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Backpacking in Europe – 7 Mind-Blowing Tips to Unlock Blissful Holidays


Europe is a melting pot of culture and architecture, cuisine, fashion, history, and fashion. No matter what your taste, you will find it easy to enjoy beautiful cities, charming towns, picturesque canals and rivers, vineyards in the countryside, and many festivals that will make your trip unforgettable. It is not an easy task to backpack through Europe. Even more so if you are on a tight budget. This is why we decided to share some of the best tips for backpacking in Europe, that will not only save you a lot of money, but also give you one of the best experiences of your life.

You can spend a lot on your Eurotrip and not see the best of Europe if you aren’t careful. We have put together a list with our top tips for backpacking across Europe. This will ensure that your trip is memorable and not too expensive. If you are getting prepared for your European getaway, we recommend you to check out ETIAS website for updated EU travel information.


Why You Should Try Backpacking?

Backpacking has some of the most notable advantages when it comes to traveling. When you are on a tight budget, traveling around Europe you have to interact with many locals and explore alternative ways to explore the destination, so that you can save money. This way you get more accustomed to the lifestyle in a certain country and get more familiar with the place than you would get on a normal trip.

Backpacking has some other advantages too:

You Become More Confident

Backpacking and light hiking are invaluable experiences that will help you gain the confidence and strength to tackle new roads. If you’re backpacking in another country, you will get to meet more people and gain new impressions.

Even though you may have some language barriers, it will help you communicate and be able to manage the situation on your own.

Once you have made your backpacking or hiking trip successful, you will be more confident for your next adventure. The lighter your load, the more enjoyable your trip.

Backpacking Reduces Stress

Stress plays an important role in our daily lives, as we discussed at the beginning of this article. It doesn’t matter if it’s stress from work or family commitments. The stress we experience on a daily basis can have a significant impact on our health.

Cortisol is a hormone that activates the fight or flight response when our bodies are stressed. This is why we often want to escape from high-pressure situations. Chronic stress can have a major impact on your mental health. Many people seek help for anxiety, depression, or addiction.

For those suffering from mental illness, taking time to be in nature can be a great way to support them. The simple act of getting outside to go for a walk or hike, or even camp, can be a great way to calm your mind.

You Meet a Lot of New People

Backpacking in Europe has another great advantage. You meet a lot of people along the way. You also get to know people better by slowing down.

Although bus tours can bring together different groups, the lack of interaction and camaraderie can make them less enjoyable. Backpackers can have lots to share with fellow travelers, including recommendations for destinations and hiker-friendly routes.

The backpacker lifestyle can be appealing but it can be hard and exhausting. Begin with a friend or a familiar acquaintance to test your ability to handle a backpack and do lots of hiking.

You Become More Flexible

Backpacking gives you a possibility for an immerse flexibility. When you don’t have a set schedule you can be freer towards spontaneous decisions that can bring you a lot of joy and happiness.

Let’s suppose you are planning to travel north and want to spend the night there. You just need to find a place to stay the night, and then leave the next morning. You don’t plan your day. Instead, you plan according to how you feel. Sometimes, you may feel the need to travel to another country. Or vice versa. It is not a feeling of being missing out. The flexible time frame makes it easier to live in the moment.


Fabulous Backpacking Tips to Save a Lot of Money While Enjoying the Holidays

Backpacking in Europe is a great way to explore and travel. You’ll need to be prepared for your backpacking adventure, whether you are in Barcelona, Spain, or London, England. These five tips will help you backpack safely across Europe.

You Need to Choose Your Destination Wisely

You can travel east to see fewer tourists during peak season – the Balkan coast, the Slovenian Mountains and the Baltic cities are great places to make the most of your money. The Med is a great place to go when tourist traffic slows down in autumn. This time of year is quieter on the famous beaches and islands of southern Europe, and cities like Spain or Italy start to look their best.

Winter is a time of world-class skiing and spectacular New Year celebrations. It’s worth traveling north to the Netherlands or Scandinavia, France or the British Isles in spring. There you will find beautiful long days and affordable prices.

Choose Your Transportation Wisely

There are many affordable options for transportation, even though it can be quite expensive at times. Ryanair is a great airline to use for flights. This airline offers the most affordable and convenient flights in Europe. Ryanair offers flights starting at 20EUR per way. This is usually cheaper than trains and provides faster and more convenient transportation.

FlixBus is a great option for travelers who are just passing through a country. FlixBus offers cheap transport almost anywhere in Europe starting at 7EUR per trip. You can travel from the northern parts of Germany to Northern Italy for just 20 EUR. Sounds great, right?

Before you book a train ticket, check out the offers and information of the local train companies. Prices can vary depending on where and when you book your train tickets. As an added bonus, make sure you have your student ID to get discounts.

Plan Your Budget in Advance

Although the Euro is widely used in Europe, some countries do not use it. This includes the Czech Republic, Croatia and Hungary as well as the United Kingdom and the Scandinavian Region. You can calculate a rough budget for each destination so that you only need to visit the money changer once per destination.

This is particularly important as many Asian currencies, except for the Japanese Yen and the Chinese RMB, aren’t very popular on this continent.

You should also bring an international credit card. It will be a great help when booking online or when you are short of cash. You can even save money if your card has no international withdrawal fees!

Explore the Unexplored

Traveling in Europe is expensive. London, Paris and Venice are all top destinations, but you will likely be returning home empty-handed if you visit them all. Why not travel to lesser-known, but equally incredible places that cost a fraction of the price?

Let’s take a look at some places to inspire you: Malta, surrounded by the stunning Mediterranean Sea, the charming Istria peninsula in Croatia and the Beauty and the Beast-worthy French city of Lille. Also, the well-preserved medieval village of Vilnius, Lithuania. In general, Central European countries like Hungary, Poland, or Slovenia are more affordable than the rest.

Why not travel to amazing off-the-beaten path destinations, where you can get the same items at a lower price? These are just a few examples of inspiration: the country Malta, surrounded by the stunning Mediterranean sea, the charming Istria peninsula in Croatia and the Beauty and the Beast-worthy French city of Lille. The well-preserved medieval village of Vilnius is another. In general, Central European countries like Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, and Slovenia are more affordable than the rest.

Be Considerate of Your Accommodation Options

Accommodation is a key cost to be aware of when planning your trip. However, it doesn’t have to be a major concern if you are looking for a budget-friendly tour of Europe. Even in Europe’s most expensive destinations, the hostel system ensures that there is an affordable accommodation option. Some are even truly exceptional. Homestays are often more affordable than hotels, so they’re worth looking into.

You can live on very little if you are willing to camp while still staying in excellently equipped facilities. In some countries, university accommodation is a great option for summer. During peak summer months, make sure you book ahead regardless of your budget.



Europe offers everything: beautiful cities, quaint villages, boulevards and promenades, railways, mountains, beaches, and lakes. You might be surprised at the beauty of some places. For example, Venice is all you can imagine. The romance of spring in Paris has made even the most skeptical cynics melt. Oxford’s colleges are like Harry Potter movie sets. Others will be surprised by their hidden beauty or modern architecture.

Why not backpack around Europe? It will be one of life’s greatest experiences. I know this from personal experience after a one-month trip. There are many places and cultures to explore in Europe. Backpacking allows you to travel with ease and less stress (literally). You can freely roam the continent. Even if you travel for a month, it won’t feel too long.

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