Winning Habits That Produce Accurate Remote Depositions

Maintaining accuracy is of the utmost importance for any deposition and going the remote route doesn’t change that. Court reporters Naples Florida must take the steps necessary to maintain that accuracy. Inaccuracies can prove costly in cases. You must avoid them at all costs.

Of course, that task is easier said than done. You may still make mistakes that compromise the quality of the deposition. It’s time to put an end to that.

Here in this article, we’ve highlighted the habits that court reporters will produce accurate depositions. Keep them in mind so you can maintain a high quality of work. 

Be Thorough with Your Preparations for the Remote Deposition 

Preparation can go a long way towards preventing mistakes during the deposition. Because you completed the necessary preparations, the deposition can go smoothly. Court reporters Naples Florida will have an easier time following along.

Days before the deposition, you should finalize the logistics with everyone involved.

Start by determining where the deponent will be during the deposition. Check if they have the necessary pieces of equipment over there.

You should also check if you can be at the same place where the deponent is during the deposition. That should make it easier for you to record what they’re saying accurately.

Also, take the time to see if every party involved has the required equipment. While you’re at it, you should also double-check the internet connection quality for everyone.

This is also the time when you can discuss which platform will be used for the deposition. Get everyone to agree on the platform and then send the videoconference link after that.

During this time, you should also discuss how the exhibits will be handled. Ask if you should pre-mark the exhibits or mark them during the deposition. You should also talk about the presentation of the exhibits and how that will go.

The lawyers involved may defer to you regarding exhibit management. Choose the method you’re most comfortable with so you can avoid mistakes.

Completing all those preparations will pay off once the day of the deposition arrives. They will all contribute to the smooth flow of the deposition. Creating an accurate transcript will be easier because of that. 

Have Technical Support on Standby 

Even if all the parties involved are using good equipment and have stable internet connections, issues can still pop up during the deposition. The issue could be related to the program you’re using. It could also stem from someone making an erroneous click.

Those types of problems are nearly impossible to prevent. The best you can do is to prepare for them. That’s why you should consider hiring some technical support.

Hire a technician who can address any issues that emerge during the deposition. You can even ask them to perform some of the tasks related to the program. Court reporters Naples Florida can focus more on their tasks with the help of technical support.

Paying extra for technical support is not ideal. Even so, that money will not go to waste. The assistance they can provide will prove incredibly helpful during the deposition. 

Declare the Stipulations for the Deposition 

Problems will inevitably arise during the deposition if the parties involved aren’t on the same page.  That’s why you should take the time to establish the stipulations as soon as possible so everyone knows what to expect.

You can start by stipulating on the record that the deposition will be done remotely. After that, you should also inform the different parties that oaths will be administered in the same manner.

It’s important to note that those stipulations are more than just formalities. If you fail to mention them ahead of time, they could be a source of trouble for you down the line.

Court reporters Naples Florida should also use this opportunity to establish ground rules regarding electronic devices.

Electronic devices can be very distracting during the deposition. The sound of an electronic device ringing can disrupt your typing rhythm. It can also be distracting to everyone participating in the videoconference.

Ask the participants to shut off any electronic devices they have that aren’t needed for the deposition. At the very least, you can ask them to put their devices in silent mode.

If you have any other special ground rules that you’d like to establish, this is the time to bring them up. Get everyone onboard with those rules. Doing so will prevent the deposition from being derailed unnecessarily. 

Ask the Participants to Speak Carefully 

Managing an in-person deposition can be difficult for court reporters Naples Florida when the participants are not mindful of how they speak. The court reporter assigned to the deposition will have to interrupt constantly to clarify the things said. It can be an annoying ordeal for everyone involved.

Now, imagine how difficult it can be when a remote deposition becomes unruly. All of a sudden, people are talking over one another or talking too quickly. The court reporter will have a tough time keeping track of everything and understandably so.

As the court reporter, you must remind the participants to speak carefully during the deposition.

Tell them to speak one at a time. You can also ask them to speak slowly so their words come through the program clearly. Ask if they can spell out unfamiliar terms as well so you can note them correctly in the transcript.

Mention that it would also help if they can keep their questions short.

Don’t hesitate to make those requests. The participants in the deposition will likely have no complaints about your requests since they know you’re just doing your job. 

Practice before the Deposition 

Lastly, there’s nothing wrong with conducting a practice run before the actual deposition. Perhaps you can ask the participating lawyers to put forth some test questions. You can then use those test questions to gauge the internet and video quality.

Practicing before the deposition allows you to catch potential problems. You will be able to nip those issues in the bud so the deposition and your transcript will not be affected.

Developing the right habits is a must for all court reporters Naples Florida. Start practicing the habits we mentioned here and improve your performance during your upcoming remote depositions.

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