5 Points Before Visiting Black German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

Looking for a black German shepherd puppy can be a daunting task. With so many different breeders out there, how can you be sure that you are getting the best possible deal? Here you will encounter a few tips on finding the best black German shepherd puppies for sale. Stay tuned!

Once you start searching for a black German shepherd puppy for sale, you’re in luck! There are many reputable breeders out there that can help you find the perfect furry friend. But, how to find which breeder is right for you? And, how will you avoid getting scammed?

Such questions are apparent for people who wish to adopt a healthy and playful puppy.

There are a few points that you can consider; it will help you decide about the proceedings and how it can make a difference. Do not let many service providers confuse you and prevent you from making the right decision.



How to determine pure breed black German shepherd puppies? Here are some features of pure GSDs you should always check on:


The head should be proportional to the body. The eyes should be dark and round; the ears should be neither too big nor too small compared to the head.


There are two ways to check if your GSD is a purebred. The first way is by checking the ribs. The 7th rib should touch the ground when the dog is standing. The second way is checking the back; it should be straight and not swayed.


Many people use DNA tests to determine the color of their puppy. This one is pretty simple as long as the color is black (with pigmentation). You can check this by looking at your dog from a distance or taking a picture. However, it is not 100% accurate, though.


This one is significant to determine! Your GSD should be confident, well socialized, and not too shy or aggressive (yes, there are GSD out there that are not aggressive).

The best way you can train and socialize your puppy is by going to the dog training club. The best results are in puppies under 12 weeks old, so try to train and socialize your GSD as soon as possible!


The skin must not be too long or too thick. You can check it by pulling the skin up with two fingers and seeing how many hairs come off. Your puppy is probably a pure breed if the hair falls by itself.


This one is pretty much self-explanatory. You should be able to see it in how the dog looks, acts, and behaves. The German shepherd breed is very stable, so you have a bigger chance of getting a pure breed if you get your puppy from a well-known kennel.


The back should be straight and not swayed. There is a slight curve in the topline directly behind the withers. It gives you an impression of having a raised upper-arm (shoulder blade closer to the ground than the elbow).


GSD’s tend to have hairy feet (depending on their coat color). The feet should be thick, round, and cat-like. There are black pads with hair between them covering the entire bottom of the foot. The dewclaws can sometimes be removed if they pose a health risk.


The tail should not curl over the back or be too long. It should have a slight curve, thicker at the base and tapering to a point.

Health checked

Checking the health of black German shepherd puppies is essential. If you want to buy a German shepherd puppy, the very first thing to ask the breeder is- whether they have health checked or not. It is crucial to educate those people who don’t know about health checking, and they buy a puppy only because it looks beautiful and adorable.

Loyal family companions

Are you searching for a good family pet? Then, here is an exciting and intelligent choice of puppy that can easily catch your attention and heart. It is none other than the Black German Shepherd Puppies. This dog breed has become one of the most preferred people who wish to get a dog at home, especially among kids.

Having a German shepherd dog in the house is ideal because they are obedient, devoted, and calm when you are around them.

German shepherd dogs have always been famous for their friendly nature. Their Black color with an intelligent face helps win heart in just seconds. You may also have observed that they are very loving and caring towards children.

You need to be aware that if you have kids at home, it is better to get them a dog breed that is friendly with them. So they do not need any special training when they grow up.

Family pets

Black German shepherd puppies are also called Black Shepherds. They are very active, loyal, and intelligent dogs that make them suitable for various types of work like in the military. Black German shepherds are good family dogs as they can blend well in family life and have a longer life span.

It also means that you will have them around for a long time. If you think that they do not match your lifestyle because of their dominating nature, it is better to avoid them. They will not beg for attention. Instead, they will try to steal your concentration, whether you like it or not.

Long coat German shepherd

There are two kinds of German shepherds: the long and short coat. The most common is the long coat, which has a double layer of fur, consisting of an outer coat and an undercoat.

The Long coats are abundant with fur on the legs, chest, neck, head, and tail. At the same time, the short-haired ones have only one layer of coat.

A German shepherd with long hair requires proper care and grooming. Long hair is an advantage in most cases because it makes the dog look bigger than it is with its majestic appearance. It also sheds more than the short-haired ones, although both require regular brushing to prevent tangles and fur matting throughout the year.

After selecting the black German shepherd puppies for sale can be a perfect addition to any family. The fact that they are social, friendly, and intelligent makes them the ideal pet for your children.

They will grow up with the kids and protect them from anything wrong in life. So, if you want a loyal companion who is also an excellent guard dog, this breed is what you need!

These dogs are bred over generations to become working solid animals but still have the loyalty needed to be a loving pet. They only work hard if they feel like there is something worth fighting for, so they won’t get stressed out by having nothing to do or no one around.

So, please get in touch with Smithfarms German Shepherds for more information on black German shepherd puppies. We are the best place to find quality puppies at an affordable price. Contact us today, and we will be happy to help you get your new furry friend!

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