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Winter Skin Care for Babies and Toddlers

Baby Skin Care in Winter: Tips & Tricks for New Parents

Winter Skin Care for Babies: We all love to kiss and cuddle our little ones. That is because a baby’s skin is set to be three times softer and thinner when compared to normal adult skin. But with all this delicacy, your toddler’s skin can become highly vulnerable to dryness during winter seasons.

Chapped lips, heat rashes, rough red cheeks, and dry skin, in general, are some of the most noticeable factors that your baby’s skin is going through a lot during the peak of winters. Many factors can lead to this dryness in your little one’s skin. A couple of them are irregular bathing or using products that encourage dryness.

Baby Skin Care in Winter: Tips & Tricks for New Parents

Winter can take a toll on anyone’s skin, so don’t worry if you see a few dry patches on your baby’s skin since it is normal. However, the primary motive should be to prevent these  patches from forming beforehand. Due to the lack of experience at parenting, we usually end up doing certain things that may boost dryness.

Winter Skin Care for Babies – To add some valuable parenting points to your kitty, check out the below-mentioned tips  and tricks!

Pick the perfect moisturizer.

Moisturizer is probably your best bet in the fight against skin conditions such as heat rashes and flakiness. It would be best if you stick with a moisturizer that has zero added chemicals and fragrances. These two ingredients are the primary cultivators of dry skin. Try going for a moisturizer which consists of a fair amount of water and natural oils. Apply the moisturizer right after a warm bath. However, you can also increase the application cycle to twice a day.

Short Bathing Sessions

Overbathing is also considered a prime booster of dry skin in babies. In winters, you must reduce your newborn baby’s bathing cycles, and try sponge baths instead. While bathing make sure you clean the diaper area as this part of the body is more prone to infections, especially during winters. You should also try to turn down the temperature of the water until it’s lukewarm or hot.

Hydrate More

According to experts, your baby does not require additional liquids than breast milk or formula for the initial 4 to 6 months. Focusing more on either of these two will surely help your little one get all the necessary nutrients. However, if your baby is more than a year-old, then you may need to shift your focus towards integrating a water-drinking habit into his eating schedule. A quick pointer here is to give them lukewarm water instead of regular water.

Adjust the Temperature Setting of your House 

Low temperatures mixed with chilly winds can seriously damage a baby’s gentle skin. It is one of the prime reasons behind chapped baby skin in winters. To overcome this, you may need to tweak the temperature settings of your house. Also, close any open windows or spaces through which cold air can flow inside your home.

Look for Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is a prevalent skin condition in babies. However, this problem can significantly arise in winters. This is due to reduced bathing cycles and increased moisturizing. All of these culminate in some severe diaper rashes. You can use an anti-diaper rash cream to overcome this.

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