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2021 Style Guide: Types Of Shoe To Wear With Flares

One of my favorite spring trends this year is flared denim. Flares, bootcut & boyfriend jeans are a major trend for 2021, and we are super excited about it. It is a perfect dose of 70’s playfulness, and the super flattering silhouette looks great day or night.  Texas boutiques online are here to make you fully prepared to master this trend. From wedges in neutral tones to pointed-toe booties in leather, check yourself the options below and know why these shoes work with flare jeans. 

Flare jeans need a little bit of creative styling, especially with some trending shoes. So you can ensure that these flirty pants don’t dance too far with the wrong shoe.

When choosing the perfect shoe for your flare jeans, an essential rule is to ensure that they have high heels. Any flats or low heels make the jeans bunch at the bottom and make you look frumpy.

What type of shoes to wear with flare jeans?

Here are the different styling tips by texas boutiques online to pair flares with women’s designer shoes.

Ankle Boots

There are plenty of ways to style denim jeans with cute boots, but the favorite one is to style with flares! It is one of the loveliest options in footwear to wear. It appears in velvet, suede, leather, or any other material you desire. Ankle booties are the right pick for these flare pants because they have a structure to balance out the boldness of flare without overpowering it.  

You can add an interesting touch to your everyday look with suede boots or leather boots that come in rich tones, or you can amp up with an exotic print. You can also opt for fringe and studded ankle boots, or you can try a combination with animal prints all over. 


Wedges are an excellent option for flare jeans. They are not only high enough for a look, but they go perfectly with a ’70s boho vibe. You need to make sure the jeans barely graze the floor. Cute wedges work for all sorts of pants, Flares, bootcut & boyfriend jeans, but they make an extra bold impact when styling with flares. You can easily style and dress up or down this combo, depending on the occasion.

Classic Pumps

You can never go wrong with comfy pumps; they look divine with flared pants. The most versatile footwear is still maintaining a flattering appeal and inspiring you to try on new fashion statements. You will develop a great appreciation for both the style and the designer who brought this trend back to life.

Make sure that pointed-toe pumps are peeking from underneath the pants, and you have a stylish look to die for. Leather pumps or suede with exotic print texture, lacy pumps, or patterned ones are all the different styles you can opt for from texas boutiques online.

Heeled Sandals

Sandals and jeans go well together, especially when shoes have chunky heels and pants are flared. They are comfortable pants you can wear all the time. While they come in platforms or chunky heels, they can also come in thin versions but should be heels at the end. Sandals are the top footwear choice over the spring and summer months. Particularly in summer, closed-toe versions of our shoes will be put away for the season with flared pants. 

Enjoy pointed-toe heeled sandals to add a bit more length and give your look the right amount of jazz. It will add the necessary spiciness to look fresh and feel interesting. The heel should be high enough so that the jeans are barely grazing the floor. If you go too short, it seems unflattering and too long, then you will step on it with your heels. 


Platforms are a fun and interesting way to play into the vintage vibes. Whether you pick Corky’s shoes, leopard sneakers & booties for a street style look, these are a natural fit for flare jeans. 

The 70’s flare look is all about being carefree, so we suggest picking the best piece that comforts you. It is best to have a pair or two in this style in your shoe closet. Flared pants you wear must fall straight down, either covering up the entire shoe or part of it. But don’t let your jeans scrunch it up anywhere, and pick a height that meets these requirements. 

Pair your flares with texas boutiques online shoes!

There is fun to style flare jeans and have a vintage vibes look. Always add your own unique flair with your hair and accessories. And when it comes to shoes, make sure that you try the shoes, and it works with the hem of your flares. Shop your favorite Corky’s shoes, leopard sneakers & booties, wedges, sandals from texas boutique online, and get your perfect shoe that matches the height with flare pants.

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