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Digital Marketing

7 Proven Digital Advertising Tips for Success

If you’re a business that wants to hook people and reel them into your shop ASAP, creating an e-commerce store is the best way to expand your horizons. Since 79% of Americans shop online due to convenience and cost, you’ll expand your audience to heights that you only have dreamed of so far.

To get the word of your shop out there, though, you’ll need to invest in some awesome digital advertising strategies. Read on to learn some of the best expert tips for reaching your target audience.

1. Creating Quality Content

Creating quality content for your website is one of the best ways to get people interested in your products. After all, you only have around 15 seconds to engage people before they bounce. You need to make the most of your time by providing content that people actually are interested in taking a deeper look at.

This means writing blog posts that are relevant to your audience and have a casual, fun, and quick-witted brand voice. It also means that visual content should be front and center. Put some infographics, animated videos, and verbal testimonials on your landing page to get people hyped about your products.

2. Incorporating Video and Graphics

Videos are obviously important to succeeding in the online market, but why? Well, the answer lies in the fact that consumers want to see this content. Not only are 73% of people more likely to buy something from you after seeing a video about it, but about 93% of information transmitted to your brain is visual.

This makes explainer videos, short animated clips, and commercial-esque live-action scenes more memorable than boring walls of text. People will watch it and be more likely to think of your business when considering products like those you sell. Even if they don’t buy anything immediately, they’re much more likely to come back.

3. Product Photos for E-Commerce Success

The same principle applies to product photos: they drive engagement due to visuals. However, product photos are also important because they show people exactly what they’re buying. Modern consumers are too smart to invest in products that they can’t see the overall aesthetic and quality of, so you need to showcase your products if you want them to click that much-loved add to cart’ button.

Make sure that you take images of products from multiple angles to showcase all angles of an item. You’re going to want to make sure the lighting looks professional, the colors are vibrant, and that there are various close-ups so that people can see the exact make and materials.

4. Optimize for Mobile Devices

Over half of people use their internet primarily from mobile devices today, and this percentage is only increasing. In fact, by 2025, about 72% of Americans will be accessing the web exclusively from Smartphones and tablets. Desktop browsing will virtually be a thing of the past for shoppers.

It’s important that you get a head start over your competitors by optimizing your content for mobile users. Yes, you should engage in mobile optimization even if you need to do this at the expense of desktop compatibility. Develop an app for users while you’re at it- they’ll love to browse with an app that stores their information for one-click purchasing.

5. Creating Awesome Banner Ads

Banner ads imbed an image-based PPC ad for your business or products on other websites. You can buy banner ads that are professionally made and insert your pictures and information into pre-existing, user-friendly templates. There’s no technical knowledge required here, so it’ll be cheap to make your ads engaging and effective.

You can then bid on spots on Google to display these banners. This means finding the keywords that people most often search before clicking on your website and purchasing a space for your PPC ads. This is a great way to reach people who are already interested in your services and drive traffic (and sales) for your e-commerce shop.

6. Tracking Traffic and Success

In order to have a well-rounded content strategy, you’ll need to use Google Analytics to track your success. You can use this tool to see what pages people visit the most often, which have the highest bounce rates, and which make your audience fulfill actionable objectives (contacting you, making a purchase, etc.)

When you know which pages and parts of your website are the most successful, you can tailor the rest of your site to be more like those areas.

Google Analytics will also show you how people found your website. You’ll get access to the inbound links or PPC ads that they clicked on if they were redirected from another site. If they found you through a search engine, you’ll be able to see the exact query that they made in finding your website. There’s no better way to find keywords that you should be optimizing for!

7. Using Social Media the Right Way

Since social media is such an important aspect of people’s daily lives, it’s important that you use it the right way. Tools like Facebook Ads and Instagram let you set a budget, upload your PPC ad, and select the demographics (age, gender, occupation, previous likes, etc) that you want it to be shown to.

You also need to link your SEO-optimized blog posts to your Facebook page or pinned Twitter posts to drive traffic. Run promotions and give those who like your page and share a post the chance to win coupon codes, discounts, and promo products. This is a great way to get people buzzing about your online store.

More Digital Advertising Tips to Boost Your Traffic

Now that you know some of the best digital advertising tips that will ensure that your business is successful, it’s time to learn more about gaining visibility and connecting with your target audience.

Check out the ‘business’ tab on our home page to learn more about reaching clients, customers, and other businesses who might be interested in forming relationships with yours. Here, you’ll find some unique ideas on digital marketing campaigns that you won’t find anywhere else on the web, so what are you waiting for? Start browsing now!

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