Astrology – From trivialization to simplification

There is no doubt in recent years when mankind is reaching the pinnacle of scientific advancement, it is clearly being seen that traditional streams like astrology are being made the butt of jokes. This trivialization simply reduces the stature of our wise philosophers and sages. The question that comes around here is that to whom we shall put the blame? The answer is quite simple, no one. Skeptics have quite a narrow view and this is the reason why they do not understand the things that fall beyond their sights.

This does not mean that we shall load all the blame only to skeptics; several blind followers follow any person who claims to be the master of astrology. They give them unrealistic dreams by showing absolutely bogus predictions, and once those predictions do come out the same way that they were told, they simply conclude that astrology is a scam.

Understanding – Birth charts the mirror image of your future

You see claims and predictions can lie to, you can be simply told by someone that you are going to be a millionaire tomorrow, although it may not necessarily be true. The thing that exists by the word of mouth can prove to be wrong anytime but do you know what does not lie? Yes, the positions of stars. No human being till now can control the positions of millions of stars lying in the galaxy.

These stars can never lie to you, and birth charts are made simply by tracing the positions of stars. This is the reason why predictions made by studying birth charts have to be carefully calculated and analyzed and making any kind of false claim becomes quite difficult in such a case.

Unraveling the treasures from the southern India – Nadi Astrology

When we stake a claim to present you the astrology in its purest form, we actually stand by it. The efforts of our wise sages should not go in vain and we as the descendants of such an advanced culture have a duty to perform. This duty is about preserving the greatness of the Indian culture. In the ancient periods, some wise sage from the south of India accurately gave predictions regarding the future of human beings and these predictions apply to every single human even today.

The Nadis or the palm sheets over which they had written the prediction encompasses the future of every single human being and you can definitely benefit from it. The only thing that you require is intent to believe and there you will get the most accurate prediction. You should never go for those who sugar coat your prediction as we all know that life is not a bed of roses.

The Chinese astrology – Learn by thy neighbor

We can never reject the greatness that ancient Indian culture had achieved but we should also acknowledge the other cultures too. Our neighbors, i.e. the Chinese also have a huge amount of cultural significance, be it Chinese medicines, sciences, and even astrology. Chinese astrology is almost similar to our kind of astrology. They give importance to the birth year whereas Vedic astrology gives importance to the time a person was born. The best part is absolutely your choice, it actually depends on your convenience to select the kind of astrology you prefer as no form of astrology actually belittles others in terms of accuracy of predictions. It depends on the practitioner’s skill and the information he/she has received. This is something that decides how accurate or inaccurate your prediction actually is.


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