing.

2. Healthier baths and showers

Contaminated water is no doubt bad for health but it may be unhealthy to your skin. Even a safe amount of chlorine can have adverse effects such causing skin irritation and dryness. While a whole house filtration system sifts out higher levels of chlorine, lead and other heavy metals and allows you to access clean and safe water whether you’re drinking a glass of water from the kitchen faucet, or showering and brushing your teeth in the bathroom.

3. durable plumbing and appliances

Heavy metals, even nontoxic minerals, and chemicals can build up over time and cause corrosion and damage to your plumbing system. Water-using appliances such as faucets, garbage disposal, and dishwasher can be adversely affected by water contamination. You can eliminate these damaging factors and extend the life expectancy of your plumbing system and other appliances by mounting a whole water filter system. Eventually you can cut down maintenance cost of plumbing pipes and appliance repairs.

If you want to support your family’s health and well-being, make sure that the water you are consuming is pure and safe. A first-rate way to have a supply of clean and safe water for drinking and household consumption is to add a water filtration system to your home.  Wondering where to get a whole house water filter system? Just check RKIN (formerly Puricom) and buy the most effective Water filter that provides you the clean and pure water with the  improved quality and taste of your tap water. Use Puricom discount voucher and get the instant discounts and other promotional services at a fraction of money.

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