An All-in-one Guide To Develop A Free Speech Parler Like App

Among all the other social media platforms, the affiliate and a free speech social media platform Parler is the one that is making orbits in the economy. This is because of the full-blown controversy that the platform supported regarding the US capitol riot, which was followed by the shutdown of the app on Apple’s App Store.

Firstly, let’s know what the Parler app is?

John Matze and Jared Thomson brought this app to the market in 2018. It is a non-biased free speech social media platform that solely focuses on protecting the rights of the users.

Just like Twitter, the app allows users to share messages, images, etc., with their fellow users. Other users can approve the post by echoing the message. It is similar to the retweet feature of Twitter. Both these platforms are known for posting microblog content. While Twitter may allow a text upto just 280 characters, the Parler app allows sharing a message of 1000 characters.

What makes the app stand unique is that it is dedicated mainly to allowing users to post their own opinions and views, as long as it is lawful. Though there are many people who are against this, many more are finding it their ideal platform. This is because of the fact that popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter are blocking them or removing their content from sharing views that don’t stick to their terms and regulations.

How does the app work?

  • Users have to install the app from the App Store or Play store.
  • They have to sign up or sign in by adding their details like email address and phone number.
  • They will receive a text code for verification purposes, which they have to enter.
  • On signing up, they can follow the other user accounts.
  • The contents will then start to appear in the chronological field.

Just like any social media apps, users can comment on people’s posts, and they could also search using hashtags.

Here’s news for you!

There are so many app development companies that are coming up with the Parler Clone solution in an attempt to develop an app similar to it. These solutions are already developed scripts that just need a minor tweak here and there, and it is good to be launched. They will already have the fundamental features of the Parler app, above which you can add some outstanding features that could help you stand first among the rest.

Why Talking app?

The one question that might be springing up in your mind is: ‘why should you develop the Parler app out of all’ or ‘why choose it?’. The app contains only the verified accounts to be active in it. The app doesn’t have any inappropriate messages or posts as it is confirmed with licenses, passports, and emails. Politicians prefer this app over any other social media apps because of the free speech it offers.

Eminent features of the free speech social media app solution


It is the most crucial feature on any social media platforms as we all known. Users will register or sign in to the app using their personal details.


This feature will display all the latest news from all the accounts that the users don’t follow.


Though this may sound strange, since this is a free speech platform, the users must provide an identification card that is issued by the government. Also, they must update a selfie for them to earn a status termed “citizen” on the app.


Just like the retweet feature on Twitter, it allows people to re-share the content of other users that they like.

What’s new?-

This is a feature that lets the users post whatever they like to share. It may be in the form of pictures, memes, and GIFs.

In-app chat-

There’s no social media app without this feature, as it is totally about networking and communicating. With this feature, anyone can chat with other users and form a community.

There’s more to the app than just this. However, I hope this might have given you the essential insight into what the app solution has in-store.

Revenue streams of the app

  • In-app advertisements
  • In-app purchases
  • Freemium
  • Subscriptions
  • Affiliate marketing

What is the cost to develop a Parler like app? 

We cannot relate the cost of development of an app to any certain digit. However, there are few factors that trigger the rise and dip in the price. Those factors are:

  • The location of the app development company
  • Integration of different features
  • The total number of hours taken for the development
  • Percentage of customization done in the solution.

These factors vary from business to business. So, revealing the price cannot be possible when it comes to Parler clone app development.


With the popularity and controversies increasing day by day, there cannot be a better time than right now for developing an app like Parler Clone.


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