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A Reaching hand to help the poor at the time of need

The giving hand is always better than the taking hand so the go fundraising platform is said to be the reaching hand that reaches the donors as well as the acceptors and encourages them to join the platform to donate and to raise funds. Nowadays every business is being shifted over the internet so we have developed this platform for nonprofit consulting companies as well as for those who want to raise funds for themself and for others. Every non-profit organization has its own website through which they raise funds but they have access to a particular area through their website we are providing a platform through which you can raise funds for your projects from all over the world as we have donors who donate for the projects of their interest. This platform manages the donation transactions against every project and when the funds reach a specified amount then the user can redeem the funds.

Gofundraising platform is said to be the reaching hand as it has classy fundraising ideas and projects that appeal to the donors to donate for the mighty cause. People in different parts of the world are living a miserable life as they don’t have the basic needs of food and shelter and many children die of the shortage of food in Africa so this platform persuades the people to think, how much would it cost to end world hunger? About 50 percent of the world’s population is living a life in misery in which they enjoy no happiness and they work to just fulfill their basic needs. So the other 50 percent of the world population is encouraged by this platform to help others as only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have. Giving make your money fruitful for others as well as for yourself because giving increases wealth. If you are living a lavish lifestyle and have reached your goals in life but still you think there is something missing that is the inner happiness and satisfaction, giving makes you happy and gives you self satisfaction. Donate to those who are in need using this platform as some needy people hesitate to give a call for the donations around them so they use the reaching hand platform to get helped. This platform has many ongoing projects and donations are being collected from all around the world but still one can add the donation request and raise funds. As we know there is no cure for cancer but still, some researchers are trying to find the cure for cancer but they lack funds so you can donate for this mighty cause through this platform. This platform has projects of different categories like food fundraising ideas, health and education, innovative and creative ideas, and stray animals birth control projects and according to your interest, you can donate to any of the projects.

It is the most reliable platform to raise funds for those who are looking forward to raising funds for food fundraising ideas and for innovative and creative ideas. First, you have to join the reaching hand platform by sign up and login then you have to donate 20 dollars to any of the projects on the list and you get the access to submit the donation request. This is an easy fundraising strategy as you donate 20 dollars to any of the projects when some other will join the platform for fundraising he will have to donate 20 dollars to your project. As we have donors from all around the world who are willing to donate for a good purpose so so the number of people can benefit better. You have to write the donation story in such a way that appeals to the donors to donate and you can also present a video presentation in which you present your fundraising idea briefly.

As the donations reach its full against your project specified by you then you receive an email by the reaching hand platform to withdraw the amount through easy withdrawal methods i.e pay pal or bank account. The platform charges 2 percent of the total amount as the managing fee which is paid to the employees who manage all the things related to the platform. Then you can withdraw the amount and it is sent to your account within a short period of time. As you got the donation it’s obligatory for you to also give back when you will be in the condition to donate.

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