4 Important Security Measures for Your Perth Home

When it comes to home security, there are a few things that basically every single homeowner should be ensuring to enforce. After all, an unsecured home can make the event of a break-in incredibly easy for a burglar to achieve. Moreover, becoming victim to a break-in can traumatise you and your family members for an extended period of time; you don’t want to be left feeling unsafe and vulnerable in your own home for many years after becoming victim to a burglary.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the most important security measures to consider for your Perth home, so that you can inject the appropriate level of protection into your property, and lower the risks of a potential break-in ever occurring on your property.

Remember to Lock Up

You may be surprised to find that one in eight Australians actually fail to lock the doors to their home. Making a habit out of locking up may seem like the most obvious tip in the book, however you should know that the vast majority of break-ins actually occur when burglars enter in through unlocked entry points. Of course, this makes the task of infiltrating into a home so much easier, as it eliminates the need for burglars to draw any unnecessary attention to themselves by using force to enter into a property.

Making sure to lock up before you leave the house is a given. However, in addition to this, you should also try and make a habit of locking up after you return home as well. Even if there’s someone at home, don’t think for a second that this will discourage burglars from attempting to take advantage of unlocked entry points. A burglar could very well sneak in and swipe something whilst you’ve got your attention preoccupied by some other task. Needless to say, it’s better to be safe than sorry in these circumstances.

Get a Good Security Door

Your front door is the first line of defence to your home, so it would only make sense for you to fortify it appropriately. Luckily, there are a range of quality security doors in Perth for you to choose from, available in all sorts of materials, styles, colours and finishes. Not only are these security doors manufactured to resist against common break-in attempts and the harsh conditions, but they’re also ensured to add value and aesthetic appeal to your home simultaneously.

Install an Alarm System

With so many of us spending the majority of our week away from home, an alarm system is pretty much a necessity for homeowners all throughout Perth nowadays. With this installed, you can scare burglars off even if they do manage to infiltrate into your home. No doubt, they won’t be staying around for long after they’ve managed to trigger the loud siren of your alarm system. Of course, there are a range of alarm system options available to residents nowadays. For one, you have the opportunity to connect your alarm system to your own smart device, or have it monitored by a third-party monitoring service. Whilst taking advantage of these features or services, you would be able to enjoy increased peace of mind all throughout your day.

Install Security Screens

Security doors are one thing, but that’s just what they’re for; doors. Windows left bare and unprotected can also prove as an incredibly vulnerable entry point. So, if you want to provide physical protection (and a deterrent against burglars) for all entry points into your home, custom made security screens would be the next product to add to your existing home security measures. Just like security doors, security screens are manufactured to meet strict Australian standards which deem the door fit to withstand against desperate forced entry attempts. Moreover, they’re also suitable for use in a range of environments, as they’re generally manufactured from anti-corrosive aluminium or stainless steel. As with security doors, you’ll find there are a range of different aspects available for customisation as well. Consequently, you won’t ever have to worry about compromising on aesthetics for security. You can expect the right security screens to add value and style to your home; providing you with the best of both worlds when it comes to home security.

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