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5 Amazing Mexican Food CA to Jump Into

It is nothing much of a surprise that Arizona is basically home to some of the most amazing Mexican restaurants given the proximity to Mexico.

Today we are going to share the top 5 Mexican restaurants that serve the best Mexican food CA, and they range from the authentic, traditional south of the borders eats to that of the creative ones. Several restaurants are decades old but yet are serving the most innovative and modern Mexican food.

Barrio Café

You are sure to get some of the most authentic Southern Mexican eats at Barrio Café, which is a multi-award-winning neighborhood restaurant. They try out some of the famous dishes such as the chiles en nogada which is a roasted poblano pepper that is stuffed with chicken, apple, pear, dried apricot and pecans in almond cream topped with cilantro, queso fresco, and pomegranate seeds are how this café usually tries their hands on the dishes.

The Mission

The beauty of the space at Mission and the much raved about Mexican food in Costa Mesa makes them the worthy contender though it is much more described as Latin America. The best diet to try out here is the tableside-made guacamole, the smoked pork pozole soup, and the hand-pressed corn tortillas stuffed with the fillings of the battered mahi mahi, tecate skirt steak and slow-braised pork shoulder.

Elote Café

The outcome of Smedstad’s extensive travels through Mexico learning about the cuisine of the country to perfect its take on the authentic Mexican eats crafted from locally sourced, organic produce from the Sedona and Verde Valley region is what this café is. Some of the great dishes included are Elote appetizer which is fire-roasted corn with spicy mayo, lime, and cotija cheese, even the braised lamb adobo with sweet and spicy ancho chile sauce and pastel de elote dessert.

Café Poca Cosa

In the heart of downtown Tucson with Café Poca Poca, the owners of this place have combined their creative take on the Mexican cuisine with the casual-upscale dining. This is an award-wining urban bistro with a lot of contemporary chic design since its inception in 1984. The owner brings the flavors of her homeland to a twice-daily changing menu that is printed in Spanish and English on a chalkboard featuring dishes such as pollo mole negro which is a chicken in black mole sauce and asada brava which is a steak marinated in lime and chili since the owner is a native Sonoran city of Guaymas.

Tucson Tamale Company

When you are dining out at Tucson, Tucson Tamale Company, as this is the best Mexican restaurant in Costa Mesa, where one can go for the delicious gourmet tamales where the diners should help out to. There are 30 varieties of tamales served by this restaurant. There is always tamale on the menu, such as the spicy chipotle beef for the meat lovers, the Bisbee for both the vegans and the vegetarians, and dessert tamales for the diners who have a pretty sweet tooth with them.

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