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5 Tips to Styling Your Office Reception Area for a Lasting First Impression

The human brain makes decisions fast. After all, most of us have to get through around 35,000 decisions each day, which means we don’t have time to linger in thought!

When it comes to your business, this means you can’t afford to let potential clients form a poor snap decision about your brand. The moment they step through the doors, you should be doing everything you can to encourage a positive impression of your company.

As a result, it’s more important than you might think to create the right environment in your office reception area. When it comes to the right impression, here are the five tips you need to put your best foot forward.

1. Pay Attention to Lighting

To get your guests into the right mindset right off the bat, consider how your lighting choices will affect their moods. Better lighting can boost productivity and energy levels, while poor lighting can contribute to a negative mood. You’ll need to consider the color temperature of the bulbs you use, as well as the balance between natural and artificial lighting, for best results.

2. Direct Foot Traffic

With small and large reception areas alike, it’s important to consider how foot traffic will flow. Make sure visitors have a clear idea of where they should go, and be careful not to overwhelm them with cluttered reception area furniture. Don’t hesitate to provide arrows, signs, and other guidance as needed.

3. Consider Your Branding

As you envision your overall design, it’s important to consider your branding. Do you want light and airy reception furniture to pair with your brand’s fun, adventuring personality? Do you prefer a solid desk and darker colors to complement your serious, professional brand?

Whatever you decide, your reception area is the first representation of your brand as a whole, so make sure it fits in! To find the furniture that can help you present your brand’s good side, see more here.

4. Add Some Greenery

Plants can be a simple and inexpensive way to add some life to an otherwise bland reception area. This is true whether you gather a series of smaller plants on a window table or add large-leaf statement pieces around your office reception furniture. For best results, coordinate the tint of the leaves, flowers, or potting choices with the overall style of the room at large.

5. Provide Additional Amenities

Whether guests will wait for a minute or an hour, additional amenities won’t go unnoticed! Consider adding a refreshment table to your reception furniture layout, for example, or add a coffee station in a corner out of the way.

Make the Most of Your Office Reception Area

Your office reception area can be a key tool in establishing the right atmosphere and branding for your customers. If you style it correctly, it can mean the difference between leads that convert to clients and leads that turn around and walk away! Use the five tips above to make the most of your reception area when it counts.

Want more of the key business tips you need to know? Check out our other posts for more helpful insights!

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