Why is Neem Face Wash Effective for Acne?

Acne is normal but that they’re surely annoying especially when they pop up right before a special event. Sometimes, acne can also get very painful and also leave acne marks behind. There are plenty of products in the market that are especially formulated to cure your acne and make sure they don’t leave behind a trail. 

Mamaearth’s neem face wash, for instance, is a great option to get rid of acne without following a rigorous skincare regimen. Just use it twice every day and you will notice the difference yourself. In case you didn’t know about this amazing product, this article will be your perfect guide. We will dive deeper into reasons that make this neem face wash a favourite among the skincare enthusiast. 

But before that, let’s take a look at the causes of acne: 

Why Do We Get Acne Breakouts?

Acne or pimples occur when your skin pores get blocked due to excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. Bacteria build up in the pores also causes acne. And just like that, your skin gets affected with acne. If not treated well in time, they can also result in blemishes and dark spots. That being said, never pick a pimple or acne as this can do more harm than good. Instead, use methods such as warm presses, natural remedies, or opt for acne treatment. 

Gently cleansing your face regularly is also a great way to ensure dirt and oil doesn’t get trapped in skin, eventually reducing chances of acne development. This is where you can turn to the neem face wash by Mamaearth. 

Why Choose Mamaearth Neem Face Wash?

  • Packed With Anti-Acne Ingredients

Since its main job is to fight acne and give you spotless skin, Mamaearth Tea Tree Face Wash With Neem comes with the goodness of natural ingredients that have anti-acne properties such as Tea Tree, Neem and Aloe Vera. These hardworking ingredients guard your skin against bacteria, clear pores, and prevent acne. Here are some of the main ingredients that improve this face wash’s impact: 

  • Neem: Known for its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant properties, neem keeps acne at bay. It also hydrates and purifies the skin. 
  • Tea Tree: Just like neem, the tea tree is also a popular ingredient that helps in preventing acne. It can fight the bacteria and reduce inflammation effectively. Tea tree oil can also reduce scarring while healing the redness.  
  • Aloe Vera: Here comes our soothing agent! Aloe vera is that hero which soothes the skin and deeply moisturizes it. Usually, face washes leave your skin dry. With aloe vera, this neem face wash avoids that dryness. 

Other ingredients you can check on the label are glycerin, lavender oil, allantoin, and so on.

  • Removes Excess Oil

Just fighting acne is not enough, you need to attack the root cause. As we mentioned before, excess oil is one such culprit that eventually invites acne. Mamaearth’s neem face wash gets straight to work. The ingredients go down the skin pores and unclog them. It also reduces oil production thus reducing the chances of getting frequent breakouts. 

Not just this, the face wash also removes other impurities such as dirt and bacteria. This not only takes away the chances of acne but also gives you clean and oil-free skin!

  • Suitable For All Skin Types

Getting confused with skin types and products? Leave your worries aside and turn to this neem face wash. It can be used for all skin types ranging from normal, oily, dry, and sensitive. 

What more? You can also add this product to your skincare regardless of your gender. In fact, anyone above 15 years of age can use it. The face wash is also hypoallergenic, which means it is very unlikely to cause any allergic reaction after use. 

  • No Harmful Chemicals & Toxins

When it comes to skincare, people are now becoming more conscious of the ingredients in the products they use. If you have also started this, keep an eye on harmful chemicals such as Parabens, Mineral Oil, and Sulphates. 

Thankfully, Mamaearth’s neem face wash is 100% free of any such toxin. The face wash is also dermatologically tested and super safe for your skin. This is also one reason why it is suitable for all skin types. 

The Takeaway

A lot has been said about the Mamaearth Tea Tree Face Wash With Neem, it is time to try it yourself. In case you are planning to revamp your whole skincare routine, Mamaearth also offers a range of moisturizers, face masks, toners, and serums to target acne. Head to their website to know more!

Mamaearth’s range of tea tree Products

Armed with these traditional ingredients and keeping the recipe intact as per the Ayurvedic traditions, Mamaearth has a range of products packed with the goodness of tea tree to take care of your skin issues.

With the busy lives we lead, wouldn’t it be great to have a range of the traditional tea tree for our skincare woes and ensure that we have beautiful and radiant skin?

Here is a list of must-have tea tree based products from Mamaearth that will give you the traditional goodness in this contemporary world.

Tea tree Face Wash for Tan Removal –

tea tree Face Wash ensures exfoliation to reveal fresh and healthy skin. While the extracts of Licorice repairs sun damage, Carrot Oil helps remove traces of tan from the skin’s upper layer. Fine walnut beads exfoliate dead skin cells, while the antioxidants Turmeric protects the skin cells from free radical damage and lightens the skin.

Tea tree Face Scrub with Turmeric & Walnut for Tan Removal

Slough away the dead skin and the grime caused by the exposure to daily environmental pollutants. Get rid of the tell-tale signs of pollution, dirt, harmful UV rays, and harsh weather conditions that damage your skin over time. This gentle scrub packed with the goodness of turmeric and fine walnut beads promises to give your skin a radiant glow!

Tea treeFace Mask:

Tied up for time? No time to get a facial? Try the tea tree face mask that pulls out the toxins and reveals wonderful skin post-application.  A blend of turmeric and saffron imparts radiance to the skin and aid in tan removal. Apricot Oil and Cucumber help exfoliate, soothe and reduce tan for a glowing look.

Wrapping it up

Tea tree was and still is considered to be one of the most used skin care therapies in the world of Ayurveda. Packed with healing properties that helps to tone the skin, even skin tone, reduce the intensity of blemishes, and promote clear skin, it is the perfect cleansing agent, that not just gently exfoliates dead skin and sloughs away the environmental pollutants but it also promises skin that you will fall in love with forever.

About the Brand:

Mamaearth is Asia’s first MadeSafe certified brand. The brand aspires to take care of every parents’ and baby’s well being from head to toe with safe, toxin-free and international standard products. All Mamaearth products go through multiple testing processes, including clinical dermatology testing in Europe, to ensure that they are of supreme quality and suit global standards. Each product that Mamaearth brings to you is certified to be free of harmful chemicals and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. The products are a unique combination of science as well as Ayurveda to provide solutions to your everyday problems. Every product that the brand brings to you is made from 100% organic and natural ingredients.


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