Your Guide to Preparing for an Interview Right

Your Guide to Preparing for an Interview Right- The world we live in is one that is highly competitive. As the employment rate decreases, the
competition for limited job openings increases.

However, if you have gotten the interview call, you cannot let the opportunity slip away because it
is your chance to prove yourself and get a job that could be the one turning point in your career.

Before you step inside the room (Zoom or one with four walls), ensure you are well versed with the

The organisation:

Are you interviewing at the organisation because it’s the only opportunity you see or because its goals and objectives align with yours? Carry out research. Learn more about the management and read about the past employees’ experiences. Put in the effort so you know if the organisation is right for you and if it is, a little research goes a long way in proving your dedication and commitment to an employer.

Ask around and come up with some questions yourself:

Based on the job profile that you are interviewing for, see what are the possible questions that could be asked. Read about what is it that their competitors ask. Think about what are the skills that they’d need in an employee.

Sort your logistics:

This is simple. If you’re giving the interview physically, are you well dressed and have you cleaned up well? Do you have your necessary documents and credentials ready? Do not zone out in the interview room. If, however, it’s a virtual interview, do you have a stable internet connection with a functional pair of microphone, camera and speakers? Cleaning up well is a necessity here too. Additionally, do not forget to get rid of the background noise if any.

Know your routes:

If you have to physically get to a place, please check out the route for yourself and do not miss your flight if that’s what you need to catch to get to the interview place. Punctuality is key!

Get a good night’s sleep:

The night before the big day, choose yourself and your wellbeing. Eat your favourite food, play some calming music, believe in yourself and get some sleep. You can’t expect a good interview with half-opened eyes and an irritable mood. Do not make scenarios in your mind and go give your 100% in the interview room.

Keep the inquisitiveness:

Do not let the employers alone bombard you with questions, ask about the company and ask about the team you are going to be working with. Figure out what skillsets do they need for their organisation to grow and what are some challenges they could possibly face. Additionally, do not forget to ask them what their five-year plan looks
like or you could just take up any other queries that you might have. Do not feel embarrassed and ask the questions so your potential employers know you’re invested.

However, listen attentively and once your employers are done with their questions, only then should you move to your questions.

Interview Preparation coaching:

An excellent interview performance is backed by focused preparation and strong delivery. Interview preparation coaching at EdMyst is conducted by experienced industry leaders who have interviewed hundreds of candidates to hire the ‘right’ employees and build great teams. So you’re sure to improve your chances of getting hired!

Now walk into the room and go ace the interview!

Interview Guide for the Interviewer

When you run a quick Google search before you give an interview, you will find hundreds of suggestions. However, it is not the same if you are the interviewer. You are expected to know everything without any preparation. However, we know it is not that easy.

As an interviewer, it is necessary that you project a good image of yourself and your company to a potential employer. What matters even more is that you prove to them that you pay attention to detail. You need to let them know that you are taking your job seriously and will hire the right person on board. However, you also need to be the right amounts friendly and welcoming.

Here are some tips to ensure that you are prepared to conduct an interview:

1. Study the candidate’s resume:

Make sure that you know the candidate’s professional background so you can base your questions around that and ask them more about themselves. You need to be sure that they know you have done your study well and are interested in knowing what they do and where they come from.

2. Let the candidate talk:

Do not come off as too intimidating. Let the candidate talk about themselves, their skills, their past experiences, and their expectations. Make them feel comfortable.

3. Ask follow-up questions:

You should ask genuine follow-up questions. The interview should be candid. However, avoid rigorous cross questioning unless it is something you do not understand or want to know more about.

4. Observe their body language:

It is not just their verbal skills that matter but also how they present themselves during an interview. Take notes of it in your mind.

5. Ask behavioural questions:

Ask questions about how they handled a past situation at work or what they would do in a hypothetical situation. Notice what soft skills do they possess and what is it that they need to work on. Are the soft skills that they possess what you need for the job role? Do their goals align with your firm’s? You need to be able to answer all these questions after the interview.

6. Get back to them:

Whether it is an acceptance or rejection, get back to them in a decent and respectful period. Additionally, if you see potential or have any feedback that you think the candidate could use, help them out. As a professional, let them know how they can get in touch with you should they have any queries. This is a wonderful professional courtesy to offer and goes a long way in helping you build a network.

You need to set the right example

As a leader or a hiring manager, it is necessary that you take care of these little things. You need to set the right example for your employees. Remember to stay patient and observant. You need to be a wonderful listener and engaging enough to ensure that nobody feels out of place when they are around you. Whether it is an old employee or a potential employee, they should be able to talk to you and bring up their concerns or queries.

Nothing good comes without hard work, consistency and preparation. The same logic applies to an interview. You cannot walk into a room without preparation or any knowledge and expect to bag your dream job. This is quite impossible in a world as competitive as that of today.

Thousands of interviews take place every hour, each day. There can’t possibly be that many unique questions. It is certain that a lot of these questions are repeated. Instead of experiencing shock during the interview, let’s prepare you for the 5 most commonly asked questions. Career Development Coaching


Yes, cold emailing is cool but your employers do not want to know that when they are interviewing you. Research and study about the company and its products before you step inside that interview room. Tell them what it is about their product that you like and what are some areas they can work on. Tell them what you think about their target audience and how you can help influence them better. Sometimes, they might ask you about their history (year of establishment, founder, location of their headquarters, etc). So turn on your laptop and open their about us section to know more. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be noticed and recognised.

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