A Hidden Trove of Antique Light Bulbs

A Hidden Trove of Antique Light Bulbs

Those who love the complete aesthetic of antique light bulbs generally love them for more than just their physical appeal. There are many different styles of antique bulbs out there that are generally uncommon today. Styles or “patterns” if you will, such as squirrel cage bulbs and globe bulbs are becoming less and less contemporary with each passing year, and in some ways, the mere design might be considered by some to be antique.

There is more to antique bulbs than their physical outlines because any given producer could make a fluorescent bulb or, for the most part, an HID bulb, based on those requirements alone. With that in mind, there is more to antique bulbs than profile. Others love antique bulbs, such as those based on Edison bulbs, but their warm, inviting glow.

The color temperature of many antique light bulbs just can’t be matched for the ambiance that it offers. You’re probably not going to run into someone that loves the fluorescent “fridge light aesthetic” as much as the warmth and depth of the light emitted by some antique bulbs.

People love these bulbs for the grandeur they emit when they are shut off, and for the warm glow of the light they emit when they are fed power. There’s no good replacement, but there are modern equivalents, and if you know where to look, you can find a real trove of vintage style bulbs. Perhaps most importantly, if you look in the right place, you won’t just find these vintage light bulbs, but you will find them in formats that will save you money and time.

Specifically, we mean, if you are able to replace your current incandescent bulbs with LED filament light bulbs, you can still enjoy the aesthetic of vintage bulbs but the payoff will be greater. You will lose nothing in aesthetics and gain everything in function.

Specifically, filament design LED bulbs are patterned after incandescent bulbs like the Vintage Edison bulbs that everyone loves so much. That is to say, they don’t just emit light of similar color temperature, they also physically look like those vintage bulbs. In addition, you can see, in the exposed bulbs, LEDs arranged in a pattern that looks just like the filaments of the bulbs from those antique lamps.

However, if you switch over to LED filament bulbs, you can have the visual appeal of antique bulbs with the energy savings and efficiency of LEDs. Not only can LEDs help you cut energy costs in a big way, but they also throw off less heat (better in the summer and less of a fire risk) and also last significantly longer than incandescent (or any) alternatives. Most incandescent bulbs will last you around 1,000 hours. There are LED bulbs out there that will last 50,000 hours. Actually, there are LED bulbs that will last close to 100,000 hours.

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