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Why SEO is Important For Small Business

73% of online activity is said to local content. program Optimization(SEO) is an extremely familiar term within the world of the web. Unfortunately, it’s the most misunderstood term but it plays the success of your online business. Without SEO your online business can’t be successful. Today we’ll discuss 6 key reasons why SEO is vital for little business.

How will people find your services?

People look for any product or service by particular keywords. Google(Search Engine) find the relevant and reliable content associated with user’s search term and show them. Generally, people will click on the result which appears on the primary page. Getting the primary position on google is extremely competitive, for that, you’ve got to take care of many staff.

SEO is changing variable:

This staff is nothing – program Optimization (SEO). SEO is playing a very crucial role in the success a little business. SEO is variable, it’s algorithm changing day by day. Now, SEO is different from back in 2012. After 2012 SEO changes many ranking factors. Previously webmasters or SEO experts can easily spam google and that they got seniority in google.

After that google update, its algorithm, and lots of websites lose their position. Now program optimization practice becomes more competitive to run a successful business. That’s why SEO is vital for little businesses.

6 Reason why SEO is vital for little business:

1# Your Name:

Building good reputation matters to your business. you’re providing great services but if people don’t know anything about your services then you’ll be not building a successful business. But, SEO can spread your name and services without paying one penny in CPC marketing.

2# More people will find you:

To build a successful business, first of all, you would like people to seek out our services. Without a customer, your shop is going to be an empty place. Right here we’d like SEO because only SEO can help people to seek out your business and make it successful.

3# extra money will come:

What we’ll get to earn extra money from our business ask yourself. we’d like more customers. How will we get more customers online? within the point, we see only SEO can bring more customers to your online business. So, indirectly SEO helps you to earn extra money. Now you understand why SEO is vital for little business.

4# Google find you as more legitimate:

As we’d like more customers so we’ll do competitive SEO practices for our online business. an inquiry engine like Google will easily understand what our business is. So it’ll put our business link on the primary page when someone searches using keywords. meaning Google finds our business legitimate and displays it to the user.

5# Put into higher ranking:

Competitive SEO practice will help google to trust your business. So whenever people will search your business using keywords then google display the result on top of the search result.

6# The advantage of social media:

SEO will help us to urge rank on the primary page and for that reason, more people will discover our business. If they like our services then they’re going to also help us to grow our business. you’ll be thinking about how they’re going to assist you. In this case, social media plays exactly an enormous role. Your existing customer will mention your business with their friends, they’re going to share it on social media. When it’ll get viral on social media you’ll get additional customers from social sites.

Facebook is that the world’s biggest and most successful social media. Currently, Facebook has almost 1.87 billion monthly users which are increased almost 17% from the previous year. Almost 1.23 billion people log into Facebook daily. an enormous amount of traffic Facebook gets from everywhere on the planet.

So if you promote your WordPress website on Facebook, believe it what proportion traffic you’ll be ready to bring your website. Fortunately, Facebook creates a Like button or share button to love or share your website on Facebook. In this WordPress tutorial, we’ll see the way to add a Facebook-like the button to the WordPress website.

We can add Facebook like the button to the WordPress website in two ways:

Manually (using Facebook developer like a plugin)

Using Facebook Like Box Widget plugin

#1 Add Facebook like the button to the WordPress website manually:

At first, we’ll see how we will add a Facebook-like button to the WordPress website manually using the Facebook developer-like plugin.

Go to Facebook like button developer page(use the above link)

Now, click on “Like Button Configuration” Add Facebook Like Button to WordPress Website

Enter your custom URL to love

Choo’s width in pixel otherwise you may leave it blank

Choose anybody layout among the following: standard, box_count, button_count, and button

Select “Action Type” consistent with your choice

Select “Button Size” (small or large)

If you would like to tick the checkbox “Show Friends Faces”. When someone loves it then you’ll see their faces.

You could tick the checkbox “Include Share Button”

You will see the preview of your Facebook like button

Now, click on the “Get Code” to urge the code

It will appear as if this: javascript SDK code

Now copy the “javaScript SDK” code and paste it just after closing of <body> tag

Next, paste the STEP:3 code wherever you would like the likes of the button will appear.

This is an example of an HTML template where you ought to paste the code: Html sample code

We want to display a Facebook-like button on a WordPress website so we’ve to stick the code into a WordPress theme.

Like button on header section:

If we would like to display the likes of a button on every page then we’ve to stick the code on the header.php file. Open header .php file and paste the whole code just after closing the </head> tag. Like button will appear a bit like within the below image: Header like button

Like button on footer section:

You could add a Facebook-like button to the WordPress website within the footer section. Open footer.php and paste the code just before closing of </html> tag. you’ll see the position of the like button a bit like the below image: Footer like button

Like button on the sidebar:

You could add the likes of a button on the sidebar also. attend Appearance > Widgets. Now drag a Text widget on the sidebar where you would like to display the likes of a button and paste the whole code. Like button will appear during this way. Sidebar like button

Easy thanks to add Facebook like button to WordPress website manually:

If you face any problem to feature Facebook like button to WordPress website on the above method then you’ll roll in the hay another and easiest way:

After like button configuration click on “Get Code”

Click on IFrameIFrame

Copy the code and paste it wherever you would like to display the Facebook like button(For header paste it just after closing of </head> tag in header.php file, for footer paste it just before closing of </html> tag and for sidebar use the previous method)

#2 Add Facebook like the button to WordPress website using the plugin:

This is the simplest choice for the beginners. they might face problem to feature facebook like button to WordPress website within the above-mentioned method. Add like button using the plugin is relatively easy than the previous method. Her i will be able to show you the method step by step, so don’t got to worry about it.

Go to Plugin > Add NewAdd new plugin

Search “facebook like button”

You will see “Facebook Like Box Widget”search facebook like button

Click on Install Now

Then Activate

Facebook Like Box Widget configuration:

Go to Appearance > WidgetsWidgets

Drag the “Facebook Like Box Widget” on the sidebar

Configure it consistent with your with facebook like box widget

And reserve it

Still, if you’ve got any doubt about the way to add a Facebook-like button to a WordPress website, mention it in the comments. Happy to assist you.

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