12 Undeniable reasons Marketers invest in OpenCart Marketplace Module

Are you planning to invest in creating a marketplace? Well, though we’ll talk about the OpenCart Marketplace Module here, you should know that you can have any platform and have an online marketplace. First, having OpenCart as your CMS is a great choice for sure. In the long run, the CMS system is quite a help for marketers. Talking about the long run, you cannot ignore the fact that the same tricks and tips do not come in handy. In fact, what comes in handy is the acceptance of changing trends in the eCommerce world. Thus, altering your eCommerce store into an OpenCart Marketplace sounds like the next step to generate more sales and revenues.

Well, these two are not the only reasons for which marketers invest in the OpenCart Marketplace Plugin by Knowband. Further, there are many other reasons for the same. The OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace Module is an exceptionally functional module that features numerous highlights and benefits. Furthermore, it is a beneficial option for admin, sellers, and customers. Hence, investing in the OpenCart Marketplace Extension is a pragmatic decision.

This blog will throw light on 12 undeniable reasons for which the marketers invest in the OpenCart Marketplace Module by Knowband. You can certainly gain further knowledge about the OpenCart extension via this blog. Shall we go ahead and check them out?

12 undeniable reasons for which the marketers invest in the OpenCart Marketplace Module

Getting ready to manage the OpenCart Marketplace Module is extremely easy

The very thing that certainly marketers are worried about is that handling the OpenCart marketplace module will be very tricky. However, with the User Manual (a step-by-step guide), and the consistent help from the experts at Knowband, you will not face any problem. In fact, the user manual itself features all the information that one needs to install and configure the rules of the module.

The OpenCart Marketplace Extension makes it simple to manage the marketplace

It is a piece of cake to install and configure the OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Module purchased from Knowband. Furthermore, the admin can manage the Knowband marketplace with ease, due to the OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Extension. In fact, the admin can handle everything, from monitoring seller demands to tracking their performance. Thus, you can simply handle anything at the OpenCart Marketplace with the aid of the User Manual and customer support.

Setting the Commission Rate correctly benefits both you and the sellers

The admin is in charge of determining the commission rate. As a result, he may choose whether to maintain a fixed commission rate for all sellers or to vary the commission rate for each seller. In reality, the commission is the amount paid to the administrator for each and every order received by the seller. As a result, the administrator must be cautious about the commission he intends to charge. If it is not correctly balanced, the sellers may enjoy it (since they are not generating a sufficient profit) and opt to sell someplace else. As a result, it is critical for the administrator to adjust the commission rate according to his preferences.

Who sells on the marketplace and who should depart is decided by the administrator

The admin may choose who will sell on the OpenCart Marketplace with the aid of the OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Plugin. Furthermore, it implies that he has the authority to accept or reject seller registrations. In reality, he can accomplish so through the OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module’s backend. Furthermore, the admin has the ability to remove any vendor from the site. He can also do so by simply deactivating the items on the front end.

Membership plans provide an additional source of revenue

The OpenCart Marketplace Module now has the ability to create membership plans. It enables the administrator to build subscription programs for merchants. Furthermore, merchants may select from several membership levels and pay to sell on your site. As a result, this is an additional source of money for the administrator.

The ease with which everything can be tracked

The last benefit is the simplicity with which everything on the platform can be tracked. In fact, the administrator may monitor every email that is sent or received, every order that the seller receives, and the various types of requests. Thus, tracking actions is a breeze with the OpenCart Marketplace Extension.

Because you have the authority to select who sells and who does not

This was supposed to be the first point, but it is just as essential as the others. Furthermore, as the administrator, you get to check through every aspect of a seller’s registration. He wants to sell the items he wants to sell, among other things. As a result, the OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module leaves it up to you to determine who sells on the OpenCart Marketplace and who does not. In reality, consumers may register as vendors as well. Only the finest prospects, however, will be chosen and permitted to sell. Furthermore, as soon as the registration procedure is completed, the seller is free to begin selling immediately.

Order handling that is consistent

Knowband’s module allows sellers to view orders via the dashboard that has been assigned to them. In actuality, the sellers utilize email to communicate about purchases, using the OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension’s default email forms. As a result, the shop administrator can enable sellers’ and administrators’ information to show on the receipt.

Control the payouts

The OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Plugin allows sellers/vendors to request payment claims. The payout requests can clearly be viewed on the OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Plugin’s Payout Request tab. You can also approve the requests. Similarly, the administrator may allow for modified seller payment. As a result, it communicates with the administrator to motorize the payout example.

The OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module’s compatibility

The OpenCart Marketplace module is useful for your store’s numerous themes. Similarly, it is reasonable with the smartphone app. That’s not it! You may rely on the OpenCart Marketplace Extension since it accepts a variety of funding types.

Email designs that are unique and for all kinds of communication

If you want an email format that allows the seller to communicate with the administrator, it is available. It is available in the OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace Module. Furthermore, if you want a format for seller-admin, the module includes that as well. The content of the email formats in OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Extension may certainly be customized. As a result, it simplifies and makes correspondences easier.

Handling the reviews and ratings well

The last of the undeniable reasons is where the admin has control over the reviews and ratings that customers give. Further, the admin can not only view and approve the ratings, he can do more. In fact, he can also edit the same in case he feels like it. In addition, the customers can rate and review the products as well the sellers they shop from. Hence, that’s the whole process of handling reviews and ratings.


The Knowband Marketplace has everything you need to launch your own marketplace. As a result, with capabilities for both administrators and sellers, you can easily design the module as required. The OpenCart Marketplace Plugin user manual is everything you need to get started. Finally, you may contact Knowband with any questions, and we would be delighted to assist you.

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