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Why Hire A Real Estate Attorney When Buying A Home?

The most pivotal role in the transaction is that of a real estate attorney in Knoxville, TN. Are you buying a home? Probably the most expensive and life-changing financial decision you are going to make.

Are you able to afford any mistakes in buying your home? It’s no surprise that it depends on how willing you are to take the risk if something goes wrong in your most expensive purchase. 

Let’s see how it is worth the dollars for buyers. 

What an estate planning attorney does for you?

A real estate lawyer is experienced and licensed to practice law and specialize in real estate transactions. They are used to all aspects of the home buying process and represent buyers. In many states where it is required for a lawyer to be present at closing, it’s possible that the lawyer solely represents the buyer’s lender there.  

If you want a person to represent your interest exclusively, you need to choose a real estate attorney by yourself. Requirements that control real estate attorneys’ involvement vary from state to state, where the rules differ by county.

Some people hire attorneys in the early process to handle matters such as reviewing brokerage contracts with a real estate agent. While many of them wait until the purchase contract is drawn up or until closing. The cost can be around an hour, or you pay fees after closing.

When would you require a real estate lawyer?

There are many situations in which an estate planning attorney can help you in the process of home-buying, from reviewing the contract in a sale or dealing with a uniquely complicated one.

Purchase contract

A real estate agent usually plays a central role in preparing purchase contracts or reviewing them. They generally limit themselves to filling out contract templates rather than creating them from scratch. Due to this reason, more complex contracts need to be drafted by an attorney. 

The purchase contract is the most vital document in the home buying process that includes several negotiable issues. The most important issues in the contract involve:

Timing. Your timeline for closing can affect the sale of your own home or cause issues such as unexpected lender delays. 

Inspection. It uncovers many problems during the home inspection, and a buyer could end up negotiating who will pay for repairs. In some cases, the buyer could withdraw from the contract without penalty if the contract allows. 

Title. It is routine before purchasing to search for a title. A lawyer will help you to ensure the title insurance on your new home protects you from potential issues.


The moment you have been waiting for – closing on a purchase. It often involves dozens of legal document pages to review. An estate planning lawyer can help buyers navigate the review, confusing to a first-time homebuyer. Also, a real estate attorney in Knoxville, Tn, negotiates all the repairs, monitors finances, and reviews the title when representing any property to the buyer. At closing, also they explain all the documents to buyers. 

Less Typical Scenarios

Some scenarios are unusual and might need an attorney’s advice and negotiating skills:

  • You’re buying a home in a sale such as an estate sale, auction, or purchase from a bank. 
  • You are buying a home that’s in another state. 
  • You are buying a property that has major issues such as structural damage.

Why should you consult a real estate attorney?

There are times when hiring an attorney makes sense that includes:

Exclusive representation: When you are buying your home, everyone has an interest in the deal getting done that includes real estate agents and the lender. However, if you consult an attorney, you’ll have access to a third party that can review the contract and represents your best interest throughout the transaction. 

Reasonable cost: If a real estate attorney charges an affordable fee, hiring one could be a great investment. An improperly negotiated issue involves a major problem that is uncovered in a home inspection that could cost you hundreds of dollars.

Peace of mind: If you hire an attorney for any part of the buying process, you will feel like better-having someone to explain complex legal issues. A Knoxville real estate attorney can provide assurance that you are making the right moves as you proceed with the largest and expensive purchase in your life.

Bottom Line:

The decision to hire an estate planning lawyer usually depends on your personal choice and ability to pay more at your closing. If you work with a team of professionals on your side that includes a real estate representative, lawyer, and lender, it will make your home buying experience smoother. Especially if you are a first-time homebuyer, search for a trust and estate planning attorney near me and get the professional work for you.


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