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Top 5 Best Projector Screens for Your Home Theater

Sure, most of us have at least one TV screen at home. And yes, given the rapid advancements in hardware and software, extremely high-resolution options like UHD and 4K are available. But a movie or gaming or Spectrum mobile plans experience on even the best of TV screens pales in comparison to that on a high-quality projector. Projectors offer a much larger display, and therefore a much more immersive experience than even the most modern TVs can offer.

Of course, given how easy it is to find the best projector brands online, people have no trouble finding a decent projector within their preferred price range. However, too many people make the mistake of skimping on the projector screen, which is an integral part of the whole experience. It’s like buying a high-powered sportscar only to run it on regular fuel instead of high-octane content fuel. Sure, you’ll get to point B from point A, but you’re not going to enjoy the ride. And you won’t be getting the most out of your expensive sportscar either. The same applies to your choice of a projector screen. But don’t worry if you don’t know much about them, this blog lists down 5 of the best options you can find in 2020.

What Makes a Good Projector Screen?

On the face of it, a projector screen might not look like a very complicated piece of equipment, and that’s because it isn’t. But that does not mean buying one is as simple as walking into an electronics store and picking one out. Sure, projector screens are pretty straightforward in their design elements, but there are three key differentiating factors you should measure them against. These include:

The Size of The Projector Screen

When choosing a projector screen, be careful not to fall into the “bigger is better” trap. You don’t want to end up with a projector screen that is too big for the space you have set up your home theater system in. It will generally prove helpful for you to take some measurements beforehand to ensure you get the right size.

The Material Used In The Screen

Projector screens have a surprisingly large range of materials used in making them. Certain screens are made with easy to clean material. Others are designed for specific resolutions such as 4K or UHD. Many others may be built of special material that supports 3D. Your choice of material will largely depend on the type of projector you have as well as the purpose you will be using the setup for (gaming, movies, etc.).

The Mobility The Screen Offers

Modern projector screens offer several options when it comes to mobility. They can be fixed additions to your home theater. Or you can buy a portable one, that you can take outdoors for barbeques or a romantic outdoor evening on the balcony. Certain screens can be rolled up when not in use, others remain stationary. The choice of screen mobility is up to you based on what you intend to use it for.

The best projector screen for you is one that offers a balanced mix of the above three factors, in keeping with your own needs. Of course, the price will always be a major contributor to your decision, but the three factors above are what you should judge against the price. If you don’t feel like carrying out extensive research and drowning yourself in too much information, here are 3 of the best projector screens in 2020.

TaoTronics Screen With Stand for Affordable Efficiency

If function matters to you more than form, and if you’re buying on a tight budget, then you might want to consider the TaoTronics projector screen with a stand. It is a practical, no-nonsense screen designed to be easily usable and last a long time, all for a reasonably affordable price tag. The tripod stand supports a PVC surface designed to be wrinkle-free, with a 1.1 gain and 160-degree viewing angle. Unlike many modern screens, TaoTronics offers a 4:3 aspect ratio, along with two size options of 100” or 120”. It takes up about five minutes to set up, works reasonably well outdoors, and can even support 4K projections.

Visual Apex Portable Screen for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Of course, not all entertainment takes place indoors, and very often, people find themselves entertaining guests outdoors. This is where you need a great screen with decent portability so you can set it up outdoors without any hassle. Visual Apex’s Portable Projector Screen is just the screen for the job. It offers a variety of screen sizes between 100” – 140”, is light and easy to transport, and even comes with removable stand legs. The UV protected PVC screen supports an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a gain of 1.1. For a great price, you get a screen that supports 2D, 3D, and 4K projections as well.

Elite Aeon Series Screen for The Most Variety

If quality is your biggest motivator, then you should definitely take a look at the Elite Aeon Series. This is a screen that can easily fit most rooms, and meet most user demands without compromising on projection quality. With a vast range of sizes starting from 90” and going up to 200”, the Elite Aeon projector screen offers the option between 16:9 and 2.35:1 projection. The viewing angle and gain will depend on the choice of screen material, which comes in a large variety. Moreover, the screen comes with a 3-year warranty that should offer you peace of mind for the long-term. Of course, it may be a bit pricier than other models, but the quality and diversity of options are some of the best in the 2020 market.

Any of the three projector screens we mentioned above could be the right choice for you, depending on what your entertainment needs are. Most projectors are capable of supporting a variety of inputs, including live TV streams such as pro boxing events, UFC fight nights, or exclusive sports content. Of course, if you’re planning on doing a lot of streaming/project, it may be a good idea to make sure you’re getting stable and consistent speeds. Contact your provider’s customer care, such as on the Spectrum phone number to report any unstable or slow speeds you may be experiencing. Patchy speeds may seriously impair your entertainment experience otherwise.

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