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Health and Fitness

Holistic Welfare to Rejuvenate Your Body Mind and Soul

We feel that being well is not just a matter of balance. But more a question of bringing together every aspect of our lives to fulfill its purpose. We extend an invitation to you to try any of our methods. If you are unsure about the choice of therapy, or class, our staff will always be happy to help you decide.  Check at Yogic Wellness Secrets for more on holistic welfare.

What does Holistic welfare therapies include:

Below is a list of holistic welfare therapies given. Please check out them for rejuvenating your body, mind, and soul.


One of the most ancient methods of healing. It harmonizes internal energy by the insertion of very fine needles into acupuncture points along meridian lines. Contrary to popular belief, acupuncture is not painful and often releases a surge of instant energy into the system.

Alexander Technique

Helps us to regain poise, grace, alertness, and focus without stiffness and undue strain. Movement becomes freer and more enjoyable. The teacher will use a guiding touch to rediscover balance and ease within yourself. It is often used in conjunction with the performing arts.


A natural healing massage using pure essences extracted from aromatic plants. Following an initial consultation, a unique blend of oils is applied with firm but gentle massage using pressure points and lymphatic drainage techniques.


The ultimate aim of this approach is to encourage self-help through periods of change, crisis or distress and to support a realization to full potential. After an initial consultation, an appropriate length of treatment is discussed.

Craniosacral Therapy for holistic welfare

Craniosacral therapy helps women prepare for labor. It helps resolve structural restrictions, the residue of past trauma, fear, impasses, or experiences remembered in the body, like the effect of past birth experiences that can interfere with normal childbirth. The therapy helps mothers to access her inner wisdom about how to give birth in a way that is easiest for her and her baby.
Postpartum CST sessions help the new mother process and integrate her birth experiences emotionally and physically. Soon after birth may be the best preventative and least intrusive medicine parents can provide for their newborns. An infant is fully conscious at birth, in fact, it is known that moments after conception a human being is unique in shape, position, and structure (Blechschmidt 1977). The study of embryology teaches us the principle “wholeness is our conception right”.

Holistic Massage

Full body massage releases muscular tension and relaxes the nervous system. The movements increase blood and lymph flow, improve metabolism, assist the breaking down of unwanted toxins, and help to release life stresses.  During the massage normally sweet almond oil is in use.


After an initial consultation, homeopathic remedies are prescribed to stimulate and enhance our natural curative properties. These are completely safe and in most cases can be used in conjunction with mainstream treatments.

Indian Head Massage

This is a firm, yet relaxing massage of the neck, shoulders, head and face. Helps to release tension and soothe away the stresses of modern life, 30 minutes of bliss!

Medical Herbalism

Herbal Medicine is an ancient medical system that uses plant remedies for the maintenance of health and to promote healing and can be traced back at least to 1000 BC in China. Training to become a Medical Herbalist involves the rigorous study of medical sciences, diagnostic skills, pharmacy, materia medica (the study of herbs), nutrition, in addition to a minimum of 500 hours of supervised clinical training.

Herbalists are able to treat a wide range of conditions, both acute and chronic in nature, that include: eczema and acne; gynecological problems; menopausal problems; arthritis and gout; high blood pressure and angina; digestive problems including stomach ulcers, gastritis, flatulence, constipation, and irritable bowel; respiratory problems including infections, asthma, nasal catarrh, hay fever, and sinusitis; nervous system problems such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, neuralgia, and migraine; general fatigue; poor sexual function; urinary infections. This list is not exhaustive, and, you can also consult a Herbalist for supportive measures e.g. for your pregnancy and birth, or for preventative health care.

A typical appointment with a Medical Herbalist will involve giving a detailed medical history, diet and lifestyle assessment, a physical examination when necessary, and formulating a prescription. The herbalist at Holistic Health only uses medicines that are of the highest quality and organic”.
For more information on Medical Herbalism please go to the National Institute of Medical Herbalism.

Metamorphic Technique

A unique process to unlock inherited and unwanted life patterns by specific massage to the feet, hands, and head. This stimulates a profound relaxation enabling transformation to help reorganize your life.


Naturopathy or ‘natural cure’ is not so much a therapy but more a way of life, to assist the enjoyment of ‘high-level health’ through natural means. A first consultation includes a review of health history, an inquiry into self-care (work, rest and play; feeding, drinking and breathing etc.), and a physical examination. The practitioner and patient then discuss appropriate action (occasionally this could be a referral to your GP, or to another specialist). Usually, some treatment is available straightaway. Physical treatments include osteopathic massage and manipulation. Provision for a program for use at home. This can include eating or fasting, exercises, relaxation techniques, and hydrotherapy.

Nutritional Therapy major part in holistic welfare

You are what you eat! An assessment of diet and nutrient status leads to a practical dietary and often supplementary program designed to promote optimal health. Re-balancing nutrients are key for the function of all body systems but particularly useful for hormonal, skin, digestive problems, and fatigue.


Osteopaths get special training in the diagnosis and management of the many different causes of pain. Physical treatment may include manipulation, exercise, and lifestyle advice. Treatments are especially effective for back, neck, and shoulder pain, sports injures, or repetitive strain injuries.

Physiotherapy in holistic welfare

Physiotherapy is a powerful modern medical treatment for all physical disorders. Readjustment facilities are with massage, mobilization, exercise, posture, and lifestyle advice. At Holistic Health treatments are often with support by complementary approaches. Insurance claims are available.

Reflex Therapy

This is an umbrella term encompassing all treatments applicable to the feet where a microcosmic map of the body is. This includes reflexology and reflex therapy. Specific massage of the feet can promote self-healing, recalibrate the body, and release dysfunction in an extraordinary way. Often used in conjunction with physiotherapy when required.


Reiki healers are able to channel entire energy through their hands to the customer facilitating profound relaxation and promoting improvement from shock and trauma, however very old. Treatment is possible in clothes whilst the practitioner places their hands on points on the body. The energy gives a sensation of a lasting warmth or tingling sensation.


A floor-based treatment. By using firm massage on specific pressure points along meridian lines. The practitioner will make an initial diagnosis. Generally with a highly-skilled, intuitive, and gentle abdominal palpation. The treatment is possible with the client’s full cloth.


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