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8 Affirmations for Anxiety to Help You Relax

Anxiety problems are common especially in a world where a lot of expectations have to be met for different people. Anxiety can be caused by over-thinking situations or dwelling over problems. This could come from just about every aspect of our lives.

Anxiety can be caused by different factors at home, in the workspace, and just about anywhere. It can be caused by a loved one, a co-worker, a friend, a neighbor, or even by a complete stranger. If you are having anxiety problems, then it might be a good way to counter them by using positive affirmations.

Thinking positively is a good weapon against any stressor and anxiety is basically one big heap of stress. Compiling a list of positive affirmations for anxiety that you can relate to is one good way to begin taking away your anxiety problems. Repeating these affirmations when you are under stress can be very powerful medicine against anxiety attacks.


Below are several examples of positive affirmations for anxiety.


1. I am cool, calm, and collected. It is always beneficial to remind ourselves to be always calm in any situation. Whatever problems come our way, we must learn to deal with these in a very cool way. This makes the problem much easier to deal with and prevents you from making any bad decisions due to being rash.

2. The future is bright. I see it with happiness in my heart. Take a good look at yourself right now. I am sure that you have overcome a lot of hurdles to be where you are right now. Always remember that any hurdle in the future is just like the rest of them. They are definitely not insurmountable. The future is bright and full of potential and you must look forward to it.

3. I live life courageously. I am able to overcome my fears. There is no need to be afraid of anything. Fear comes from a lack of confidence in your strengths and capabilities. Remind yourself that you are not weak and you are perfectly capable of overcoming anything that dares to impede your way. Do not run from your problems. Do not try to avoid confronting your fears. Face them with the knowledge of your strengths and talents.

4. I like meeting people. Some people grow anxious when meeting new people. They may feel uncomfortable or awkward talking to other people. In this social world, we will find ourselves dealing with other people. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of it. Take this as an opportunity to meet new friends and to make new connections and relationships.

Other important affirmations for anxiety are

5. I am at peace. I let harmony rule my life. Disorder and chaos seem to be everywhere. This may be true and you can do nothing about it. Except of course to not let them run in your life. You have the power to determine the course that your life will take. The destination is equally as important as the way of the journey. Whatever your life goal is, you must achieve it while living a life that is full of peace and order. Be the beacon in the tumultuous waters. Be the wall against the ugly things in life. Take control of your life.

6. I release and let go. Sometimes, things happen that are beyond our control. No matter how hard we try to counter it, things just roll over us. Have the courage to face these challenges and try to change them. It is of equal importance, however, to have the courage to let go of things that cannot be changed. Accept or let go. Either way, you must not let it affect your life.

Other ones

7. All is well in my world. Oftentimes we tend to overthink things. We make our problems seem bigger than they actually are. Once in a while, it is beneficial to remind ourselves of all the good things that are happening in our lives. That problem at work will eventually iron itself out. Do not let it affect other aspects of your life such as your family time or your own personal leisure time.

8. I am replacing anxiety with trust. People get anxious basically because of a lack of confidence. There is a lack of confidence in your peers, or companions, or loved ones. More importantly, there is a lack of confidence in yourself. The first step is to believe in yourself and everything will fall into place. Do not be afraid to face life’s challenges as you will be able to straighten them out for sure.


These are just some examples. It would be much better if you can come up with your own list as that would be more personal and much more intimate for you. Be sure to repeat these affirmations in your mind and believe in them. Positive thinking will lead to a positive life.


FAQ on Affirmations for Anxiety

Would affirmations for anxiety be able to assist with nervousness?

Assertions can help fortify self-esteem by boosting both your positive assessment of yourself and your trust in your capacity to accomplish your objectives. They can likewise help counter the sensations of frenzy, stress, and self-question that frequently go with nervousness.

How would I get moment alleviation from nervousness?

9 Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety in 5 Minutes or Less. Bookmark this rundown. …

  • Stand upright. As indicated by Tamar Chansky, Ph. …
  • Play the 5-5-5 game. …
  • Sniff lavender oil. …
  • Watch an entertaining video. …
  • Take an energetic walk. …
  • Acknowledge your nervousness. …
  • Tune in to the most loosening up tune on the planet.
  • How would I quit pondering uneasiness?

Instructions to Stop Feeling Anxious Right Now

  • Stay in your time region. Tension is a future-arranged perspective. …
  • Relabel what’s going on. Slideshow. …
  • Actuality check your contemplations. …
  • Take in and out. …
  • Observe the 3-3-3 principle. …
  • Simply accomplish something. …
  • Stand upright. …
  • Avoid sugar.

Is tension all in your mind?

Tension is all in the head. Here’s the reason: We all experience some tension at various periods on schedule. It’s the cerebrum’s method of preparing us to face or get away from the threat, or manage distressing circumstances

Would anxiety be able to control your musings?

Nervousness can cause you to feel crazy about your contemplations. Attempt these methodologies that can help hold snapshots of nervousness back from turning out to be twistings. Restless minutes happen to everybody. However, they don’t need to dominate.

Does CBD help nervousness or anxiety?

CBD is usually used to address nervousness, and for patients who endure the hopelessness of sleep deprivation, considers recommend that CBD may assist with both nodding off and staying unconscious. CBD may offer a possibility for treating various kinds of persistent agony.

Can Mantras Help?

Mantras, presentations, spells, motivations, and short supplications will not make your nervousness disappear everlastingly, yet having a rundown of attestations convenient that you can peruse and rehash can assist you with finding a sense of contentment and have the solidarity to do the following right thing.

Power of Positive words as Affirmation for anxiety

Positive words can move our thoughtfulness regarding high vibration energy: love, appreciation, sympathy, fortitude, tolerance – those heavenly blessings we can access in a moment with a purposeful breath.

Fortunately, positive certifications help us venture into our inward powers without expecting us to drop all that we are doing, for the children to be gone or to be completely polite (no doubt, similar to that at any point occurs!).

You can say insistences to yourself while you are doing basically anything – and it just requires a couple of moments.

Positive assertions are a go-to of mine when I just can’t do those things the advisor suggests.

Positive certifications help me quiet my restless psyche when I begin terrifying and stressing, getting devoured by unreasonable feelings of trepidation and overpowered by “what uncertainties” that may never occur, and turning into the monster I never need to be.

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