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7 Basic Website SEO Tips

7 Basic Web SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important thing to learn about the best blogging experience. Without proper website optimization, we can’t even dream of getting impressive traffic from search engines. From the past few days, I have received too many requests from novice bloggers who want to share some online search engine optimization tips. That’s why today I’m going to mention those web search engine optimization tips that I’ve already shared in previous articles on my blog. I’m sorry if you’ve read these articles before, but I need to catch the attention of newbie bloggers who are just starting to learn about SEO and their blogs. All of these tips must be understood through each blog.

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So, let’s take a look at website Best Online SEO Tips for Bloggers, and if you’ve read these articles before, then don’t ignore this one. Maybe you are learning something new, but why did you miss it.

SEO Tips for web Pages (Best SEO Services in Pakistan)

Search Engine Optimization Tips for website. Here are tips and tricks for optimizing your blog for Google and other search engines. Read them carefully and apply them to everyone in your blog to make your blog lovely and search engine trustworthy.

#1 customizing the robots header tag

There are also some blog settings that they can personally make for their own site to make them more search engine friendly. One of them is the custom bot header setup. This will help you to use the custom bot headers properly. These settings can be easily managed. Now read this tutorial to set up custom bot header tags for your website blog.

#2 Custom robots.txt

Search engine bots like Google bot (Google’s web crawling bot) need some guidelines on how to crawl and index our blogs. We can prevent some of the non-important page tags from being indexed by Google in order to protect our blog from duplicate content. Read this article and add a custom robots.txt file to your blog.

#3 optimize the title of the article

If you’re just starting your blog on Blogger’s default template, you won’t know that your post titles are incorrect for SEO. You need to make some edits in your blog template so that your post titles are properly optimized. After this tweak, you will see a noticeable change in your blog’s organic traffic.

#4 Image Optimization

On many blogs, you can definitely notice related images between posts. Images not only improve the appearance of our content, but also play an important role in optimizing our blog posts. If we use the images of our blog posts effectively, then we can get additional traffic from search engines.

#5 Internal Linking SEO

Many blogs don’t optimize their internal links and don’t even have internal posts that link to each other. This is indeed a big mistake that we must avoid. Internal links not only increase the number of visitors to our blog pages, but also help our recruitment search engine rankings. If you are also making the same mistake, then you must need some tips to optimize your internal links.

#6 Best SEO Services in Pakistan Submission

When we are ready to use our blog for optimization, then we need to submit our blog in Google Webmaster Tools. Validating and using our blog on Google Webmaster Tools helps it to be indexed super-fast in Google. It will also tell us about blog issues like broken links, HTML improvements, etc. that must be addressed. We just need to verify the ownership of our blog and submit a sitemap. If you haven’t joined your blog GWT yet, then I recommend you to read the following tutorial.

#7 Improve your blog loading time

If you spend a lot of time on your blog, then visitors will go back and never come back. This will increase your blog’s bounce rate and you will lose your valuable traffic. Because they want to create the best user experience, search engines provide more value and load blogs quickly. That’s why it’s very important to optimize your blog loading time. I’ve shared some of the best tips that can help you improve your blog’s loading speed.

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