Air Cooler: Get Answers To Your All Burning Questions

Summer is becoming intolerant day by day, and everyone is facing lots of difficulties. Everybody nowadays is in search of the perfect companion to beat this hot summer season. And that perfect companion cannot be better than an air cooler. Everyone is in search of the right gadget which helps them cope with the sweating and hot winds. But in your searching mission, don’t forget to be concerned about your health. Every expensive gadget that gives you cool air is not always suitable for the body and mind. Hence we need to install a device that keeps both a healthy environment and a healthy body. 


Hence for compensating your needs we provide you with complete knowledge that you must read carefully regarding the air cooler. If you will show some awareness of the given information you will be able to purchase the right product. And nowadays all consumer-facing lot of difficulty in selecting the right product. But we don’t want you to face the same problem, again and again, hence choose wisely after going through this complete guideline. Soon you will be smart enough to bring this expensive appliance to your home without any regret. 

Air cooler v/s Air conditioner 

An air conditioner has always become a dream for middle-class people to acquire. But is the popularity and status an AC gets worth it? You are going to open your blindfold that has been covering your eyes for so long. More misconceptions rule every consumer’s head than the actual reality. But don’t worry as we promised you to provide unique information which you hardly find anywhere else. So we will stick to it and create more awareness in you. Let’s see which among these two is a winner in every prospectus using the pointer. 

  • Economical

Air conditioners are more expensive than coolers, and people with a low budget cannot purchase them. On the other hand, cooler solar is affordable and suitable for every budget type. This is the best option available, and you can find it effective and useful this summer. So without being more concerned about your pocket, enjoy the cool air of your cooler. 

  • Healthy environment

In the frustration of suffering from the scorching sun, you always look at an AC to opt without even thinking about it once. But what does the cooling air of AC impact on your health do you ever realise? An AC circulates the same air in the room, again and again, which is not suitable for asthma patients. But the cooler helps to pull the fresh air from outside and then cool it. Keeping in mind this,  you should avoid using an ac for a longer period. And it is also true that you need a cool environment every time, especially in this hot season. Therefore shifting your mind from an expensive ac to an air cooler is a quite better choice for your health. 

  • Eco friendly

Do you still remember your old environment lectures at school time? And how many times have you read about CFC gases (chloro fluoro carbon) released from AC? Yes, it is very important to remind you because you might forget this. Choosing an AC over a personal cooler will not only disturb your body but also disturb the environment. Keeping your temporary comfort over nature and your health is not so cool. You should not even think about purchasing AC because it never adds any benefits to your life. Therefore choose an air cooler that is eco-friendly and provides the best quality air that is extremely needed for a healthy body. 

  • Installation and portability

Installing a cooler is hectic-free as it does not need any extra effort. But on the other hand, AC needs to be installed with the help of additional arrangements. Almost every air cooler comes with a castor, which makes it portable. You can move it from one room to another effortlessly, wherever you feel its requirements. And AC is attached to the wall permanently which is impossible to move. So which among these two satisfied your most needs.    

  • Power efficiency

Not only do you save nature and your health, using this cooler, but also you save your pocket. The electricity bill of the cooler is almost 80% less than the air conditioner which saves you a large amount. It is more economical in the long run for you if you purchase a cooler. 


When you finally read the above pointers, who would you like to declare the winner? Air coolers are simple yet the most useful appliances in every household. It will serve you best for quite a long time and also create a calm and peaceful work environment for you. 

Air Cooler: Get Answers To Your All Burning Questions

Consider the following points before purchasing an air cooler

Yes, it is indeed true that you will face lots of confusion when you see a variety of models and brands in the market. But at this tedious task, the following points will help you in giving the right direction. Mainly you will find three types of cooler varying with different models and brands. These are:-

  • Personal cooler

If you are finding a cooler for your small room, then this is a great choice. It is specially designed to cool small areas with less time and helps you to get rid of sweat quickly. 


  • Tower cooler

If the room size is a little bigger, you must opt for a tower cooler. As both personal and tower coolers are ideal for room sizes of 150 – 300 sq. feet and temperatures from 30 – 40 degrees Celsius. 


  • Desert cooler 

You can opt for a desert cooler if you are living in temperatures between 35 – 50 degrees Celsius. Perfect for cooling a large space effectively and quickly. 


Before purchasing the best cooler, you have to look at the size and height of the room.  Let’s see what more you need to keep in mind when you finally decide to bring an air cooler to your home. 

  • Remote control

If you consider the remote control feature in your cooler then it will enhance its working capability. With a remote, you can easily change the setting of the cooler without much effort. Without disturbing your sleep now you can change the function of the air cooler effortlessly. 

  • Water tank capacity and autofill function 

Make sure that you choose a large water tank, so you don’t need to refill the container again and again. This is the most important point that must be considered while finalising the cooler. In the personal cooler, the capacity of the tank is 20 – 30 litres which can fit in a small room. But if you want to cool a large area then go for a desert cooler that contains a 30 – 50 litre water tank. 


Autofill functions are other essential features to look at. This is important because no one wants to experience disturbed sleep at night when the tank gets dry. When you show your interest in a personal cooler, the autofill feature is of utmost importance to keep in mind. 

  • Noise level

This is the most important point and you should not miss it out while purchasing. Check the noise level at its highest speed, and choose the one having zero noise level. In case you choose a cooler which creates noise you will not enjoy its cool air. 

  • Anti-mosquito filter

Mosquito breeding is most common in ordinary coolers, but new air coolers come with anti-mosquito filters. We all know about the hazardous health impact of mosquito breeding and it can even cause severe disease. For the safety of your family members don’t ever make this silly mistake to avoid this feature.  Considering this feature will provide you with good sleep and safety for the entire family. 

  • Budget

Yes, all the advanced features that you wish to consider are indeed stopped at your budget. But you can make the best deal with an air cooler at your price. You must go through the best price comparison site in India for making the right choice of cooler at the most affordable price.  


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Final words

The main motive for providing you with this information is that you become more acknowledged with the air cooler. This useful appliance holds a long history and has been modified so much with time. Nowadays, purchasing an air conditioner has become a new trend all over the world. These are the educated people who help in this high growth of air conditioners in the market by knowing about its severe impact. Following this trend does not make us more civilised rather we just hurt ourselves. When such an amazing economical, eco-friendly appliance is available why think about anything else.  


We provided you with enough information which you can use to purchase the right cooler matching your all needs. We try to cover every query that frequently pops up in your mind. If you find it useful in the end don’t stop yourself from sharing this with others. Let me know in the comment section, what you feel after going through these details. 


Let’s take a small step to save nature and our health by replacing AC with an air cooler. 

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