Winter Cleaning Tips for a Pest-free Home

Winter is the season where you can look forward to cozy evenings, hot chocolate, and spending more time indoors with your loved ones. Just like you, varieties of pests are looking for a warm and safe place to get through the winters. Your home is often an ideal place for them because they can find not only shelter but food as well. 

While some of these creatures can be harmless, others carry diseases and can damage your house. Even if the harmless pests have entered your house, an infestation is annoying. Your home will feel unclean and disorganized. Hiring Surrey’s pest control experts can be a viable idea, but there’s more you need to do to have a pest-free home.

If you do not want to ruin your winter with a pest infestation, here are a few seasonal cleaning tips for prevention:

Clean the Kitchen

The kitchen is both warm and full of food sources. Therefore, a lot of pests will make their home here. You may find them lurking in your cabinets, inside food containers/boxes, around the stove, scurrying along the floor, etc. 

You should always keep the kitchen clean but when your home has become more vulnerable to an infestation due to seasonal changes, you might want to make an extra effort. 

Clean the kitchen daily, get rid of food crumbs from the counters and floor, dispose of the rotten food properly, maintain a schedule for cleaning the hard to reach places, and keep stored items (including pet food) in airtight containers. Do not leave unwashed dishes in the sink for too long and food exposed. 

Eliminate the Clutter

Many of us have the habit of hoarding items or not maintaining the house regularly. As a result, clutter can accumulate. This may include cardboard boxes, newspaper stacks, old magazines, old clothes etc. 

Before the winter sets in, take some time out to get rid of this clutter. Pests are specifically drawn to cardboard boxes. Send the appropriate items for recycling. You can donate old clothes and shoes to goodwill. 

After eliminating the clutter, organize each room in the house. This way the pests will find fewer places to hide and will be less likely to cause an infestation. 

Maintain the Yard

Just like indoors, you should take care of the outdoors because if you have the yard infested, it will not take much longer for the pests to enter inside the house. 

Clean the fallen leaves and debris collected in the yard regularly. Do not let water accumulate for longer as wet places draw pests. Keep the garbage at least 20 feet away from your house. If your yard has overgrown vegetation and weeds, then it needs landscaping. In the case of trees, trim the branches hanging too close to the house’s windows, roof, and attic. 

Proper Garbage Disposal

Not taking care of the garbage properly is an open invitation to pests. Do not let the bins inside or outside your home overflow. Use trash cans that come with closed lids as well as trash bags that you can seal or tie-up. If you have a garbage collection system in your neighborhood, then make sure that you have taken out the trash for being collected. 

Home Maintenance

It is important to have a clean and organized home but pests can also invade your house through tiny unmaintained gaps. Go around your house and look for cracks, holes, and other possible entry points. For preventing bugs, you should re-caulk the windows and doors, fix broken screens or install storm windows for better protection, and install a door sweep to close the gaps under doors opening directly outside. 

Apart from taking these preventative measures, you should stay vigilant. Maintain a schedule for inspecting your home so you can detect any fixes required or signs that pests have entered the house early on. Disinfecting the rooms, especially where food is consumed, once a week, is also a good choice. Areas like the kitchen and bathrooms should be cleaned daily. Also, do not let water stand inside or outside your house. If you have collected water for some reason, keep it covered and do not store it for long. 

If your house has already become a victim of pest infestation, it is an ideal decision to call your local pest extermination services

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