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Amazon FBA Packaging Guide Including a List of Packaging Manufacturers

Learn about the general training requirements for sending FBA stock to Amazon fulfilment centres, as well as the individual item classes that necessitate special preparation. Before submitting products Essential oil packaging for Fulfillment by Packaging Manufacturers, it is important to recognise what is and isn’t suitable for our satisfaction protocol. You must ensure that you read the following sections for additional item specifications and constraints:

Requirements for Distribution and Routing

Product Restrictions on FBA

Packaging Prerequisites

When shipping units to Amazon fulfilment centres, you must adhere to the general requirements. Certain products have additional requirements. Amazon will not return or repackage any item conveyed to an Amazon fulfilment centre with inadequate or rebellious packaging to your detriment, and you may also face rebelliousness charges.

It makes no difference what type of FNSKU you use on a Unit; it must be exceptional and correspond to a single unique object. For example, each collection form, such as size or shading, would have a different FNSKU.

Each Device should have an easily accessible outside searchable standardised identity or name (which includes a searchable scanner tag and the corresponding comprehensible numbers). See FBA item standardised tag prerequisites for more detail.

Cover, erase or make unreadable any existing readable generic tags visible on the outside of delivery boxes. Cover current scanner tags with murky tape, for example, or use a dark felt-tip marker to make the generic tag unreadable. It prevents the off-base scanner tag from being checked by chance during the getting process.

Units in Boxes

It should have six sides.

If the boxed device has perforated openings or sides, it must pass a 3-foot drop inspection. This text will have one drop on each hand and one drop in each corner. If the object falls the drop test, it should be put in a poly-bag with a suffocation warning.

It should have lids or openings that are difficult to open on their own. If the box will easily open on its own, glue, table, or staples will be needed to hold it closed.

When the average pressure is added to each hand, it does not collapse.

Full Package is available for purchase

Sets of units (for example, a NASCAR package of six exceptional Hotwheel cars sold as a single unit) should be labelled as such on their packaging.

Labelling should be applied to the unit to clearly indicate that the goods are to be purchased and sold as a single unit, such as “SOLD AS A COMPLETE SET”, “READY FOR SHIPMENT”, or “THIS IS A SET”. DO NOT DIVIDE IT.”

Case-Packaged Products

All products in a package must have the same SKU and condition, and the manufacturer would have already packed them together.

All boxes containing a similar item will contain equivalent quantities of that item in each case. A case-pack of 24 units, for example, should always contain 24 units.

The case pack restraints are 150 units per case.

When this type of shipment arrives, the distribution centre checks and reviews one unit from the package before placing the crate in stock. There is no valid need to inspect each unit since they are all identical.

In some cases, a manufacturer or retailer can combine more than one case-pack into a larger box known as a master box. Master boxes do not classify as case-packs and should be included in the appropriate case-pack level.


When pressing objects, use safety knives with secured sharp edges. This prevents sharp protests, such as edges, from being unintentionally left in boxes and potentially hurting an Amazon partner or Amazon customer.

Publicity Materials

Amazon would not consider promotional materials (for example, pre-valued names, pamphlets, sticker prices, or other non-Amazon marks).

Dates of Expiration

The expiry date should be included on the master container in 36+ point textual style and on the individual Units. Parcel numbers alone are insufficient.

Expiration dates should be shown in the format MM-DD-YYYY or MM-YYYY. If the expiry date is imprinted in a different format, a sticker with the correct entity should be added, covering the first lapse date.

Items that expire and are packaged in a manner that necessitates extra preparation, for example, glass bottles, should be planned to ensure that the expiry date is visible for Amazon partners during the purchasing process.

Units of Poly Bag

The poly bags used to keep the units secure should meet the specifications outlined below:

Polybags with an opening of 5 inches or larger (estimated when level) must have a suffocation alert, either imprinted on the pack itself or appended as a name.

The warning should be written or placed in a visible location and in a readable text size for the length of the pack.

The pack’s thickness should be no less than 1.5 mils.

The polybag should be easy to use.

The poly pack should have a generic tag (UPC, EAN, and so on.) or X00-mark that is readable through the container, or it should have an X00-or ASIN-name on the outside of the pack.

Poly packs must be fully fixed.

The poly pack does not stretch more than 3″ beyond the item’s dimensions.

Products in Bulk

Each device, containing numerous volume set book publications, should be contained within a single and safe box.

Units not enclosed in safe bundling (such as free sleeves or pockets) must be custom bath bomb boxes or protected with a non-glue band or reversible tape.

Amazon would not recognise Units that would require Amazon to collect numerous items (for instance, wheel pushcarts where the handles and legs are different and separated, however, are sold as one piece).

Footwear, regardless of material, must be wrapped with no shoe material exposed, either in shoe confines or tucked away in a poly sack with a suffocation warning.

Learn about the general training requirements for sending FBA stock to Amazon fulfilment centres, as well as the individual item classes that necessitate special preparation. Before submitting products for Fulfillment by Amazon, it is important to recognise what is and isn’t suitable for our satisfaction protocol.

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