How To Analyze Testing Chambers Performance And Efficiency?

Testing chambers are expensive products and you just cannot get them from anywhere or any dealer. Hot air oven manufacturers India are here to take the note seriously and delivering the premium and most efficient testing chambers to the rest of the world. They understand how difficult it is to outsource testing services from the 3rd party and there is no guarantee of accurate results. Outsourced testing is a costly affair and consumes more time. Here we bring few tips that will help you in analyzing testing chamber’s performance and efficiency. Read on and discover how it is done.

Know your testing requirements

Your company has just created a new product, and it requires testing to assure that it will perform as expected. The developed product must be go through environmental test chamber at several temperature and humidity levels to determine the quality and reliability of the product. How do you start-

– Development Testing

Environmental test chambers have controlling option for temperature and humidity with which you can create same climatic conditions again and again. Many times these chambers are used to detect the product shelf life, aging, stability, and package testing. The test series can be performed using temperature for thermal cycling and humidity to know the exact faulty or weak points. Once the defects are identified, products get redesigned as per the expectations.

– Production Testing

When production gets started, companies take some samples of products from different batches or lots for testing. There is a chance that they may decide to test each product coming off the line with HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) testing. This type of testing is required to detect improper manufacturing processes. There are chances when product fails in manufacturing process due to unreliable components and manufacturing units can prevent such circumstances with HALT testing.

HALT Testing is mostly done to test products or items containing Lithium Ion batteries. The test is performed during production stage. This is a costly and complex task to know about the failures of the product. So, it is helpful for companies to invest the tome and resources into development.

Which is better- In-house or Outsourced testing?

Both the in-house and outsourced testing have their pros and cons. While there are companies mostly relying on external test labs for testing their products, studies have shown that companies that have invested in in-house infrastructure save more. Moreover, in-house testing offers them customization, liberty, and time saving features.

So, if you have decided to get a testing chamber for your facility, you must be efficient in picking the chamber size-

Choosing the chamber size on the basis of 3 factors-

  1. Load size / capacity
  2. Application test requirements
  3. Test room conditions

Chambers are available in different sizes and used in different applications. You can find them in regular oven size, walk-in room size, and drive-in units.

Application Test Requirements

The first thing to consider before getting a chamber is your application. Most of the times, manufacturers suggest 1:3 ratio (volume occupied: volume free) within the chamber. The free space around the product facilitates proper airflow and ensures precise testing.

Load Size and Density

If the sample is a live load, you may need a larger chamber to dissipate heat produced by the sample. This dissipation of heat adversely affects the pull-down times or humidity system of the chamber. More active live load samples dissipate more amount of heat during testing, thus you will need a bigger refrigeration systems for cooling of the product.

Test Room Conditions

-Ambient room conditions

– Footprint

– Mobility

It is important to install chambers in ambient environment since these machines produce lots of heat. There must be good air circulation in the room where testing chambers are installed.

Environmental chambers share three categories – oven, benchtop, and floor units. Ovens take the minimum space as these units don’t have refrigeration or humidity systems. It is critical to consider the area of installation of the chamber in the lab.

Many hot air oven manufacturers India supply a complete range of testing chambers that adhere to industry quality standards. You can find such suppliers in your local area or even outsource the chambers from abroad; whatever suits your budget and requirements.



















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