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Your Complete Guide To Greenfield Investigation

Greenfield Investigation is an essential and one of the most important preliminary steps for constructing a building or a civil engineering project. Soil investigation for testing and evaluation purposes is very important before you start building any structures on that land. This will help to avoid accidents in the long run. The designs that an engineer makes for the building or the project are based on the Greenfield Investigation made before the start of the project. This makes it easier for the surveyors and the specialists to know about the nature of porosity and quality of the soil.

Large projects and Greenfield Investigation

For large projects that involve a huge amount of money, conducting such a preliminary investigation is very vital. The money that is spent in the initial stages for getting the soil tests and for analyzing the quality of the land will go a long way in helping the engineers plan a good project on the land. This can also be undertaken by Geological survey companies and the project sanction occurs after testing and evaluation.



Why no project can be done without soil investigation?

Greenfield Investigation must always be done before developing any major engineering project. For understanding the soil type and the ground model, one must get a soil investigation done. This is usually done by an experienced and capable contractor, superintendent, or building surveyor who has much knowledge in handling such affairs. This is mostly done where the soil quality is variable.

The engineer understands the nature of the land on which the building needs to be constructed:

If the engineer can understand the nature of the land on which the building will be constructed, then he can plan the structure to be safe, stable, and economical. The information is collected and recorded after reports and preliminary investigations within a fixed structure of geotechnical investigation report.

Many people often shy away from conducting Greenfield Investigation for their lands. This leads to future problems when the building is to be constructed on that piece of land. If you do not have sufficient knowledge about the conditions of the ground, there are chances that the foundation will not be built in the best way possible. This will lead to problems during the construction of the building.


  • One might think that they are saving money by avoiding the Greenfield Investigation. But what you must remember is that you are endangering the lives of the people who will live on the property and also the building.
  • Due to insufficient data available to the engineer, he might not be able to understand the soil structure completely and the plan will also be made in that manner. This is the best method to understand the nature of the ground.
  • This is an important step in the construction process for most engineers. Without carrying out this step, it will be unwise for one to carry forward with the construction works. By properly analyzing the soil conditions and the land structure, you will save a lot of trouble that might otherwise happen.

Some of the cases of a building collapsing after construction are due to the faulty construction that happened due to the inadequate investigation that was done before construction. There is constant appraisal of the soil forms needed for any type of construction project and the right greenfield investigation gives the much-needed paradigm for making the project successful.

These are some of the reasons why Greenfield Investigation has become so important in recent times. Without carrying out such investigation, it is unwise for an engineer to lay out the structure of any building on the land.

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