Wildfire app – the prime notification central

Wildfire app - the prime notification central

In the world of today, spreading messages and notifications around takes hardly a minute. It is a game of milliseconds. Notifications about a variety of things spread fast, faster than a speeding bullet. These notifications are helpful but have also been used to spread panic and fear.

Social media has been the primary platform and source of these notifications. However, things have turned a bit towards the unfortunate for social media, given the allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S Presidential elections. Other than that, the way social media sites (Facebook in particular) have been harvesting information has also become a cause of concern.

Numerous apps are present today when it comes to social interactions as well as the provision of real-time notifications. News apps have often been used for providing such notifications. The various messaging apps present also play their role in this regard.

The advent of the internet brought forward the notion and mechanism of real-time notifications. When devices went mobile, apps became the new normal and various notification apps are present these days.

Keeping knowledge of all of these apps has become quite difficult. Both students and professionals alike are lucky because there is an app, they can count for notifications that are authentic and original. Presenting to them, good old Wildfire.

Wildfire – What to know about it?

Wildfire app was created by four alumni of the University of California – Berkeley namely Hriday Kemburu – the Founder and CEO, Vinay Ramesh – the company business lead, Jay Patel and Tim Hyon – serving as tech leads for both the company and the app. None of them have split and they all are still working together.

The idea for the app was conceptualized in 2015 when Hriday Kemburu encountered muggers outside the main library of the university. After a brief but scary ordeal which he survived, he managed to evade them and contacted the campus police who acted accordingly.

The men who attempted to mug him were wearing ski masks and were also wearing dark clothing. They had jumped on him outside the library from behind the bushes present on its façade. Luckily for Kemburu, he escaped the area unhurt and managed to reach the campus police.

He then subsequently posted about the incident on Facebook and on other social media sites. He also posted about on various student groups present on Facebook. He did get a lot of mentions and got responses but what Hriday Kemburu did not get was that every student in the University did not see his posts.

For his fear of public safety, Kemburu wanted all students to see his posts about the incident.

Since he was not friends with everyone in the University, he started thinking about a mechanism that could benefit everyone within the community (whether they were University students, suburban residents, and the like). He worked together with his friends day and night to create Wildfire.

The app is convenient for students, graduates, and professionals alike in providing them real-time notifications about any incidents in areas taking place in their vicinity and community.

Development of Wildfire – When did it start and what led to its creation?

The idea for the app came in Hriday Kemburu’s mind in 2015 when that robbery incident took place outside the main library of the University of California – Berkeley. He did inform the police afterward and posted about it on Facebook, Twitter, and various other student groups on both mediums.

But what exactly happened that did not satisfy Kemburu’s objectives?

Problem is, not everyone got to know about that post nor was he able to reach everyone. He was not friends with every student of the University nor was he able to reach all of them at once. Most of them were not even checking their social media feeds when the problem happened.

What was the solution to the issue in order to let everyone know about such incidents? It was an app and that app is none than Wildfire.

With Wildfire, he will be able to reach everyone. He will also be able to get the response he desires towards the incidents that take place. Whether he is friends with everyone or not, the platform he and his friends created will help inform everyone about such incidents in real-time. This too regardless of their location and institution.

The app helped him create an effective way of spreading real-time updates within any local community. Other than that, the founders decided to create an app informing people in their local communities about such kinds of untoward incidents in real-time, and that too authentic.

Can Wildfire’s accounts be verified?

Any journalist, law enforcement officer, or anyone working with governmental agencies requiring verification of accounts of Wildfire users can email the company at The company will help such people in providing details, provided that it is necessary.

What if Wildfire is used for the wrong reasons?

The likelihood of Wildfire getting used wrongly is uncertain. Yet, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the fact that whether or not Wildfire can be used to create panic. Why? because its skeptics believe it to be just like another showpiece app practical use.

Furthermore, the allegations of Russian interference in President Trump’s victory in the 2016 U.S Presidential Elections is wreaking further havoc. Though there has been no incident of the app getting wrongly used. But a likelihood exists that it could be used to spread fear and panic. This can potentially cause a lot of chaos.

Is the app regulated by the management?

Wildfire is regulated by its creators. They are always open to working with law enforcement agencies if something goes out of hand. The technofuss industry is right now facing a lot of skepticism. Everyone is unsure if the app is worth the use or is it just another game of Californication?

With so many apps present in the market, people are wondering if they can go back to the good old days of the late 90s and early 2000s when the tech industry was never an issue to anyone.

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