Why it’s Hard to See the Impact of Vaping?

Vaping is considered as the mimicking way of smoking in which you consume the same components that you are consuming through smoking a cigarette. According to a recent research it has been proven that most of the people have switched from smoking to vaping. They think that vaping is not that harmful as compared to smoking but they are highly mistaken because vaping liquid contains the same number of components as in smoking but the main difference in vaping is that it is up to the consumer that how much amount of nicotine or tar combustion they want to consume through vaping.

When we talk about smoking a cigarette there is a fixed amount of nicotine and tar combustion present in the cigarette and the consumer has to consume that specific amount of nicotine in to their bodies and lungs. Whereas according to the vape shops in Birmingham in The UK, in vaping the components are same but the consumption of nicotine and tar is mainly based on the consumer and how much does he want to consume in the form of vapors from the e-liquids. It is up to the consumer that whether they would prefer in taking a stronger puff or a lighter one to consume more nicotine into their lungs and bodies.

Vaping Effects On the Body:

Some of us think that smoking is injurious to our health whereas vaping doesn’t affect our health at all but we are completely ignorant of this fact that vaping also damages our body in the same way but it has a slow impact on the body. It doesn’t mean that when you switch from smoking towards vaping your body is not being exposed to any harm, in fact according to a recent study it has been proven that vaping is also causing lung and blood cancers to some of its consumers which proves the fact that vaping is equally harmful for our health and our body.

In vaping devices there is a vaping tank in which different sorts of e – liquids are used that are later on burned on high voltage to produce vapor fumes for the satisfaction of the consumer. What we don’t know is that when the consumer is inhaling the liquid to produce vapors, they are also consuming some of the very major components of the e -liquid that are the nicotine and tar combustion which are extremely harmful for our body.

A single puff from the vaping device can alter the vascular movements in our body, it can also affect the daily supply of blood and oxygen to the arteries. The daily and regular consumption of vaping liquid can also affect your brain which may lead towards seizures. Nicotine present inside the e -liquid can make your arteries very thin that may limit the oxygen supply to all the blood vessels. It reduces the overall blood pressure of our body which may directly leads towards heart attack or even brain hemorrhages.


It is difficult to see the immediate impact of vaping on our health and body but it has been proven that vaping affects our body in the same as does smoking so we should avoid indulging ourselves in this harmful time pass activity so that we could live a healthier and simpler life.

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