Why the clicker game series attracts players

What is Clicker Game? Game with simple gameplay to help you pass the time

Play games that keep you entertained on an engaging role-playing adventure or achieve a meditative state of mind while solving tricky puzzles. However, sometimes you crave a simpler experience, like a game that can be played on its own when you’re busy doing other things. Then try the clicker game series.

In most games of this genre, you just need to tap the screen to get money in some way. When you hit enough targets, you will be promoted to the screen, even unlocking new features and systems. The more you play, the more the game expands. There are many point and click games that continue to play when you have exited the game. You will feel extremely satisfied with this instant noodle style game.

Faithful to the classic style

The clicker game series started to gain popularity and attention since Cookie Clicker was born in 2013 and became a phenomenon. Tap and tap is still the dominant action in most of these games. The faster you press, the better the result. In addition, the clicker genre also has a lot of funny content, some games have amazing depth and countless ways to increase your virtual income.

Click War

Most clicker games as cookie clicker game allow you to increase some kind of coins exponentially while playing. But instead of earning more cookies or coins, what if you put your energy into a devastating bombardment?

Clicker games also combine with other genres, including business simulations and world-building adventures, to create products that are both imaginative and fun.

You don’t have to spend much effort when playing clicker games, that’s the charm of this genre. But that doesn’t mean the games lack depth. On the contrary, new and creative storylines are still constantly proliferating.

With such diversity, it is easy to understand that clicker games are still extremely attractive and interesting. When you want to participate in more epic, meaningful interactive adventures, then clicker games are a perfect choice.

Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker

Buildings and Upgrades are the two types of upgrades. A cursor and granny are two examples of things in the structures area that automatically create cookies.

This game is progressive, so you’ll be making thousands of cookies in no time, and your popularity will skyrocket! Can you build a cookie business and sell millions of cookies?

Auto cookie clicker

Learn how to autoplay for cookie clicker game

Cookie Clicker appears to be a basic game, but it has a surprising amount of depth to it. It’s entertaining to progress by purchasing upgrades and structures, but clicking as quickly as possible quickly becomes tedious.

Because the game is solely played in the browser, cheating is feasible by manually inserting cookies or altering the underlying code. There are a variety of well-documented techniques to cheat, although most of them damage the game by progressing it too quickly1.

Using an autoclicker is an excellent technique to cut down on manual clicking without sacrificing the game’s charm. The “Cheated Cookies Taste Awful” shadow achievement is also avoided by autoclicking.

It’s as simple as dragging the following link to the bookmarks bar and clicking it while the game is running to activate the autoclicker:

Autoclicker for Cookies

The code is quite straightforward. It generates a timer that runs every 10 milliseconds and calls a function. This function searches the document for the cookie element and clicks on it. The timer will stop if such an element does not exist. 2 Below is a more understandable version of the code without the javascript: prefix, which is essential for the bookmarklet to work.

var autoclicker = setInterval(function(){
  try {
  } catch (err) {
}, 10);

The autoclicker can be disabled in a number of ways. The most straightforward method is to save the game and then refresh the website. Alternatively, use the browser console to insert the following code:


For your convenience, this code is included as a second bookmarklet below.

Cookie Autoclicker should be disabled.
Running the aptly-named Game activates a hack that unlocks everything.
In the JavaScript console, type RuinTheFun(1).
If the bookmark is unintentionally launched on a page other than the Cookie Clicker game, it will not be able to identify the cookie element and will cause errors as a result.

Some related questions

  • Hello, I’ve seen that a lot of you use an auto clicker application for cookie clicker, and I tried to download one but it didn’t work, and I’m afraid of getting a virus from one. So, do any of you have a link to a good auto clicker that works, is simple to use, and does not spread viruses?
  • Any way to then disable it auto-clicking without refreshing the page? I’m using chrome and I can’t delete the line once it has been entered.
  • Sorry for being a noob and all, but what’s a browser console and where do you find it?

Just use a script if you wanna auto click. Open your browser console and input: setInterval(function() { Game.ClickCookie(); }, 10);

15th building in cookie clicker

Building Base Cost Number of Upgrades
Cursor 15 13 tiered + 1 synergy + 1 fortune
Grandma 100 13 tiered + 5 research + 2 miscellaneous + 16 grandma types + 1 synergy + 1 fortune + 2 heavenly
Farm 1,100 13 tiered + 1 grandma type + 4 synergies + 1 fortune
Mine 12,000 13 tiered + 1 grandma type + 5 synergies + 1 fortune

Prisms produce how many cookies?

The prism is the fourteenth structure, and it was added in version 1. 041. It’ll set you back 2.1 quadrillion cookies. By turning light into cookies, each prism generates 2.9 billion CpS at first.

What is the best way to summon a Wrinkler?

A wrinkler can be popped (or exploded) by clicking three times in a row. This feature is hinted to in the game by a wrinkler that shakes constantly when hovered over, and in the Grimoire by a backfire in the Ressurect Abomination spell.

How many cookies do you get from the antimatter condenser?

The Antimatter Condenser, which costs 170 trillion cookies, is the twelfth structure. By condensing the universe’s antimatter into cookies, each antimatter condenser produces 430 million CpS at first.

In Cookie Clicker, what is a dragon harvest?

During a Dragonflight or Dragon Harvest, Krumblor emerges. Krumblor the Cookie Dragon is a new widget in Cookie Clicker version 1. 9. The player can earn different auras by sacrificing cookies and structures to Krumblor. These auras bring various rewards in the game.

What is the most expensive cookie clicker upgrade?

Pure Cosmic Light is also the most expensive upgrade because you must reach 200 prisms to unlock it. The update costs less than 100 quint, but the journey will cost upwards of 600 sextillion.

In cookie clicker, what is the maximum number of cookies you can get?
Because there are over 1 billion cookies in the bank, Chain Cookies can have the most golden cookies in the chain. With a minimum of 3.025*10E cookies in the bank and a maximum Chain payment of 7/9*10E, Chain cookies can always be maxed out.

In cookie clicker, what do red cookies do?

During the Grandmapocalypse, Wrath Cookies, also known as Red Cookies, arrive. They’re similar to Golden Cookies, but when you click them, you get different results. Wrath Cookies contribute to the overall number of Golden Cookie Clicks, allowing you to proceed toward the objectives and upgrades that require golden cookies.

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