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United we stand campaign to raise the money for needy

As we know that union is a strength, the nonprofit consulting organizations use this proverb in daily life and influence the people to donate for those who are in need in particular areas are these organizations were working. Before the invention of the internet, such organizations used to conduct seminars, charity events, and charity golf tournaments where the lesson of united we stand was given to the people so that they can help others in the time of need. As this is a digital era everything is being digitalized and also the NGOs have developed their website on which they collect donations by advertising on different social media platforms. But these donations are for a particular area for the particular people so we have developed a gofundraising platform on which people from different parts of the world donate and make the donation requests.

The 50 percent of the world’s population doesn’t have the basic needs of food and shelter, health and education and they are living a miserable life, this platform encourages the other 50 percent to donate for them so at least they can enjoy the basic facilities of food and shelter. If you have extra money after fulfilling your needs and luxuries then donate some part of that for the mighty cause as it will make your money fruitful and no one has ever become poor by giving. United we stand divided we fall, gofundraising platform encourages people all around the globe to donate for the people in need at any place as this will raise the peace flag high. This platform has so many ongoing and new welfare projects which need donations so your every single penny will have an equal share in the raised amount. There are different categories of projects some of them are for annual fundraising like food fundraising ideas which is for those people in Africa who die of hunger and shortage of food. This platform also has small ongoing projects that need donations for the time being i.e medical, emergency, education, the cure for cancer, stray animal birth control, and donations for innovative ideas. You can donate to any of the projects by simply clicking on the donate button any by paying through your bank account or pay pal. A reaching hand to donate is better than a reaching hand to get donations so donate through this platform by reaching to those who are waiting for someone’s help.

This is a classy fundraising platform that allows you to make a donation request after fulfilling the criteria and also advise you to donate some whenever you are in the condition to donate as this is the process of giving and take and united we stand we will reach the height of glory. If you want to submit a fundraising project then first you have to join the platform by sign up and log in. After login, you have to donate 20 dollars to any of the projects on the list because this is a network fundraising idea as you donate to any of the projects and when some new project will be added by someone then maybe he will donate to your project. After donating you can submit your donation request by writing it in a persuasive and appealing way keep in mind how to make a go fund me page go viral? Because the viral page attracts more donors and you can raise more funds in a short period of time. You can also present your idea through a video presentation that will appeal to the donors. As we have donors from all around the world with different interests who are willing to donate for those projects which benefit a number of people so present your ideas in such a way that your idea benefits numerous people.

When your project reaches the amount specified by you then the platform sends you the email with the message to withdraw the amount with the oath that has a lesson of united we stand. The oath has some writing, you have to tell others about the platform and also you have to donate when you will be in the condition to donate. You can withdraw the amount through pay pal or a bank account and 2 percent of the total amount will be charged by the platform as a managing fee. Within a short interval of time, the platform will send your money to your account.

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