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7 Tips to Learn Quran Online Fast

If you are reading this post, it means you are either already learning Quran online or looking to enroll yourself or your kid (s) in an online Quran learning program. Whatever the case, your goal is to learn how to learn Quran online fast and make it effective. This is what we have tried to do. Being a Hafiz and an online Quran tutor for over 5 years, I know exactly what it takes to make your online Quran learning enjoyable and effective at the same time.

7 Tips to learn Quran online fast and with greater effect

Make sure you keep the following things in mind.

  1. Do proper research

Don’t start learning Quran online abruptly without any research about the tutor or the institute. Learning Quran is an all-important and sensitive task and it needs someone who knows about its significance and sensitivities apart from having a good grasp on it. Whether you are hiring a private online Quran tutor or signing up with an academy, find out about the tutor’s qualification, experience, exposure, language skills, and cost. This is the most important consideration that will affect all your future learning. If your tutor is competent, patient, regular, punctual, and cooperative, and has good communication skills, it will make your Quran learning the most pleasant experience.

2. Learn in a distraction-free environment

Distractions are one of the key challenges in online learning. When you do your online Quran classes, make sure you sit in a corner or in a secluded place where nobody or nothing can distract you. Reserve yourself a place where no one should be allowed to enter during your Quran classes. It’s more about peaceful and distraction-free classes than interactive classes. Also, it’s better to switch off your cell phone and close social media websites before starting a class. Do everything you can to make sure all your focus is on Quran learning and nothing else.

3. Practice what you learn

The practice is what makes you perfect in everything including online Quran learning. I can’t emphasize this enough. Practice will greatly expedite your Quran learning process apart from improving your Quran recitation. Don’t think you don’t need to practice because you have sufficiently understood your lesson in the class. Do practice even if it is for a few minutes only and even if you know your lesson well. It’s also important that you practice your lesson on the same day or at least before your next Quran class.

4. Observe regularity

If there is one thing that will help you learn Quran online no matter the time, it is consistency. If you are consistent and regular in your efforts to learn Quran online, Allah will help you do it sooner or later. Don’t miss your classes in any circumstances and don’t give up no matter how hard it may be. Once you have the determination and consistency to learn Quran, Allah will help you in your endeavors.

5. Ask questions

An inquisitive mind learns fast. Don’t hesitate to ask anything that is unclear to you. Participate actively during the class and ask your tutor questions to make things clear particularly if you are learning Tajweed rules. Correcting Tajweed and be comfortable with it is essential for flawless and fluent Quran recitation.

6. Learn Quran with holy intentions

Learning the Holy Quran itself is a deed of high rewards. Allah rewards those who try to learn the Quran abundantly both in this world and in the world hereafter. It is important that you learn Quran for a higher purpose. Your aim should be not to limit it to yourself but to teach it further and enlighten others too. The Prophet said:

The best among you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.

It will give you the motivation to learn the Quran fast so that you can spread it to other people and earn Allah’s rewards.

7. Get yourself a buddy

Lastly, it’s best if you get your best friend or a family member to learn and practice together. Learning, when shared, accelerates. You can learn from each other’s mistakes and leverage each other’s strengths. Getting a buddy is particularly important if you are in an online Hifz program as it requires a great amount of practice. One can recite the Quran to the other and ask him/her to correct the mistakes. Learning and practicing the Quran together will greatly make it easier and more fun.


Learning the Quran is a holy endeavor. It brings unlimited advantages for the learners. It’s important that you embark on this journey fully prepared and once you are in it you know how to complete it successfully in little time and with minimum efforts. With Allah’s help, determination, and the above 7 tips, your online Quran learning efforts will prove fruitful Insha’Allah.

Make Dua for yourself, your kids, and your loved ones.

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