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5 Top-Rated Weekend Getaways from Atlanta

Atlanta is like a paradise gateway from where you may experience whatever you desire. Half an hour drive and you are in better mountains enjoying cool breeze and snow. Mountains are not only the place to enjoy from Atlanta; you will never miss the nearby locations of coastline. Getting from Atlanta is also very much easy. Whatever your reason is for traveling, it will suit you.

Solo traveling, couple traveling or even family vacation is ideal for all. That is the reason for people traveling all around the globe to come and visit Atlanta. It is like a gateway for so many diverse tourist destinations. Without much delay, we are delving deep into the five best places to visit nearby Atlanta.

1. Greenville

Located about 2.5 hours drive away from Atlanta, it is the best weekend getaway for all types of travelers. Come to this palace which is located in South Carolina. It is famous for so many adventurous sports mainly related to
rivers and water. Water rafting can be enjoyed here. Besides that, there is a farmer market nearby which is known as TD Saturday market. Here you may prefer to enjoy having fresh fruits. All the fruits and other items sold here are grown just side the market by local farmers.

You will not get so many authentic and fresh fruits anywhere else in nearby cities. This market exports Fruits from all over the world and it is high in demand by all. It is an ideal place to buy vintage products from different stalls selling there. Fells Park and suspension bridge are other attractions here. There is also a small waterfall where people prefer to enjoy if the climate allows. Nearby Reedy river is the place for all water sports activities.

2. Augusta

Atlanta is a very busy city and that is the reason people feel to get out of the city on weekends. This place is quite famous for its history and you may take any of the history tours to know more about the place’s culture and history. There are two options for tourists visiting this place, the Trolley tour, and the Black history tour. There are very few people in this area who have not heard the name of Augusta National Golf Course. It is famous for its grandness and greenery all over the world.

Furthermore, Augusta is very famous for mountain bikes. Never miss an option to take these types of bikes on
rent for further enjoyment. Various eating points selling all sorts of cousins are also nearby. Enjoy your day time by visiting different places and in the evening have dinner at many of the iconic restaurants and food stalls nearby. All sorts of food items are available for you to enjoy.

3. Chattanooga, Tennessee

Due to its vibrancy and energy, this city is called eclectic. It is famous for Finley Stadium, Tennessee aquarium, Tennessee River Park. People get confused after visiting this awesome place because it has so much to offer. Your heart and should be full of memories after visiting here.

4. Savannah

Located at one of the nearest locations from Atlanta, it is best known for history, romance, art, culture, design, charm, and picturesque location. People visiting this city get lifelong experience in lots of things. There is a
place called historic squares in this city. Here strolling and spending some quality time is beyond imagination. Green space is available all over the city and you may experience walking into a park all the time. Never miss visiting Forsyth Park which is famous for Spanish moss. You may also visit Tybee Island nearby.

5. St. Simons Island & Pine Mountain

This Island is iconic and world-famous for the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. It is enjoyable from morning to evening. Couples prefer visiting this island more as it is very romantic to visit here. This mountain area is very much famous for its peacefulness. Roosevelt Stables and the Wild Animal Safari are the best things to enjoy here. Chipley Historical Center is another attraction.

Conclusions: –

Do not waste your time by spending in Atlanta at weekends. Choose any of the gateways mentioned above and we are sure, you will love to visit more and more.


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