Why to pursue a career in Hotel Management?

Why Hotel Management is a good career choice?

Globalization has made many industries more productive and attractive. The hospitality sector is among the most profitable and provided many career options after hotel management.

The Hospitality industry includes Travel & Tourism Management and Event Management. There are various other verticals that are included within the umbrella.

In all of the mentioned disciplines, Hotel management is the one that shines more brightly.
The downs and ups of the economy affected all industries, however, the hospitality industry was able to stay alive.

India is the country that has the oldest hotel concept known to mankind, the British Raj. Here are top colleges in pune for hotel management.

In India, there were only three hotels of note. However, the number of them has badly increased.

According to STR Global, there is an estimated 187,000 hotels in the world. The demand for qualified staff is increasing.

In cases like this, going for a degree in Hotel Management becomes quite rewarding.

There are many opportunities for employment that are available in this area. You can have a fantastic career by studying at vijay patil school of management in Pune.

Students who wish to study hotel management must have a minimum of 10+2 years of experience.

Other than the qualification the person must be able to show a number of abilities for doing hotel management.

Good communication skills with an outgoing personality, excellent leadership abilities with a disciplined and professional approach, and confidence are just a few qualities that can help you in your work.

We’ll talk about the hotel management course after the 12th.

Top hotel management courses

Students from India can take some of the courses in hotel management.

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM program)
  • BA in Hotel Management
  • BBA in Hotel Management
  • BSc. Hospitality and Hotel Administration
  • Diploma in Hotel management
  • Masters of Hotel Management
  • MBA in Hotel Management

The courses might offer the chance to become a hotel manager.

Hotel management is a popular option for students to pursue after the 12th.

Additionally, students can get certificates or internships that can be beneficial to them.

Mumbai’s Hotel Management program is a well-known option for students because it has the highest number of rooms and staff requirements.

Numerous career choices after hotel management

After completing their hotel management program, students have the option to pick from a range of different areas.

They then have the option of choosing the job that is best for them from the various positions that are available.

Some career options after hotel management are


Food is definitely the most crucial aspect of a trip or stay, for both the person who is buying it as well as those who serve it.

Chefs are responsible for everything that is related to food preparation.

Chefs need to maintain high standards of hygiene and safety and sanitation, which is just as important as quality.

Housekeeping staff

The housekeeping crew will take care of taking care of cleaning and maintaining the rooms.

The housekeeping staff ensures the rooms are clean and tidy after the checkout. sheets and laundry items are cleaned and washed and room supplies are refilled at intervals.

They ensure that guests enjoy an environment that is healthy and clean. They are responsible to maintain the hotel’s cleanliness.

Restaurant manager

As the name suggests it is a restaurant manager who runs the restaurant. But he doesn’t manage the whole hotel.

A restaurant manager is responsible to oversee quality control, quantity and garnishing, in addition to overseeing kitchen equipment.

They must also take care of employee complaints and customer issues.

Catering manager

A catering manager oversees events on the catering front.

Catering managers’ main responsibility is to make sure that all food items are delivered on time, in a clean and tidy manner. They must also purchase food items and other ingredients.

They can run regular food and other activities effectively and profitably.

Front office manager

The role of a receptionist/front desk manager is to make sure that everything runs smoothly within a hotel.

They need to make sure that their guests have satisfied with their hotel.

The hotel’s accounts are controlled by the manager at the front desk.

The financials and amount of reservations made at the hotel are also a part of the process. with check-in/check-out of guests.

The reception staff is often the first person that greets guests upon entering a hotel. This is why it is crucial to maintain a positive client relationship to encourage frequent visits as well as build trust.

Manager of accommodation as career after hotel management

The head of housekeeping and supervisor staff member is known as the Accommodation manager.

He is responsible for the efficient functioning and the services provided by the housekeeping staff and is also accountable for guests’ complaints and concerns about the housekeeping service.

Also inspects all rooms as well as the areas around the hotel to make sure that strict obedience is observed and that the hotel’s cleanliness and hygiene standards are met.

The hotel manager ensures that any specific requirements are met for the VIP section.

Human Resources and Training

A manager of HR and training’s duties is to find potential employees, make interviews, and educate potential employees in line with the hotel’s requirements.

The HR manager and trainer must ensure that the employees are well-trained and able to fulfil their duties effectively.

These are some of the most sought-after Hotel Management careers:

1. General Manager of Hotel Operations:

Operation refers as its name implies to the day-to-day activities and functioning of the hotel. The Hotel Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing the activities of every department.

Candidates are able to be placed in the position of Operations Manager and function as Supervisors or Managers.

Candidates could be assigned to different departments including security, housekeeping, guest relations, health management, and human resources.

2. Chef/Sous Chef:

The chef is typically the chief of the kitchen. In the professional sense, the Executive Chef is the chief chef and is in charge of the kitchen.

People who have completed the hotel Management degree are able to choose one of the many opportunities for employment.

The Sous Chef is a different designation. This rank generally means the second chef.

He has the responsibility of creating menus, cooking diverse food items, and supervising subordinates. The Sous Chef must oversee the entire kitchen if the Executive chef isn’t in the kitchen.

3. Event Planner/co-coordinator:

Yes, Hotel Management has something more to it. The hotel management profession is no longer an option to become a chef.

There are plenty of opportunities available in the hospitality industry in the present.

National or international This course can help you find the correct path, by letting you choose which of the diverse aspects of the industry.

So, after you complete your degree, you will be able to work with any event management company or team.

4. Catering Manager:

This is just one of the many possibilities in the industry of hospitality. Students learn the fundamentals of different functions within the management of hotels, which includes catering.

The course covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of the procedure. The candidates can become catering managers in Hotels, Clubs, Airlines, Resorts, Restaurants, and Motels, for example.

5. Chief Sommelier

The chief sommelier is responsible for wine supply. He is accountable for choosing the wines and creating the menu of wine.

Being a professional, the chief sommelier also serves wine alongside food. Restaurants with the best sommeliers, and you can too.

6. Tour Guide:

Some of the most prestigious hotels in the world have taken on this practice of offering on-site tour guides.

The responsibilities of these guides include collecting tourists and dropping them off at destinations.

They also explain the cultural significance of each destination and offer historical references.

7. Stewards

are people who oversee passengers on ships, planes, and trains. These areas include restaurants, hotels, cruises and banquets.

8. Accounting and Finance

It is vital to have money for every business structure. Without finance, nobody will be able to operate efficiently.

In the hotels and hospitality industry as well, finance plays an important job to play. Professionals with the right skills are sought-after to fill this position.

Hotel Management Course students are educated on the different aspects of hotel accounting. Accounting students may be part of the finance department by having a specialization.

9.Government Job Openings:

Hotel management students have the opportunity to be employed in hospitality divisions of some of America’s most respected government agencies like the Navy, Air Force and Army.

They can develop all the essential skills and traits to excel in the discipline of hotel administration.


The process of starting your own company can be an very difficult, but rewarding choice. It is crucial to work hard on every project once you’ve decided to make the leap.

Your boss is the one thing you will love the most.

Skills in leadership will allows applicants to start their own restaurants and hotels bakery, confectionery shops, bakeries as in addition to resorts. Isn’t that an amazing idea?

A whole new world of possibilities is now available to the Hotel Management course, considering the best way to go for it.

These 10 jobs after hotel management are only the start of endless possibilities for your career.

The potential of this field is not fully explored and will only be revealed by a thorough study. Hotel Management is an extensive discipline in itself as it includes a wide range of programmes.

One side that is connected with success in the said area is the choice of schools for education.

In Pune, there are about three hundred hotels management schools such as vijay patil school of management. It is not possible to go through every detail about each college.
However, you can check the awards and rankings.

Hotel Management is an exciting field.

One should take hotel management as their career. In a time when everyone is blindly following the masses and choosing to take courses from the ordinary, be someone who explores and thinks career options beyond the standard ones!


People who are applying for an education in hotel management need to have a good set of abilities as well as an good understanding of the specific job they wish to take on.

Travel and tourism are growing in the present. Travellers are looking for excellent services from their hotel. That is why hotel staff and employees play an important role.

The variety of courses available to students today allow students to pick the college of their choice. Or, they can take hotel management classes in Mumbai, Delhi or Ahmedabad in such cities as Mumbai, Delhi or Ahmedabad where the vast majority of tourists reside in hotels that need the most staff.

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