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You Can Save Big When You Buy Empty Juul Pods

You Can Save Big When You Buy Empty Juul Pods

For years, the Juul was one of the most popular vape options available. Not only are these vaporizers small and discreet, but they offered a satisfying hit of nicotine in a small cloud of vapor. Sadly their popularity led to the government imposing a ban on the sale of flavored Juul pods, but that does not mean that you still can’t enjoy flavored vapor from your Juul. You just have to buy empty Juul pods and fill them yourself with any e-liquid you want. Making your own pods can get you back to enjoying flavored vapor at a fraction of the price of Juul brand pods.

The ban on the sale of flavored pods left a lot of room for something flavored nicotine salt products. It only banned the sale of flavored pre-filled pods. This means that it is perfectly legal to buy an empty pod and fill it yourself at home. The ban also allows for the sale of flavored disposable products, though these rival and even surpass the cost of Juul brand pods, making them something of a lateral move for users. The best deal you can get is to buy a refillable pod like the ones offered by Blankz Pods.

The Blankz pod is a simple Juul compatible pod that was developed long before the flavor ban. Blankz was dedicated to helping Juul users save big while having the opportunity to explore new flavor options. Now, instead of just helping customers try new flavors, their pods are one of the only ways to continue enjoying flavored vapor using your Juul device. Blankz pods can be refilled up to three times and they hold an entire milliliter of e-liquid, giving them over 40% more capacity than your standard Juul pod.

The expanded capacity and the ability to refill these pods means that a single Blankz pod can vape 3 full ml of e-liquid. That is more than an entire four pack of Juul pods! The cost of a four pack of these pods is only $12.50, meaning that some e-liquid and a $3.12 pod can replace an entire $15.99 pack of Juul pods! With that kind of savings it’s no surprise to learn that more and more Juul fans are choosing to buy empty Juul pods from Blankz instead of overpaying for other nic salt alternatives.

Speaking of nic salts, you can find a huge selection of nic salt e-liquids on the Blankz Pods website. All of the flavors they offer have been tested with their pods to ensure proper function. You can even try their “create your own” e-liquid option and mix your favorite flavors to your liking. Most of their e-liquids are priced to include a pack of pods so you will be ready to go when your package arrives.

Blankz now even sells oil concentrate pods! These limited edition Juul compatible pods feature a 1.8 ohm ceramic coil that is perfect for getting the best flavor from your concentrates. Like the original Blankz pods, these concentrate pods are designed to offer a secure leak resistant seal and they securely attach to your Juul battery. Just add your favorite concentrates and take a rip.

For more information on these Blankz pods, visit their website at Their you can look through their entire store and buy empty Juul pods, e-liquids, batteries, and more! So if you gave up on your Juul when flavors were banned, go find your old Juul battery, charge it up, and give it new life with Blankz pods.

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