Why You Should Buy Apple iPads if You Love The iPhone

Why You Should Buy Apple iPads if You Love The iPhone

Are you a dedicated iPhone user but have never really branched out to other Apple devices, or computers and tablets in general? If so, you may be surprised how useful a tablet-style device can be, even if you already own an iPhone. If you want increased digital functionality and a new home entertainment device that you can bring with you anywhere, you will want to take a look at the following points.

The main reason why you would want to buy Apple iPads is to take advantage of their larger screen size and better battery life compared to that of an iPhone. Tablets have screens that are much better suited for different types of multimedia, and larger batteries that can keep you in the action all day. However, this isn’t where their benefits end. These devices pack a lot of functionality into a slim package, so if you are looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite movies or stay connected with your contacts, this might be the perfect device for you.

The Benefits of Owning an Apple iPad

Tablets are incredible because they combine some of the best features of smartphones with many of the features of high-quality laptops such as the Apple MacBook. Not only do they provide a better display than your typical smartphone, they pack much more processing power, which means they can run a greater variety of apps and perform tasks that your smartphone may not be suited to handle.

Yet, for all the power that they offer, they aren’t as bulky and cumbersome to lug around compared to a laptop. They are both highly functional yet truly compact and portable, making them ideal for on-the-go entertainment and work as well. You may think you lose functionality without a dedicated keyboard and trackpad, but the full touchscreen controls combined with a larger display and increased features means that you will never feel as though you are missing out on anything. Tablets feel just as intuitive as smartphones, if not more so due to the increased screen size which prevents “fat-thumbing” anything.

If you enjoy streaming videos or watching movies, the small screen size of your phone can be somewhat of a negative. And you don’t necessarily want to be tied down to your television all the time. Sometimes you just want to curl up in bed or in another comfy nook within your home (or even on the patio!) and simply enjoy your favorite show. An iPad is the ideal device to help you accomplish this, as these devices are specifically built with media in mind.

If movies aren’t your thing, tablets make excellent e-readers. If you are in the market for an ebook reader and don’t currently have any way to enjoy digital books other than your iPhone, you’re going to want to buy an Apple iPad. The larger screen and various display options mean you will never have to squint to read your books or text on your favorite blogs, which is something that can often be difficult even on larger smartphones. Let’s face it, a smartphone isn’t exactly the size of a book!

The battery life mentioned above is another one of the major benefits of owning an iPad. If you already love the battery life of your iPhone, the iPad offers a similar experience  to deliver a true long-lasting experience, even if you are watching movies or playing video games. You won’t need to always be tethered to your charger with one of these devices, making them much better suited for lengthy movies or extended play sessions.

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