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5 Medical Services That Wilmington Cares Provides

Without any doubt, medical necessity has become the need of the hour. You never know when the medical urgency arrives. Moreover, living in surroundings full of dirt, pollution, stress, and other tensions, a person is bound to fall sick. 

The people have become so busy in their routine lives that they have no time left for their health. But no matter what, people should make time for their health before it gets out of their hands. 

Taking care of your overall health has become easier with Wilmington Cares urgent clinic. Visiting Wilmington urgent care will take away all your health-related worries with its vast range of services. Here’s an overview of the medical services provided by the Wilmington urgent care. 

Medical services provided by urgent care

Wilmington Urgent care is not skilled in providing you with one or two medical services but many. The services provided by Wilmington Cares include antibody testing, covid testing, pap smears, drug testing, breathing treatments, ear wax removal, and the list goes on. 

Let us get a sneak peek into the topmost services of Wilmington urgent care so that people can avail the best health for themselves. 

Gynecological and PAP smears

Along with the usual health, people should also take care of their reproductive health. To detect the presence of any abnormalities, every woman should undergo this test and get regular checkups done. No matter your age, you can always get this test done. 

The pap smears test is done to detect the presence of cancerous cells in your body. It detects the cervical cancer cells early to treat them early enough. Not only this, but the pap smears test is also helpful in detecting other diseases such as numerous infections or inflammations. 

Reasons to have a PAP smears test.

Numerous people are asking us about the significance of the PAP smears test. The major reason for availing this is to detect the HPV virus, a sexually transmitted disease leading to cancer in women. 

Once women turn 21 years of age, they should consider getting a PAP smears test done. In addition to this, once in every 2-3 years, women should get this test done to discern if there are any cancerous cells present in the body or not. 

Benefits of PAP smear test.

Without any doubt, the PAP smears test will turn out to be very beneficial for women aged above 12 years. It helps you to understand your cervical region well. Moreover, you come to learn about the cancerous cells present in your cervix region, if any. 

Consequently, it helps you discern the cancerous cells so that you can begin with the appropriate treatment to end them. 

Drug testing

The second most popular service provided by Wilmington Cares is drug testing. From previous years to now, drugs have increased a lot among the youngsters and other age groups. But consuming drugs can be harmful to your health. 

Consequently, to end the consumption of drugs, Wilmington has brought you drug testing. A drug test is carried out in such a way that detects the presence of illegal drugs in your body by way of blood, urine, saliva, or sweat. 

Most often, the drug testing detects the presence of marijuana, cocaine, steroids, barbiturates, and others. 

Uses of drug testing

The significance of drug testing has increased these days and its uses. Many employers also prefer getting the job seekers tested for any drugs to figure out whether they are fit for employment. 

The same is the case with sports organizations. Consumption of drugs is known to affect their performance on the field; consequently, the organizations like to enroll individuals who have got the drug testing done, and no drugs were detected. 

The next major use of drug testing is for legal reasons. Sometimes, the case demands an investigation where an individual has to undergo drug testing. By way of this test, the judge decides whether you were innocent or guilty. 

Drug testing is also used to determine the opium dosage. Numerous diseases ask you to take drugs as a treatment option, but along with it, you have to take care of the right dosage. Consequently, drug testing is done to figure out whether you are taking it in that much dose or more than that. 

Kinds of drug tests

There is not one but diverse kinds of drug tests done. It varies depending upon the drug for which you are getting tested. Most probably, people get tested for the five drugs, mainly opiates, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, and Phencyclidine. 

Sexually transmitted diseases

Wilmington urgent care clinic also helps you figure out sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, syphilis, and others. The risk factor for these diseases is much higher than others. Consequently, you should get yourself tested for these diseases so that you can commence with the desired treatment. 

These diseases are conveyed from one person to another by sexual intercourse. It can happen by way of vaginal, anal, or oral sex. But there are chances of spreading it by way of physical contact also. The symptoms of these diseases vary greatly in men and women. 

Symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases

Both men and women should have a close watch on the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases to figure out whether they have been infected with this thing or not. Usually, the symptoms in men include pain during urinating, unnecessary bleeding, bumps, rashes, and sores around the reproductive area. 

It gets difficult for the women to detect the presence of any such infection, but still, women should be watchful of some of its symptoms such as feeling uncomfortable, bleeding, itchy sensation around the vagina, and many more. 

Kinds of sexually transmitted diseases

There are diverse sexually transmitted diseases such as HPV, syphilis, HIV, and others. Let us know about some of the diseases to make people aware of the same. 


Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease inflicted by bacteria. Usually, it is painless but can spread many infections. Once you notice any sore developing in your mouth, genitals, or any other region, consider yourself at the risk of syphilis. 

Its other symptoms include headaches, rashes, hair loss, fever, weight loss, and others, making it easy for you to detect the disease. 


The next sexually transmitted disease with which many people are aware is HIV. The disease mainly targets the immune system. If left ignored, the disease could turn into the worst infection. Consequently, it becomes more crucial for you to get yourself tested for these sexually transmitted diseases. 

If you notice any such traces of fever, aches, pains, nausea, sore throat, chills, and other things, it means you are infected with HIV. 


Gonorrhea is another sexually transmitted disease and is also known as the clap. Usually, it is difficult to detect the presence of such a disease in the beginning, but by closely examining the symptoms, you can come to know about the same. 

Usually, the disease’s symptoms include soreness in the throat, discharge from the penis, pain while urinating, and itchiness in the genitals. 

X-ray testing

In addition to the above-mentioned services, Wilmington Urgent care also specializes in X-ray testing. An X-ray test detects the overall status of your health. There is an image contained in the X-ray which lets you know about your body. 

Uses of X-ray testing

X-ray testing goes a long way in helping you recover from an illness or sickness. Here are some of the uses of X-ray testing. 

Detects cancer

By conducting the mammography, you can detect if you are suffering from breast cancer. An X-ray test will detect the presence of a tumor. Besides this, this X-ray also figures out the tiny bits of calcium. 

Detects bone fractures

The X-ray test’s radiography detects the bone fractures, tumors, and other abnormal and not good for your overall health. In addition to this, radiography is also used to make out internal injuries, dental issues, and other similar things. 

Gets you images from body

One kind of X-ray test done is Fluoroscopy. The primary motive of the X-ray test is to get the real-time movement happening within the patient’s body. Usually, doctors recommend this for checking your heart’s movement. The doctor figures out about your blood flow and other such things by way of this. Consequently, you should get the X-ray testing done from Wilmington cares. 

Ear wax removal

Are you facing difficulty in hearing or some pain in your ear? If yes, then it might be because of the presence of ear wax in your ear. But no worries, as the Wilmington urgent care clinic also provide earwax removal treatment. 

The presence of earwax can cause discomfort, pain, fever, and other similar things. Moreover, it can also cause you difficulty in hearing. Consequently, it is best to get it treated before it turns worse. 

Treatment options

There are numerous ways to remove earwax from your ear and maintain the proper hygiene of your ears. The best way is to use the ear drop medications inside the ear and soften the ear wax. The other way round is to visit the doctor and help him. 

The doctors have various tools that can easily help you get rid of ear wax and maintain proper health. 

Final thoughts

Besides the ones mentioned above, Wilmington Cares specializes in offering numerous other medical services such as laceration repair, EKG testing, skin biopsy, wound care, infections, vaccinations, employment clearances, antibody tests, and the list goes on. Treating yourself and being free from all illnesses was never easy before. Visit a Wilmington urgent care clinic to get the best treatment for your illness. 


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