11 Best Chinese School Romantic Dramas For You To Watch

11 Best Chinese School Romantic Dramas For You To Watch

The K-Pop genre and Korean and Chinese dramas are just some of the most favorite things to do. 

Who doesn’t love super addictive Chinese romantic dramas? Particularly when they’re set in schools. This list of top 11 shows the most entertaining and popular Chinese dramas that are set in schools or at a college. Watch the trailers of these dramas, and then take part in the poll to choose your favorite show. Use a chinese name generator to generate Chinese names online easily.

School Chinese Dramas List

11. One and Another Him

A 17-year-old girl is in love with her math teacher who is a genius with a very high IQ. However, she is met with sorrow when she realizes it’s a love that is impossible to sustain. A while passes and our heroine learns to let go of her past. Yet, she has the pain of her past and is unable to love anyone ever again. She believes that until she runs into another scholar – a beautiful and gifted math instructor! She is enticed by the world of a new (sort of) romantic relationship.

If you’re in the market for a fun Chinese school romance try giving this one try. You can watch The Other Him unravel the mystery of why the soul of a cold, brilliant mind and a warm soul reside inside the body of one genius.

10. I Won’t Get Bullied by Girls

The plot centers on Ye Lin, a troublemaker who was targeted by a girl during his early days. He doesn’t want to continue to be bullied and works to improve himself and grows to become a shrewd young man. A few years later when he discovers how the person who bullied him moves to the same school in which he is studying. 

Incredulous at her behavior during the previous year, Ye Lin becomes cold-hearted and uninterested in her. In the meantime, she realizes that she’s always been in love with him. But, it’s not so simple to get his affections right now.

If you’re in the market for a story that deals with friendship, love, and the high school experience in general I Won’t Be the Girls Who Get Bullied will be an enjoyable film for you. It’s a bit cheesy, however, it’s a great choice for those looking for something simple to watch.

9. My Huckleberry Friends

This is the second adaptation of the film (after With You). The show My Huckleberry Friends is based on the trilogy of books created by Ba Yue Chang An. If you’ve read the books or seen With You, you’ll want to watch the sequel. The story revolves around Yu Zhou and Lin Yang who make friends from the very first day of school. The problem is that Lin Yang’s parents won’t let him visit his friend again due to certain reports. When he enters high school, the girl is separated from him as well as her numerous other classmates. After a while, Yu Zhou meets her friend once more. Is she pleased or sad?

The series tells us a lot about how children are taught in China. But, With You And My Huckleberry Friends differ in one aspect. The latter puts greater focus on the students’ lives beyond school. This show is the perfect choice if you find yourself watching dramas that deal with the relationship problems of students. There are also plenty of their academic successes and failures, issues with personal traumas, as well as social standing.

8. Dragon Day, You’re Dead

The novel was adapted by young author Xiao Nizi, Dragon Day You’re Dead is an intimate love tale between a high school student and the school’s devil. If you’re seeking a fun and funny romantic tale try this Chinese show a shot. There will, however, be some tears, as this isn’t like those shows in which every episode is a battle of tears and breaking your heart.

7. Proud of Love

Proud of Love revolves around two college students. One is majoring in dance, while the other is an engineer who is not interested in the world. Imagine the possibility of swapping their souls? There’s nothing that’s impossible with this show. One day the two protagonists switch their souls as they look at a mysterious mirror. Then, a dancer sees herself as an engineering student, and the reverse is true. Is that crazy?

If you’re looking to watch an entertaining, quick, and hilarious Chinese drama that gives laughter, you should give this series a go. The show isn’t too serious about itself. The humor keeps getting better and better until the very end.

6. My Fairy Girl

This is a story that will delight you in every way. The story of my Fairy Girl tells us the tale of demons who are 2000 years old. They get close to attaining immortality. But, before that happens they are given the task of completing. Both of them must go to the realm of humankind and find a human that will wed the other within 100 days. Then, they can go into eternal life. If you’re looking for a romantic, but humorous story, this is the perfect option for you.

5. Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me

Based on the popular novel written by Jin Xia Mo, Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me is among the top Chinese school romances that we have included on our list. Is it a coincidence or an unforeseen twist of fate that brings a milk delivery lady together with Prince Charming? In the blink of an eye, an accident occurs and the girl is homeless and orphaned. The dying wish of her mother is that the Han family would be able to take her in until she reached the age of university.

The family does not just fulfill the wishes but insists that the girl attend the exclusive school which their family has the power over. There are numerous scrapes that occur since there are a few students who do not like the new student. In addition, the heir to the family and who is the Master Devil himself likes her least. Could it be that the new surroundings don’t make her nervous? Will she be able to make friends? Maybe even turn the conflict in her relationship with Master Devil into something much sweeter?

Looking for a romantic comedy or a romantic drama? Congratulations! You’ve found the perfect film. It’s enjoyable and lighthearted. It’s also addictive to watch.

4. Accidentally In Love

She is determined to stay clear of the pressure of an unplanned marriage and discover the one she truly loves herself. On your wedding day enrolls in the same school where her parents went to school! The young lady wants to know the details of how they passed away. After her appearance and name change, she is trying to fit in with her new friends. Does she stand a chance to meet her true love in the new school?

Add this show to your watchlist if you would like to watch something light, romantic, funny, and funny but not overly dramatic.

3. A Love So Beautiful

The story of A Love So Beautiful starts with high school friends who have the distinction of being neighbors. They attend school each day and eventually, they develop a bond of affection. However, all that changes as soon as a brand new student arrives at school.

This is the one for you If you’re looking for an excellent but sweet Chinese drama that has a straightforward plot. If you are a fan of dramas that focus on the high school years This is your kind of drama.

2. Love at First Sight

The series is based on the Chinese novel I Don’t Like This World, I Only Love You written by Qiao Yi (which is also based on the real tale of its writer as well as her spouse). Love, at First Sight, tells an account of two former high school friends. They’re not alike, but they have a close connection. They promise to go on a trip together following graduation but don’t follow through with it. A sudden event shatters the plans of both and they are separated. A few years later they met again. Are they willing to let their love for one another?

The Chinese secondary school show is sure to make you laugh, cry and even learn some new things. Be sure to take a look!

1. About Is Love

The story isn’t set in an academic setting. It centers around the president of a corporation as well as an 18-year-old student in the field of art. About Is Love tells the story of Wei Qing, who develops a severe form of OCD that affects his daily life. He can’t engage with women in any way. But, he isn’t giving up in his search for a woman who can help him. As time passes, the man discovers that he’s perfectly at ease with Zhou Shi, an art student.

If you’re interested in this genre of romance and seeking a compelling story that has stunning chemistry between the actors, don’t be afraid to try this series. The three couples that are part of the tale (supporting actors) have excellent individual stories which mean you’ll be interested in the story as well.

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